Top Ten Most Annoying Mario Character Fanbases/Haters

Please note that this is an opinionated list so yeah, don't expect Rosalina fans at number 1.
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1 Waluigi Fans

When you think about it Waluigi fans are basically Daisy's but worse, each flaw of this fa base was done either worse or before by Waluigi fans:

Daisy fans spam: Waluigi's did it worse but on a bigger level (Smash Ultimate and E3)

Daisy fans hating on Rosalina for "replacing her" in 2013: Waluigi fans did the same with Honey Queen during the Mario Kart 7 days in 2011.

Daisy fans asks for representation: Waluigi fans does as well on every social media with masses of likes

Annoying Daisy trolls: Waluigi is a huge meme.

Yeah, I see why he is number one.

They spam his memes everywhere and still won't shut up about him not being in Smash and think he is the most important character ever just because of his memes. They always say "TOO BAD WALUIGI TIME!" and "WALUIGI NUMBAH WAHN!" everywhere. They also hate on characters such as Wario, Rosalina, and Daisy and call them filler and unoriginal when Waluigi is even more filler and unoriginal. They always call him sexy too even though he is not.

Yeah, they're totally dumb, they keep bashing Sakurai for not adding Waluigi to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I don't mind Waluigi, but his fans are just plain stupid and annoying. They keep making comments in YouTube saying "Wah, Where's Waluigi? This game sucks if there is no Waluigi." That is so stupid. There is a reason why he's not gonna be a playable character and it's that he more fits for an assist trophy. Waluigi fans, stop annoying poor Sakurai and get a life for yourselves.

Oh boy. The absolute worst Mario fanbase, if not all of Nintendo. Are those guys even fans of the Mario franchise? Let's see:

*They love Waluigi because of memes that are overused and aren't even canon to his character. So their support is based on a lie.
*They hate pretty much every other Mario character for no reason. They say "Luigi, Wario, Daisy and Rosalina are lame Mario and Peach clones", when they support a combination of two "clones", as they call them. Waluigi is a creative and useful as Pink Gold Peach
*They hate every, and I mean every character who gets in Smash Bros. Ultimate "instead" of him.
*They rig Play Nintendo polls to make it look like Waluigi is the most popular character ever.
*Their argument for Smash is "Wario is in". Why don't people ask for Dr. Luigi instead, then?
*They talk about him as a God. It's one thing to like a character, it's another one to worship one this much. They even made a ...more

2 Peach Haters

A typical Peach hater would despise Peach, and like Daisy for no reason, like bruh even Rosalina has done more than her. Peach knows how to fight and has great different types of attacks, including that there are plenty of games where she fights, like Super Mario 3D Land, Smash Bros, and her own game Super Princess Peach where she saves Mario instead and saves her kingdom. On top of that she plays a huge role in the Mario franchise, what would Mario be without her? What would anyone be without her? Daisy is in only games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and in the only adventure game she was in, guess what? She was kidnapped and the damsel in distress, so stop liking Daisy for absolutely no reason, she doesn't fight or do anything. So stop making up excuses to like Daisy now. I myself don't hate Daisy, but I think Peach is still better by a mile.

Typical Peach Hater: "Peach is rude, bossy, ugly, selfish, spoiled and whiny and her voice is so annoying! Any game with stupid Peach is terrible!" They complain about all Mario games just because she's in it and it's so annoying. Just don't play Mario games if you hate her that much.

Princess Peach is probably one of the most underrated Mario Characters. Peach is very kind, sweet, civilized (most of the time), and even a little weird. Let me explain why the haters are so annoying...

- They pretty much hate every game where Peach is kidnapped
- They say she whines, gets kidnapped all the time, and cries when she loses when Daisy does all the same things (Daisy only got kidnapped once though)
- They hate the spinoff games simply because Peach is in them
- They always want Peach to get replaced by Daisy, Rosalina, or Pauline.

