Top Ten Most Surprising MLB Teams of 2017

Yeah it's only the second month of the baseball season, but I felt this list was totally necessary

The Top Ten

1 New York Yankees New York Yankees The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City, New York, that competes in Major League Baseball.

Aaron Judge enough said

I loved watching the Yankees so far this year. With Starlin Castro, Masahiro Tanaka, Gary‚Äč Sanchez, Aaron Judge, etc, the Yankees are so far a very successful team. - EpicJake

2 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies

The Rockies are turning the NL West upside down! Usually either the Dodgers or Giants would be in first right now, but the Rockies shocked us. - EpicJake

As a younger child, I would always pick on this team because on standings they would always be at the bottom (due to being the worst NL West team) of the entire list. They were almost always in that position. Now they rule and I changed my opinion on them.

The most surprising part about them this year is definitely their pitching staff. Especially, the reemergence of their closer Greg Holland and the rookie starters: Kyle Freeland (11 W), Antonio Senzatela (10 W), and German Marquez (9 W). - DMacLean15

The Rockies have suprised everyone I think the reasons are
The emergence of Trevor story
Strong bullpen

3 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers

Eric Thames is money right now, and one of the reasons why the Brewers are playing well. - EpicJake

They literally sweeped baltimore

4 Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks

I thought this would be one of the worst teams in baseball right now, but they are 21-18, good start for a Diamondbacks team that has struggled this decade. - EpicJake

5 Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins

Last year they were like, the worst team in baseball. This year so far? They are learning from that year and improving. - EpicJake

6 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds

I thought the Reds would have a terrible start, but they have a lot of sluggers. - EpicJake

7 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals The St. Louis Cardinals are a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Cardinals compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League Central division.

They look Dexter Fowler right out of Rival Cubs' hands, and while they did struggle at first, they've been playing terrific in May. - EpicJake

8 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox

The White Sox are doing a lot better than I expected, even though they are still 17-18... But that's ok after losing Chris Sale. - EpicJake

9 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners The Seattle Mariners are an American professional baseball team based in Seattle, Washington. Enfranchised in 1977, the Mariners are a member of the West division of the American League in Major League Baseball.

After their poor start, they're improving. - EpicJake

10 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays The Tampa Bay Rays are an American professional baseball team based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Rays compete in Major League Baseball as a member of the American League East division.

Usually terrible this time of year, but no. - EpicJake

The Contenders

11 Miami Marlins Miami Marlins

Their 58-61, good record for one of the most underrated teams in MLB history - Jaboss

12 Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves

They have been surprisingly good.

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