Best Super Smash Bros. Glitches

We all hate glitches, but some of them are pretty funny. If you want, I will tell you what to do for each glitch.
The Top Ten
1 Infinite Assist Trophy Glitch (Ultimate)

You all probably know this one. This one allows you to create an unlimited amount of assist trophies. Here's how to do the glitch:
1. Have you and a friend both be isabelle.
2. Spawn an assist trophy
3. Stand a reasonable distance away from the trophy
4. Have you and the friend use the fishing rod at the same time (you'll know it was done correctly if one of the isabelles hooks the trophy but it's still attached to the other one's line)
5. Spawn the trophy a bunch of times

2 King K. Rool Desync Glitch (Ultimate)

This one is a bit crazy:
1. Have one player be k rool and the other be king dedede.
2. Have k rool use neutral b and have dedede inhale it.
3. Use side b facing the edge of the stage and at the same time, shoot the cannonball at k rool
4. Inhale the crown before it touches the ground
5. Prepare for some weird stuff to happen.
(note: this glitch will still be in effect even if you fall off the stage so quit out if you don't want it anymore)

3 Undead Glitch (Ultimate)

This one can be done in many ways. here is a kind of easy one:
1. for this glitch, you will need to be joker and get 2 other characters (doesn't matter who)
2. get one of the coms to a reasonable percentage
3. when they are about to die, use final smash)
4. when the cinematic is done, it should say that the fighter is dead but their body will still be there

4 Waddle Dee Army Glitch (Brawl)

(note: this glitch can crash your game)
1. set up a battle on final destination with 3 ice climbers, a bunch of sand bags, and some smart bombs. (you will also need to be king dedede and get a final smash)
2. use the final smash
3. that's it

5 "Princess Luigi" Glitch (Brawl)

this is a pretty funny one because it makes luigi look like princess luigi from superstar saga. I will not explain how to do this becuase it's a bit complicated

6 Playable Master Hand Glitch (Melee)
7 The Void (Ultimate)

This is a glitch used with pirannah plant.
you will need pirannah plant, ganondorf, and a third character, particualrly isalbelle or villager but anyone works
as well as some deku nuts and some super mushrooms.
1. use a super mushroom on pirannah plant
2. stun him with a deku nut
3. have gannondorf use up b
4. while this is going on, throw another deku nut.
5. if done correctly, ganondorf should be spinning inside plant, stuck.

8 Spinning Coffin (Ultimate)

this is a pretty funny one but hard to do
you will need to play as simon or ricter as well as get another character
1. get a smash ball as the belmont and use the final smash
2. as the other character, run into the coffin on the final frame of it spinning

9 Final Smash Glitch (Ultimate)

this one can be used with either hero or steve.
1. have one of two coms hold a bomber and get your final smash as steve/hero
2. have the com use the bomber and when the game begins to slow down, use your final smash on the third character

10 Infinite Final Smash (Brawl)

remember the giant jigglypuff glitch from brawl? if you use the same method with rob, he will get an infinite final smash

The Contenders
11 Instant Game End Glitch (Ultimate)

here's how you do it:
1. get a custom stage that involves a lava wall at the end of the stage.
2. select hero as your character (opponent can be anyone)
3. make sure you have 2 stocks and that the character is at 100% damage of more
4.position the other fighter against the lava wall.
5. use a final smash
6. the game automatically ends.
here's a way to get an interesting effect with this:
1. same as step one above.
2 select 2 opponents (can be anyone)
3. same as step three above.
4. position only one of the fighters against the wall
5. same as step five above
6. the character will die, but they will come back without stocks. they can move and attack, but they don't have stocks. if one of the players with stocks dies, the game will go to the other player with stocks

12 Z-Axis Glitch (Ultimate)

here is how you do this glitch:
1. select a wall-cling character (like lucario or bayonetta)
2. get a custom stage with a hole and springs at the bottom.
jump on the springs with the wall-cling character and then jump into the wall
3. the character should be facing forward.
4. to get the other character involved, grab them, but don't throw them
this has some interesting effects on final smashes. for example, if you use a final smash like inkling's, it will face front. and if you use someone like wii fit trainer or pirannah plant, it will go sideways. and, if you use mr game and watch, he will be stuck there forever

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