TOO BAD! Peach is one of the main characters and is going to be in most of the games! And FYI, these haters hate Super Mario 3D World since she is playable and Daisy isn't. Peach is not getting kidnapped this time and you guys STILL COMPLAIN.

Here's my responses to some Peach haters.
-"She's a weak 'Princess' that can't defend herself at all." 1 of 2, she's not weak and can beat other girls like Amy easily. Amy just has a hammer while Peach has a wide variety of attacks like heart magic and floating.
2 of 2, Peach has a game where she has saved Mario, Luigi and all the Toads before. To top it all off, at the end she sends Bowser flying.
-"They don't rule the kingdom, the King does." The Mario Bros. 3 kings never did much. And besides, you don't think Peach has learned to rule since then?
-"She is too girly" Is there anything wrong with being girly? No. So stop acting like it's a bad thing and stop acting sexist.
-"She gets kidnapped frequently! " There are a couple year gaps between games, meaning it doesn't happen right after she's saved.

3 Daisy Fans

They're not all bad, but some of them are very vocal with their opinions about what games they want to see Daisy in next. That's not a bad thing at all, but if Daisy isn't in that game and someone else is, it's an excuse to hate the character that "stole Daisy's spot" and start a fan base war. (Keep in mind that the people that do this are probably a small percent of the fanbase.) Take the Rosalina vs. Daisy war for example. That was mainly started over Rosalina getting into Smash 4. But the war got bigger and bigger and it still isn't over. It's one of the most annoying wars ever now. I'm sure this happens with other fan bases as well, but every war involving Daisy just seems to be bigger and more annoying than the others.

Many Daisy Fans here complain about Rosalina and Peach because they think they are "replacing Daisy". They hate on any female character that is not Daisy because they think they are all girly girls while they say Daisy is the best character ever because she is a "tomboy". They say "This game sucks because Princess Daisy is not in the game! Daisy should have replaced Peach!" If Daisy replaced Peach then she would be the damsel in distress that is weak and whiny.

So dumb and bratty I can't stand them and people like them because they feel bad for Daisy. I feel bad for Daisy but her fans are so vicious about that made me not want to support her. Worst fandom in Mario to be honest. And every discussion about Daisy her fans bring up Peach and mostly Rosalina for no reason. It's annoying because they have nothing to do with Daisy. I'm so sick of those brats. You thought Peach or Toadette fans are annoying? Well look at Daisy's.

I can't stand Daisy fans! They say that she's a "Underrated Queen" and needs more "love" from Nintendo. What the heck! There's even a video on YouTube that has ten reasons why Daisy is better than Peach, and their are reasons are so illogical it makes Logan Paul look smart! Daisy Fans bash on Rosalina, mostly Peach for dumbest reasons ever, saying that their useless and calling them rude names! But we are all "Daisy Haters" in their eyes!

4 Mario Haters

Yeah, sad to see that he's getting so much hate. Mario is basically the mascot and ICON of Nintendo. Without him, there would be no other Mario characters, no other Nintendo mascots... Heck, there would be no Sonic, since Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog takes some inspiration from Mario and was made to compete with Nintendo's Mario back in the old "console wars" of the early 1990's.

Also, one of the most immature reasons to hate Mario, besides Sonic fanbrats hating him just because they like Sonic better, is that they think Mario steals Princess Peach from Bowser/Link/Marth/Roy/whoever else from Super Smash Bros./whatever, which is a very silly reason because Mario is Peach's official love interest and there is no reason for a shipping war. (Although there are much worse shipping wars, such as those involving Sonic characters, for example)

They are mostly a bunch of Luigi Fans that think that the Mario is Mental video is facts. They think Mario abuses Luigi and Luigi deserves all the attention and not "evil" Mario. There is no evidence that Mario abuses Luigi. Mario probably loves his brother.

What? Mario has haters? Absolutely. There are three types of Mario Haters and I despise all three.

1. Luigi Fans that say Luigi is Better.
2. Call of Duty Fanboys who say that a game with violence and killing is better.

and my least favorite

3. Game Theory Fanboys

I can't stand the game theory fans who think Mario is mental. GUYS IT'S JUST A THEORY! I don't care if MatPat said "I can definitively say Mario has aspd". He laters says it's just a theory.

