Top Ten Best Things About Being a Quiet Person

One of the advantages of growing up is the acceptance of being a quiet person. When you were a kid, you were shy and timid. Now you're quiet, introspective, and mysterious.

Being quiet as you get older isn't seen as a handicap. In fact, it can be seen as a positive trait. This list contains ten of the good things about being a quiet person.

The Top Ten

1 People think you're a good listener

Maybe, maybe not. When you're not expected to participate in a conversation 50/50, it can be that much easier to check out. I'll be a great listener if you have something worthwhile to say. If not, there's a real chance I'm just nodding, "uh-huh"ing, and otherwise playing the part hoping there's no quiz at the end of all this. Either way, you got to get whatever you were saying off your chest and I get credit for being someone you can talk to. - HenchmanNo2

2 People see you as mysterious

Once again, human optimism rears its head. Mysterious is way better than boring. I'll take it. - HenchmanNo2

3 People think you are a deep thinker

Perhaps people are innately optimistic and that's why we assume the people who don't run around sharing their silly thoughts are for some reason less prone to having them than those who do. I suspect my thoughts are just as shallow as anyone else's, which gives all the more reason to keep them locked up so as not to destroy the illusion. - HenchmanNo2

I'm not particularly loud or quiet, but usually, if I haven't spoken for a while, I'm thinking in depth about something. - PositronWildhawk

4 You're not expected to speak at important events

Are you the vocal leader of your group or family? Then good luck not getting roped in to making a toast, saying the prayer, or delivering a eulogy. - HenchmanNo2

I hate speaking in public! The downside to being quiet is people think you're smart so you have to answer questions.

5 People listen when you do have something to say

Some don't - 23windomt

6 Women are attracted to you

This doesn’t help to me though. - Userguy44

7 You get more shock value out of saying wildly inappropriate things

Shock value is all about deviating from expectation. An F word in a Tarantino movie doesn't even turn heads. A few frames of full frontal nudity in The Simpsons Movie on the other hand... - HenchmanNo2

8 You endure boredom
9 You don't find yourself in controversial conversation
10 You get more opportunity to taste your words before letting them out

When nobody is expecting you to be quick on the trigger, you get to take a little more time to make sure your aim is true. Then you can get the job done with one shot instead of spraying rounds all over the place. - HenchmanNo2

The Contenders

11 People are less likely to consider your short responses rude

I'm talkative to people who won't physically or emotionally try to bully me, and I'm cold and quiet to most others. - Cyri

This really is a benefit. You don't have to conform to anyone's standards. - PositronWildhawk

"Fine", "Okay", "You too"... if that's your usual modus operandi, then people aren't going to call you out or try to figure out what's wrong. - HenchmanNo2

12 You can more easily duck out of inane conversations
13 People don't get as mad when you screen their calls and respond by text

Honestly, it's 2019. Who makes a phone call without arranging it by text ahead of time anyway? - HenchmanNo2

14 You are less bored
15 Nobody cares you are right next to them so you get the drama on literally everyone
16 Annoying people don't try to keep talking to you but instead bother other (more social) people
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1. People see you as mysterious
2. Women are attracted to you
3. You endure boredom
1. People listen when you do have something to say
2. People see you as mysterious
3. Women are attracted to you
1. People see you as mysterious
2. People think you're a good listener
3. You are less bored

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