Top Ten TheTopTens Lists That Never Should've Been Made

For the better or the probably worse, these lists should have never been written, it would just make everyone's life easier.

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1 Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Date Britgirl

To the maker of this current list: If you admittedly know little or nothing about a list, situations and people involved and you are "new" to the site, why do you put the particular list on the top of your list and speculate about it? Keep your guesses and uninformed opinions private or learn if you're curious before spouting on about it or any subject.

It must have been pretty high up the list to be voted to number one. - Puga

To the visitor who commented on this item: If you wish to criticize registered users, grow a pair and create an account. Unless, of course, you're afraid to take responsibility for your comments.

I'm leaving this as a comment because visitors can't view comment replies. - PetSounds

Yeah this really is inappropriate. Especially to Britgirl. This shouldn't have been made in respect to her - Jonerman

And this list is made by the one and only..
britboy... - TopT3ns

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2 Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Blame the Vocaloids for ruining this list. - ExxonWireless

It's been 4 years people.
And somehow, this list is still the #1 list on the site. Hmmm... WHY? The reason I hate lists like this or "Most anticipated movies of (current year)" is because after the actual year, the list becomes irrelevant! Pst, spoiler, none of your recommendations are in tye ceremony! - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

I agree this list is terrible. Yuck! - malamJONES

3 Best Sonic Couples

Evil Craig: The Sonic fan base are horrible people! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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4 Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

This wasn't even created as a hate list.

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5 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

And I was on it. Geez people, learn some maturity! - RiverClanRocks

Whoever made this list thinks they are funny but they aren't. - TopT3ns

Really? So juvenile.

Worst list on the toptens. - Therandom

6 Top Ten Penis Shapes

I didn't know there was so many terms for different types of penises. By the way, don't look at this list. It's disgusting. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

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7 Top 10 Reasons to Hate Boys

I'm really getting sick of these sexist lists. - Zplatter360

8 Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Than Frozen Fans

Give it a rest man jeez... - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

9 Top 10 Worst Countries

Didn't we already have 'Most Hated Countries'? It's basically the same thing as this. - ExxonWireless

This list is as low as Worst Users on TheTopTens. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't have anything against this list.

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10 Best Web Hosting Companies

What's the Monty Python skit I'm looking for? Oh yeah...

"SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM! " - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

The Contenders

11 Best Body Parts of Justin Bieber

That list is very hilarious, never go to that list again! - malamJONES

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12 Worst Users On TheTopTens

I wasn't even a user around the time that horrible list was made, but whoever made that list is the lowest of the low. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This should be in the top 5! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Get this off the list.

13 Top Ten TheTopTens Lists That Never Should've Been Made

The Top Ten TheTopTens Lists That Never Should've Been Made is Top Ten TheTopTens Lists That Never Should've Been Made. - malamJONES

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14 Top Ten Reasons Why Girls Suck

Haha sorry...this just made me laugh for some reason... - Britgirl

15 Top Ten Worst TopTenners

This got deleted like...5 years ago. Or at least 2 or 3. - RiverClanRocks

16 Greatest People of All Time
17 Most Hated Countries
18 Worst Popular Anime

All in favor of removing Worst Popular Anime from TheTopTens forever, like my comment. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

19 Top Ten Reasons Why Adventure Time is Better Than Ebola
20 Top Ten Fred Figglehorn Movies
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