Here is the disrespect I noticed he received
1: After the "Mario is Mental" videos made by MatPat, so many people decided to turn there backs and compare him to satan. And what's worse is they get very ignorant of how these reasons can be debunked.
2: Even companies like Peta made fun this character by saying that Mario is teaching you murdering raccoon dogs for their fur suits are ok (which reminds of how these hypocritical animal abusers taught us that euthanizing animals in care of hypocrisy is okay) and making cutscenes of Mario getting tortured in a sad way in there crappy flash games called "Super Chicken Sisters".

5 Rosalina Haters

They are Daisy fans and you probably know why they think she is the worst Mario character of all time. It is because she is popular and is replacing Daisy. Those are bad reasons to hate a character. Rosalina is not replacing Daisy. Daisy has appeared in way more games than Rosalina. Also you should not hate things just because they are popular.

And some of them actually think that Rosalina is a ripoff of Elsa from Disney's Frozen?! You have got to be kidding me. Super Mario Galaxy came 6 years before Frozen! That is like saying that Sneak, Snoop and Snitch from Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels are ripoffs of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from The Lion King when they are absolutely not! (Gulliver's Travels was made 55 years before The Lion King, although I don't like neither film to be honest) Would not be surprised if that were the case, since Disney fans treat most non-Disney movies like trash with a few exceptions. As Walt Disney said "We can make a better film than this with our second-string animators! ". You don't see Frozen fans saying anything bad about Super Mario Galaxy, let alone the Mario franchise, to this ridiculous extent.

Anyway, back on the subject... I don't like Rosalina haters either but at least I choose to ignore them and focus on something more positive. And no, she did not replace Daisy! Silly ...more

I know that not everyone is gonna have the same opinion, but Rosalina haters, along with Peach's, drive me nuts. They have the dumbest reasons for hating her and it's annoying. Here are the said dumb reasons:
1. "People only like her because of her hentai appearance! " First of all, half the people who like Rosalina are little kids who just like Rosalina, so this is kinda disturbing to accuse kids of liking her because of hentai. Second, people are entitled to believe what they want. Some people think she's beautiful, while others think of her as ugly. Trust me, most of the Rosalina fan base isn't like that.
2. "She took Daisy's spotlight! " What spotlight? Daisy didn't appear in another main series game even before Rosalina was created. Plus, Rosalina is stronger and has more original attacks then Daisy, it honestly made since why she got into Smash before Daisy. Not hating on Daisy or anything, just stating facts.
3. "She's a space Peach/clone." Seriously? And Daisy isn't a ...more

There are four types of Rosalina haters and I hate them all

1. Daisy/Peach/Waluigi fans say that she's a Peach clone and is replacing Daisy/Peach/Waluigi
2. MTP fans bully Rosalina fans for no reason
3. Smash fans hate anyone who's OP and top tier
4. Anti fans. They hate the fans so much that they want us Rosalina fans to kill ourselves.

6 Rosalina Fans

Not all Rosalina fans. I am a Rosalina fan but I am not a screamer. Lots of her fans are jerks and are rude and anoying. Same with peach fans and daisy fans. They are all agresive and make me want to puke. Peach fans just shoove that annoying prissy moron in other people faces even though they know they hate her! Same with daisy fans who all hate Rosalina!

Well I don't see the rapid fans anymore. All I know is that they really are perverted and always bringing down other people. At least they're better than Waluigi fans

There's a difference between attacking someone and liking a character. Plus, a lot of people like Rosalina so you should't be calling them snobs.

'Her fans are pervert losers or arrogant snobs'

To you, visitor, have you actually ever met a Rosalina fan?

7 Daisy Haters

There are similarities and differences between Daisy and Rosalina haters

Similarities: Attacking the fanbase, thinking that they are better than the fans, spreading hate by using memes, wishing death to those fans, spreading loads of hate in the Smash community, accusing them to be Peach clones, hate the characters for the fanbase.

