Top 10 Worst Survivor Winners

Survivor is known for having its fair share of legendary winners. And then there are their fair share of terrible winners.
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1 Rob Mariano Robert Carlo "Rob" Mariano, known by the nickname Boston Rob, is an American television personality, widely known for appearing in several reality shows, including Survivor, and The Amazing Race with his wife, Amber Mariano.

Ranking 1st on Worst Winners ever, and 3rd on Best Winners ever is quite the feat, especialy with thousands of voters. Rob really is polarizing I guess. in my opinion he is neither of these things, and something in the middle, but he is someone that it is hard not to have strong emotions on it seems (good or bad). Always has been. That includes for his fellow players who go from wanting to be lifetime bffs with him to hating him for life with a single vote off, like nobody else can.

CloudInvasion, Ben was a rigged winner so I will give you him, but I can easily give you reasons Rob is worse than Fabio and arguably Amber.

Fabio: beats everyone in a jury vote vs Rob who beats nobody (except Phil and Natalie). 1st time player against other 1st time players vs a 4th time player against 1st time players. Fabio overcame the odds bigtime to make the end, Rob had it easy after Matt/Andrea foolishly didn't flip at the F12. Fabio was more dominant in challenges than Rob, he won 3 in a row against super athletic guys like Chase vs Rob who couldn't even do that vs little girls like Natalie, Ashley, and Andrea, and old buzzards like Julie and Steve.

Amber: The game they worked together right to the end and the jury preferred Amber. Won on her 2nd try, not her 4th. Never missed the jury in multiple seasons vs Rob who did in 2 of his first 3. Was able to suntan at spas while hubby was out trying for the 1000th time to finally win Survivor.

2 Amber Mariano

Underrated winner. Nothing great about her game, but she was smart to ride Rob and let him take the bullets. Her strategic game this season was almost the same as Rob's, and she had a far better social game than Rob which netted her the win in the end.

Rode Rob's coattail the whole time.

3 Jenna Morasca

I sincerely hope that in the past 20 years she's done some growing up. Discriminated against for being pretty and hated because she was young. Well, now maybe she's not so pretty and she's definitely not young. Does that mean she hates herself, now?

Jenna is the worst winner ever! She did nothing but be lazy and flirt all season and rode coat tails the whole way and used her stupid ugly body because most of jury were dumb pervy young men and Annoying Heidi. Jenna is and always will be the worst and most undeserving winner in my opinion...

4 Sophie Clarke

"Survivor" had a dilemma. After Redemption Island, with Boston Rob's easy victory, they couldn't let *another* returning player win so easily, so they sabotaged Coach (flaky maniac that he is) so it didn't appear that the returning players would be obvious winners in the future.

Hey, Sophie! Here's a gift.

Worst. Survivor. Winner. EVER. She's such a spoiled brat as Ozzy would say. And Ozzy should have won this season anyway.

God awful, annoying, self-obsessed arrogant aggressive and overrated. Sigh.

5 Ben Driebergen

Why is this list so stupid? How is a winner who had an extremely dominant season like Rob higher than Ben, who only went to the end because of challenge wins, finding idols and a fire making twist. There are many great players that are listed high on this list, while worse winners are lower. Examples of these great winners:
-Rob: Extremely dominant win, although he is a bit overrated, he's still a much better winner than a lot of other players here
-Denise: While she isn't the best, she still played a good game and is more deserving than a lot of people.
-Vecepia: Played a great underdog game strategically and socially
-Tony: definitely SHOULDN'T BE 6TH. Won his first season with an extremely solid win, and won again in an ALL WINNERS SEASON. Probably one of the greatest players of all time.
-Cochran: While his win was kind of overrated, it was still a great win, and he is a better player than other winners here
-J.T: While he's played dumb games recently, his original win was the first perfect win and he played well for his win.
-Parvati: Also a skilled player, while her win was a bit overrated, she's much better than a lot of people here.
-Tyson: Although he isn't a great winner, he's better than a lot of people here.
-Tina: Showed the importance of social game
-Kim: While she played against dumb players, she still had an extremely dominant win and played well.
-Hatch: Still had a better win than most other players here.

6 Denise Stapley

Only won because Malcolm choked at the end.

7 Vecepia Towery
8 Brian Heidik
9 Natalie Anderson
10 Jud "Fabio" Birza

There's a reason why no one mentions his name among the winners, and why he didn't come back for WaW. The "best" of a weak lot.

One of the dumbest to ever play the game!

The Contenders
11 John Cochran John Martin Cochran, commonly referred to as simply Cochran, is an American reality television personality and television writer.

If Survivor didn't have such a kissy-kissy love affair with this enthusiastic nerd for PR reasons, he would have never made it to the merge the 2nd time around. Plus he's turned into the arrogant-as-hell personality that he probably hated, growing up, that he received from the jocks.

Like Boston Rob he basically won a free season designed for him.

12 Tony Vlachos
13 Parvati Shallow Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia.
14 Sari Plenton
15 Sandra Diaz-Twine Sandra Diaz-Twine is an American television personality who became known for her appearances on the reality game show Survivor. She's well known for being the first person to win twice. (Tony Vlachos is the second person to win twice.)
16 Wendell Holland Jr.

I was looking through the list thinking "Where's Wendell? " and poof, there he is. Domenick should've won.

17 Bob Crowley

Had it been a final 2 between him and Susie, he'd deserve to win, but Sugar saved him a trillion times. Evan though Sugar's performance in the finals were horrible, people forget that his was just as bad!

18 Mongolia Reynolia

Eh, her social game was alright but that's about it.. Tara played the better game in my opinion.

19 Chris Underwood

Chris was one of his tribe's strongest competitors, was in the majority and had a plan gift wrapped for him...only to get himself voted out pre swap because he was an idiot. He only made it as far as he did because of a twist that had never happened before, made the final 4 because he got an idol for free at the final 6, and only won because being voted out so early meant he couldn't be blamed for most of the jury members' eliminations. At least Ben managed to make it to the final 7 before he needed to rely on twists to make the end.

20 Ethan Zohn
21 Sarah Lacina
22 Natalie White

She was smart enough to glom on to Russell "I Don't Give a 'F!' what anyone else thinks" Hantz and stick with him, but outside of suggesting Erik go, name one other strategic thing she did in Samoa.

We'll be waiting here all night for your answer.

I rewatched this season, listed all of the positive and negative moves of Natalie and Russell. Equal positive moves. Russell has more negative. I realized she did a lot more than I originally gave her credit for

Only got the end because of Russell. Natalie gets too much credit for saving Russell from Erik but they would’ve still been down in numbers. You aren’t worthy of being a winner of survivor if you rely on someone way too much. by the way she did absolutely NOTHING the whole game.

23 J.T. Thomas
24 Michele Fitzgerald

This is probably the worst jury decision in Survivor history. Aubry should have totally won.

No way she wins in a real universe.

25 Adam Klein

Adam only won because of a heartbreaking story and tears. The entire final tribal council was changed after his season. The way Jeff addresses the jury on how to talk to the final 3 and what to ask them completely changed. It went from every jury member getting one chance to address any of the final 3 on their own terms, to having 3 different open discussion portions on specific topics. For example Jeff says "this is the outplay portion where you can ask any or all of them on how they outplayed". Adam also took credit for all of Hannah's moves and all she had to do was speak up and she would have won. Adam was the least deserving to win compared to every other winner because he took credit for everyone else's moves and cried his way to victory.

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