Top 10 Best Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges

In the world of Super Mario Wonder, badges are more than just shiny collectibles. They're power-ups that can seriously up your game. Each badge comes with its own unique ability or enhancement, making Mario's journey through the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond even more thrilling. From boosting his jump height to granting him new abilities, these badges can be game-changers.

So, what makes a badge one of the best? It's a mix of utility, rarity, and just plain cool factor. Some badges might make Mario invincible for a short period, while others could increase the number of coins he collects. The best badges are those that not only help you advance through the game but also add an extra layer of fun and strategy.

Which badges have made your Mario adventures unforgettable? Vote for your favorites and see where they end up on this list of the best Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges.
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1 Boosting Spin Jump This badge enhances Mario's spin jump ability, allowing him to reach higher altitudes and access previously unreachable areas. It's particularly useful in levels with vertical layouts or when navigating through obstacles from above. The Boosting Spin Jump badge adds a dynamic layer to gameplay, enabling new strategies and exploration techniques.
2 Floating High Jump The Floating High Jump badge grants Mario the ability to jump significantly higher than usual, with a slow descent that mimics floating. This badge is ideal for levels where precision and prolonged air time are crucial. It alters the standard jumping mechanics, providing a unique way to traverse through the game's varied environments.
3 Grappling Vine With the Grappling Vine badge, Mario gains the ability to latch onto certain surfaces and swing across gaps or obstacles. This badge is especially handy in levels featuring wide chasms or areas that require a tactical approach to navigate. The Grappling Vine adds a layer of versatility to Mario's movement, allowing for more diverse level interactions.
4 Parachute Cap The Parachute Cap badge endows Mario with a parachute-like ability, enabling him to glide gently downwards after jumping. This badge is invaluable in levels with long drops or when needing to land on small, distant platforms. The Parachute Cap greatly enhances control over Mario's descent, opening up new possibilities for level navigation.
5 Add ! Blocks This badge allows Mario to make special ! Blocks appear in certain levels, which can be used to access new areas or uncover hidden items. These blocks often lead to shortcuts or contain power-ups, making them a strategic element in gameplay. The Add ! Blocks badge introduces an element of puzzle-solving, as players must figure out the best way to utilize these newly accessible blocks.
6 Auto Super Mushroom The Auto Super Mushroom badge automatically grants Mario a Super Mushroom when his health drops to a critical level. This badge acts as a safety net, ensuring that players have a better chance of surviving challenging sections. The Auto Super Mushroom badge is ideal for players who are navigating through particularly tough or enemy-dense areas.
7 Wall-Climb Jump With the Wall-Climb Jump badge, Mario acquires the ability to jump off walls, enabling him to reach high or distant places that are otherwise inaccessible. This badge is crucial in levels with vertical designs or intricate platforming challenges. The Wall-Climb Jump badge significantly expands the scope of exploration and maneuverability in the game.
8 Rhythm Jump The Rhythm Jump badge syncs Mario's jumping ability with the background music, providing enhanced jump height and control when timed correctly. This badge adds a musical element to the gameplay, requiring players to time their jumps with the beat. The Rhythm Jump badge offers a unique, rhythm-based challenge, blending platforming with musical timing.
9 Jet Run The Jet Run badge gives Mario a temporary speed boost, allowing him to dash across levels at high velocity. This badge is perfect for speedrunning or quickly bypassing difficult sections. The Jet Run transforms Mario's movement, adding an adrenaline-pumping element to the gameplay.
10 Sensor The Sensor badge alerts Mario to hidden items or secret passages nearby, making it easier to discover the game's many secrets. This badge is ideal for completionists or players who enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of a level. The Sensor badge adds a detective-like aspect to the game, encouraging thorough exploration and discovery.
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11 Dolphin Kick
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