Differences: Daisy haters say the dumbest excuse to hate her. They are dumb when they think Daisy only says "Hi I'm Daisy".
Rosalina haters thinks that she's too OP and undeserving. They think that she's everywhere and doesn't realize that she's just an addition.

Honestly, I just hate when people say that Daisy is a "yellow peach" or that she's the worst! I like Daisy because I can relate to her. She has a tomboyish attitude and is a very independent princess! She defies every stereotype about woman, how they need a man to save them. I'm in high school and I see so many girls DESPERATELY wanting a boyfriend. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I'm just saying that they need to realize that they capable of anything without a guy on their side. I love Peach too, but she's too dependent on Mario to save her. For once I'd like to see a game that Peach gets kidnapped and you're Peach trying to save yourself out of a huge Bowser castle in clever ways. I was offended when Nintendo gave Peach powers USING HER FEELINGS IN A CLICK OF A BUTTON! Are you serious?! Does Nintendo think that all women do is just have mood swings and cry until their Romeos come and save them?! I believe Nintendo needs to think about what their video games are ...more

I used to hate daisy because of the war between Rosalina and Daisy. They were hating on Rosalina, so it seemed that fighting fore with fire was the right thing to do. Now I see that most of the reasons the haters give are stupid and if you don't like the fanbase, don't hate Daisy, hate the fans.

I've met some of them recently:
"Karma Daisy karma! I didn't forgot what you did in Mario kart Double dash", "Daisy is a whore", "Daisy is peach semi retarded sister, just take the lead in Mario Kart and HI I'M DAISY! " (YAAY HA! At least she said that thing too).

Dear Daisy haters haters,
If you aren't enough smart to go over "Hi I'm Daisy" is stupid,
augur a bad thing to people for a video game character is even worse,
just because you are too lazy to see the differences between Peach and Daisy does not mean that they aren't there.

have a nice day (and shut up), DaisyandRosalina

8 Luigi Fans

They go on and on about how they think Luigi is way better than Mario and how they think everyone abuses Luigi. He is one of the most popular Mario characters ever so stop saying he is so underrated and needs more attention. He even got a whole year dedicated to him. They support the game theory and how they hate Mario because he kills innocent Wigglers and Koopa Troopas and how Luigi is the nicest character ever. Luigi Also Kills Innocent Koopa Troopas, Yoshis And Wigglers So Why Do You Hate Mario Because Of That But Luigi Gets A Pass?

I hate you all who say the luigi fan base is bad. I love this fan base. It is my absolute favorite Fanbase of all time. This was the Fanbase that started this entire love video games. This really affects me and just. Oh God. I don't know what to say it's just so beautiful. (If you don't like it, You can not comment on thisif you hate it. Leave opinions to yourself.) Oh God That was actually really menacing. But still. Some people like it, and I Am one of those those people.

Oh boy! Where do I even start with the Luigi fanbase?! These people are the absolute WORST. They treat Luigi like a king while they bash on other fan favorites like Yoshi. Yeah, I don't like the Yoshi fanbase either but that's no excuse to go hate on him like that! He doesn't deserve that much hate! What did Yoshi ever do to you?!

These guys are so annoying! They treat Mario like he's mental (wow where did I get that from) and Luigi as a god. We all know Luigi has more character than Mario, but that doesn't mean you should compare him to Mario.

9 Peach Fans

The haters are worse but some of her fans are really annoying and bash the other female characters especially Pauline and Rosalina. They call Daisy and Rosalina Peach clones and think they are unoriginal. Worst of all most of them adore Pink Gold Peach. Do they really think that PGP is an original unique character and think that Daisy and Rosalina are unoriginal?

The worst types of Peach fans are Daisy and Rosalina haters. They always be like: "Oh Peach is so pretty, she's so cute and sweet." They literally worship her like she's the daughter of Jesus and the other two like they were Satan's daughters. I mean that's all Peach is is just sweet and cute. Daisy and Rosalina don't need to show it. That's what I like about these two. I don't have a problem with Peach but Daisy and Rosalina shows more badassery.

