Top Ten Reasons Mario is Better Than Sonic

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1 Better fanbase

I'm a HUGE Mario Fan myself, but I prefer to not talk about the fanbase so much. All you need to know is that if you look it up, it shows that Mario games have sold way more than Sonic, making Mario more popular.

The sonic fanbase sucks!

2 Mario games have better ratings than Sonic games
3 Better hero

While I do find Mario being a jerk sometimes, he is actually a better than what sonic would do, "Butt Mario only saves peach, wee wee wee" Correct, but not always, Mario saved fairies who could create anything, Luigi at a nearly death moment, And nearly died going through tons of galaxies, I can get sonic nearly died saving the world, but what I used to see, he treats Tails like crap in Sonic 2.

Dude, he doesn't treat Tails like crap in Sonic 2. That's all just YOU. Tails was programmed to follow Sonic and copy his movement, so whatever you do, Tails does.

Sonic: Saves world, treats Tails badly
Mario: Saves powerful fairies, saves his brother, risks his life, saves 1,000,000,000,000 universes in Super Paper Mario

4 Is an extremely good brother

"Butt game theory said Mario hates luigi, hue hue hue" Mario gave a multi-galaxy saving adventure to Luigi, and have you ever heard of brother rivalry?

Mario treats Luigi good while Sonic treats Tails bad in Sonic 2

5 Better personality

I know what your thinking "Butt Mario has no personality" Mario doesn't have a specific personality, and does gets aggressive at times, but Mario is a kind, and would risk everything to save anything. While I do agree Sonic does show more personality, at least Mario's personality is better than being an annoying cocky bastard

Mario even bothers to save peach, even for the millionth time. If I were him I would get someone to replace me.

Even though he doesn't have a personality, Sonic doesn't have a good personality.

He's not hogging the spotlight all the time.

6 Bowser is a better villain than Eggman

Okay this sound very unbelievable, but Bowser has done tons of feats, like surviving a black hole, broke planets with his bare fist, sucked the dream stone that made him create anything he wants. I can see Eggman did rebuild Time eater, but of course he had help. While Bowser may not be as smart, Bowser is a lot badass.

Bowser is the best villain in the video game universe.

7 Sonic copied Mario

He ripped off Mario elements from his main series to his main series, he also ripped off Mario Kart games, Mario Party, Super Mario RPG and Mario Tennis. Mario is way more original than Sonic.

Sonic himself is a sonic rip off.

8 Princess Peach is better than Amy Rose

True, the only real thing amy does is send death threats.
Amy also os the most annoying sonic character, her hammer looks like it came from the dollar store.

9 Luigi is better than Tails

"Butt death battle proved it, n brains always beet brawns" there is a difference between battle smart, and technology smart, Luigi is more battle smart. While Tails is faster, that doesn't matter, Luigi dodged lightning. Lightning is a lot faster than sound. Luigi is stronger "butt tails lifted 10 tons" he did it with a magic ring, He was struggling, Luigi lifts a castle with no effort, and the radish thing is a dream,even then, he was still able to lift a radish and jump to a cliff with no effort. Tails breaks metal, Luigi obliterates Banzai bills with a single spin jump.

True really true

10 Better spin-offs

Mario and Luigi Surperstar Saga got a score of 90, while Shadow the Hedgehog (the best sonic spinoff) got a score of 51. In my opinion Shadow the Hedgehog is better than Luigi's Mansion, but still Mario spin-offs are better.

Shadow the hedgehog is a bad game. Luigi's mansion is better than Shadow the Hedgehog and that's a fact/

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11 Mario has better enemies
12 Mario characters are stronger

Let's be honest, Super Dimentio, Count Bleck and the playable characters in Super Paper Mario are strong enough to destroy every Sonic character (yes even Archie Sonic characters gets destroyed)

That's because the Chaos Heart which Super Dimentio and Count Bleck uses, is superior to the void which was going to consume all existence--all worlds, all dimensions, all possibilities and all timelines. To back up Dimentio scaling, his attack [that he held back on, mind you] matched a tremor from The Void. Also because he created Dimension D, a universe The Void cannot affect, since Dimentio sent the count and the others there, and it'd be unaffected by The Void, since he says he'll come there after he finishes up with the multiverse to torture them. And because String Theory Soup proves that the Marioverse's secrets reside within String Theory, which is a theory that supports 11-dimensionality, this feat was consuming eleven dimensions, making the characters ...more

Base Mario can break even super sonics bones.

13 Sonic is a selfish egotistical spotlight hog in the games and shows
14 Sonic treats his friends like garbage and will even hurt them to get the spotlight

By the way, whoever is reading this reason it's taking about Sonic not Mario

15 Amy Rose is the most annoying character ever

Her voice is obnactious her personality is as toxic as her fanbase.

16 Peach, Daisy and Rosalina are badass

Yep. Peach save Mario, Daisy has a double jump and a powerful slap and singing voice, and Rosalina has a great backstory, spin attack, origin

Peach can control emotions, Daisy can bitchslap Bowser to oblivion and manipulate flowers, and Rosalina can recreate galaxies. Amy would be considered strong (she can lift a hammer about her size), and Rouge can fight sonic, but I don't see those characters beating them.

17 Better music

The green hill zone is the best music I've ever heard in the Sonic franchise, heck I even like the music from Sonic R, but the Mario music is more catchy and notable, and while most of them aren't vocal, its still great, I can get the music getting recycled but don't act like Sonic doesn't do it.

The Mario music are more popular.

Super Mario Galaxy has the most relaxing music and every Mario game has better music.

18 Mario doesn't have a bad fanbase like Sonic does

The Sonic fans think the mario fans are bad? Hell no! I've seen tons of comments of the sonic fanbase on youtube's comment section saying "sonic is cool, mario sucks" and "sonic is better than mario" seriously?! they act like sonic is from cartoon network or adult swim and act like mario is from nick jr.! that's is ridiculous! That doesn't make any sense! Sorry, but the sonic fanbase are cruel, toxic, demons who never look at them selves in the mirror! The Sonic Fans are Monsters while the Mario Fans are Angels. Don't you dare say No they're aren't, there different people in different ages, no matter what they are!

I'm a HUGE Mario Fan myself, but I don't really agree with this that much. And I'm not saying that Sonic has a better fanbase either. I think both sides can have annoying or bad fans.

19 Red is better than blue

I prefer blue

20 Sonic characters are very annoying and lazy
21 It appeals to everyone of all ages

Like Satoru Iwata did, he wanted Nintendo to appeal to not just hardcore gamers, but also everyone. And that's what Mario did. Sonic pretty much only appealed to teens more than children and adults. Plus, Sonic failed at appealing to children with his Sonic Boom game. So Mario takes the cake. P.S RIP Satoru Iwata. He has done many great things for Nintendo that wouldn't be where it would be if it wasn't for him.

22 Sonic is very cliche (there’s Road Runner, Speedy Gonzales, Flash, Dash, etc)
23 His settings are the same for his games (at least most of the time)
24 Rosalina is better than Silver
25 Mario has saved the galaxies twice, the world in lots of games, has saved time in Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, and has saved dimensions in Super Paper Mario. Sonic just saves the world all the time
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