They are just terribly rude. If you see any "I hate Peach" YouTube videos, they'll go after the person saying that they'll take their life unless if they like her. They encourage people to search up Peach porn and if you said you prefer Pauline, Daisy, and Rosalina, make sure you have a protective shield. These guys are worse than Daisy fans.

There was this person named princees peach msp. She's the worst Peach fan ever next to another one I can't stand on Deviantart in fact all those Peach fans are the worst on Deviantart. They think it's cool to make fun of poor Daisy and Rosalina fans. "Peach is so pretty" "DURRR I'm A STOOPID ROSALINA/DAISY HATER AN I LOIKE TO MEESS WITH the FANS" Not to mention the Smash community. She's well praised there. Her fanboys though, mention Daisy and they'll attack you. So Peach haters, I think they're bad but not as bad as Daisy's and Rosalina's. Peach fans are the reasons why I dislike Peach. Like they always say, Fandom abuse kills interest and she's one of them. I'm sorry if you guys like Peach a lot but to me, they bully me constantly for being a Daisy/Rosalina fan.

10 Koopaling Haters

"Krapalings suck! Whoever likes these Bowser Jr copies are idiots! Krapalings need to be stabbed to death with a knife! These lousy clones take up all the character slots in Mario Kart 8! Pink Gold Peach is so much better than these worthless reskins!" They don't respect opinions and always bully the Koopaling fans. Koopalings get just as much hate as Pink Gold Peach on this site which is ridiculous. It's fine if you don't like the Koopalings but do you guys really have to pick on anyone that likes them? Also Bowser Jr came out 14 years after the Koopalings so they can't be copies of him.

They hate the Koopalings for being a mini boss, so what? Bowser Jr. is also a mini boss, and people adore him

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11 Yoshi Fans

Not only Luigi fans hate Mario but also some Yoshi fans. They hate on Mario because Mario drops Yoshi into a pit. It is the player that makes Mario do it. Also lots of Yoshi fans get triggered if you say anything slightly negative toward Yoshi and sometimes threatens you.

You guys do realize it's okay to be a fan of a character with a bland personality, right (Mario for an example)? If people like Yoshi ONLY because he's cute then why haven't other cute characters like Toad, Luma, etc made it to the top ten of best characters? Right, because there's MORE reasons to like Yoshi other than the fact that he's cute, which is why he's such a popular character in his debut. You're right that not everyone has to like Yoshi, but to say we're blind is dumb. You really shouldn't let a vocal minority of Yoshi fanboys change your view on actual Yoshi fans.

Yoshi is cool. He is on my list of favorite characters with daisy and Luigi. I don't see anything wrong with his character or his fans. Check out best Mario characters list and see Rosalina fans, peach fans, and daisy fans. ( I know I said I like daisy, but her fanbase is ridiculous. Poor daisy, but this isn't about her) leave yoshi alone!

They aren't too bad...guess I ran out of fan bases. Though Yoshi is a *bit* overrated. I still love Yoshi to death though.

Edit: Actually I had every reason to add them. All they do is make Yoshi #1 on all of the lists and they go on about how he must be everyone's favorite character. NO.

12 Pink Gold Peach Fans

Yes there are actually fans of Pink Gold Peach but a very small amount. They only like her because she is Peach or looks cool. They get mad at her haters when we have many reasons to hate this worthless character.

I hate Pink Gold Peach. She is an absolute waste of space in the roster where King Boo could have gone. (I didn't play as him in MK Wii, but I know lot's of people would love to play as him) This reminds me on Nathaniel Bandy's video, where he said that one of the reasons people use to defend her is "Metal Mario needs a girlfriend."

You might be thinking 'wait... Pink gold peach has Fans? '.I know. But believe me, I have met some.

List of characters who could've replaced all the Peach and Mario Clones:

1. Pauline
2. Birdo
3. King Boo
4. Honey Bee Queen
5. Kamek
6. Fawful
7. Petey Pirahna
8. Geno

So much potential wasted. Thanks Nintendo. :C

13 Waluigi Haters

To be honest, Waluigi haters are getting just as annoying as the fans, if not, worse (as the Waluigi fandom isn't common on TheTopTens nowadays). They are just self-centered, narcissistic hypocrites who may have a few points, but just overreact, bandwagon and say the same crap over and over again.

OK, another dumb item, there's a reason people hate the fans, it's because the fans praise a FILLER character with less backstory than even YOSHI.

The Waluigi fandom has been quiet lately yet the haters are still attacking. Give the fanbase a break you have become just as bad

Yeah, I can kind of see how they are annoying...

On the other hand, the fanbase is pure cancer.

14 Birdo Haters

Ah, yes. Birdo, the most hated Mario character along with Waluigi and Pink Gold Peach. People only hate Birdo because they don't know what gender it is. No one knows what MANGLE's gender is from Five Nights at Freddy's and MANGLE doesn't receive any HATE! (Then again she's/he's an animatronic fox). Well, here's something for you Birdo Haters. Yoshi is considered a male, but he lays eggs. THINK ABOUT THAT! Another reason why she is hated is because she spits eggs out of her mouth. Which...yeah that's disturbing.

Birdo isn't THAT bad, at least SHE has a personality, she spits eggs off her mouth for defending herself but there's nothing wrong with that.

She (or he) is only hated because her gender is confusing. That is a ridiculous reason to hate on a character.

I feel like people are hating on birdo for a stupid reason. She has a place in mario.

15 Wario Haters

"Wario is so fat and ugly while Waluigi is so sexy and handsome! Waluigi deserves a better partner than this gross piece of garbage!" -annoying Waluigi fan
You Waluigi Fans Should Respect Wario Because Your Memelord Waluigi Would Not Have Existed If It Wasn't For Wario!

It's probably because Shadow the Hedgehog fans hate Wario simply because he's too fat or not edgy enough for their tastes. I don't see anything wrong with either character to be honest. (But Shadow's fanbase on the other hand...)

Wario hardly ever has loud fans what are you guys talking about?

They give out stupid reasons like he's fat.

16 Wendy O. Koopa Haters

The only time Wendy acted like a spoiled brat was in the old cartoon but the cartoon is NOT cannon. Kootie Pie is NOT Wendy. She does not seem to act like a spoiled brat in the games. She gets too much unnecessary hate.

Oh god they hates her for a non canon show! But she isn't bad at all! She's one of the most unique koopalings: she shoot rings instead of magic attacks, she's the only girls and she's sassy. How many sassy characters we have in the Mario universe? Daisy and Wendy. If people can like Morton or Iggy why they can't like Wendy?

Ugh. Why is she so hated? The only girl koopaling, how is that not cool? People are just so stupid for using evidence from non-canon 50 year old shows and comics. Get over yourselves.

Wendy deserves it

17 Larry Koopa Haters

These haters literally can't respect opinions and yell cuss words at anyone that likes him because they think they are idiots for liking a character they hate. They go on an on about how he is the worst video game character in existence because of his easy boss fights and will attack you if you say you like him. You don't have to like him but picking on anyone that likes him is just wrong.

18 Koopaling Fans

I don't think most Koopaling Fans are that bad however there are some annoying ones. They keep complaining that the Koopalings are not Bowser's children and complain that Bowser Jr replaced the Koopalings. Some of them even complained when the Koopalings did not appear in Odyssey and think the Broodals stole their chance to be in Odyssey. Why the Broodals? They are nothing like the Koopalings. Also I'm a huge Koopaling Fan yet I admit that some of their fans are really annoying.

This should be number one. I was just watching a Dr Wily video whereas he talked about "deadly sins" about the koopalings. He gave legit criticism of the characters. Meanwhile, in the comment section there were people whining about is opinion, like a bunch of neckbeard babies.

The Koopalings (more like the Krapalings) have a weird fanbase. I don't understand why these guys are loved so much since they have absolutely no character.

What's so wrong with them? Is it for being a fan of characters you hate? If that's it, that's not a reason at all

19 Toad Fans

Toad doesn't have many fans, so I can't say this fanbase is annoying

20 Toad Haters

They hate Toad for not being able to protect is Princess
What can Toad do? Nothing, He's defenceless, That's why he hides from Bowser and his minions
It's not his fault he's defenceless
And Toad is actually a good character
Don't listen to what other users think

Um excuse me. Please replace this with Toad Fans. Toad is actually hated for good reasons such as being incapable of protecting his own princess. When she gets captured Toad just runs off and hides from Bowser's minions which is the reason why I hate Super Mario Odyssey in a nutshell. But worst of all, once player has beat the game Mario ends up getting ditched as well as being stung by Peach's criticism and rejection. If Super Mario Odyssey never existed (especially Toad) I would be eternally greatful.

Toad Haters. Yes. The ones that hate Toad because he says "Thank you Mario but your princess is in another castle" and the ones that are all "is he flipping me off".

I hate Toad but not for that reason. The reason I hate Toad is because has the most obnoxious voice I ever heard, Toadette and Toadsworth are better in every way!

21 Pauline Haters

They are Peach fans that hate on her only because she also has interest in Mario. Pauline is not going to take Mario away from Peach so stop complaining Peach lovers.

It feels like someone is talking fireworks outside, but I saw nothing there. It keeps happening so I get outraged. I'm saying Pauline is all potential, no hints of anything other than Super Mario Odyssey, where she was the Mayor of New Donk City. And yet, she's still more appreciated than Peach in certain stuff.

She's original, the first female character in the Mario games, even older then Peach but she's still hated for no reason at all. The Peach Fans and they're ridiculous reasons.

People think it's Peach fans that hate her but it's actually Daisy fans because they envy any female that gets accepted into canon before her.

22 Dimentio Fans

They literally won't stop talking about how Dimentio is the greatest and most evil villain ever and how other villains don't match the greatness of Dimentio. In the Super Mario villains evil to most evil youtube video by 1up Binge they put Dimentio as the number 2 most evil villain and all his fanboys are complaining in the comment section about him not being number 1.

I can't believe people prefer him to fawful! Fawful is a more funny, more interesting, has better boss fights and overall just looks better.

They pick Dimentio over Fawful! That's insane

23 Baby Character Fans
24 Toadette Haters

Die haters of this

25 Lemmy Koopa Fans

Yes where the heck do I begin.
First off none of the Koopalings use a ball this one does in EVERY SINGLE GAME it makes Larry's battles seem good. 2nd he isn't evil at all, Lemmy doesn't even want to be evil at all even wendy did her job, 3rd in Mario Kart 8 when he loses he will cry what a baby 4th he makes Larry seem like an original character 5th. He's weak 6th he's immature 7th his clips in Mario Kart are annoying 8. In the RPGs he still uses his ball cough cough

37, funny. Lemmy makes me sick. Where do I begin? Next to no personality or devotion to Bowser. Being an elite member of the Koopa Troop, the sworn enemy of the Mushroom Kingdom, and having absolutely 0 motivation to be evil, it just isn't worth it. We already have enough lesser evils in this group. The thing that makes Wendy, Larry, Ludwig, Roy, Iggy, and Morton good characters is that they have likable personalities with fleshed-out characteristics while still carrying out their job of being in an evil clan for the Koopa Troop, assisting Bowser with his plans, and being devoted to the takeover of Mushroom Kingdom. Even the ones who are less evil, like Wendy or Morton, still do their job, and still are devoted to defeat Mario. Lemmy couldn't care less about the position he is currently in, and even openly admits he would rather join the circus than defeat Mario. In Color Splash, even Morton tried his hardest to defend his Paint Star. Lemmy just insulted Mario and then left. Nothing ...more

Just as bad as Yoshi fans when it comes to adoring the character

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