Top Ten Things Artists Are Tired of Hearing

The fact of it is, people don't respect art as a real career. I have to deal with this all the time. People spitting over my dreams, telling me to give up, that art is useless and an impossible career, that I'll be homeless. And then I have to deal with thinking that I'm not talented enough, not working hard enough, not winning enough, not creative enough... Its tough out there for an artist.

NOTE: I realize art includes music, literature, films, etc. But for the sake of this list, I'm referring to visual and fine arts.

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21 Can I look in your sketchbook?

For those of you who ALWAYS carry a sketchbook, You will probably hear people asking you what you'r drawing or if they can look in you'r sketchbook, they should understand that you can't answer 50 questions at once!

Anyone who touches my sketchbook is asking to get slapped.

22 Can you color inside the lines on a coloring book

Hmm, nope. I can't draw, but it's almost impossible to color inside the lines with those huge crayons. - Merilille

Art is all about coloring outside them. - keycha1n

23 Are you depressed?

Just because I'm drawing a crying eye does not mean I am depressed.

Okay I like draw draw gloomy things, but that does not mean I am depressed. I just like the way it looks okay!

I suck at coloring ok

24 Can I upload this to my Instagram?

No, this is my work so you are not allowed to that. But even when I give you permission please credit my name.

25 Hey, you're an artist

This comes before someone asks you to do something that they and, especially you, do not want to do.

26 You're wasting you're potential by only drawing cartoons!
27 Is that you?
28 Draw better

People always tell me this when they don't like my style

29 Make more drawings for me or I won't be your fan anymore

I don't think I've ever met a person with such poor social skills. But I don't want to jinx it... - keycha1n

Wait aren't you the kind of chick who will eventually claim my stuff is yours?

People like this are what I call self-entitled viewers.

30 You should think of a new career!

For the people who say that, can I also get a chicken sandwich and some fries? - SuperHyperdude

31 You're a pretentious, overrated douchebag.
32 Drawing anime and cartoons are for kids. Try something more artistic and original

I just hate it when they ask me to draw like Picasso or try to make me draw nature or real people just because they think manga is for kids. I'm not drawing for them anyway, I'm doing it because I enjoy it.

33 For mandala artists: That's so easy to draw its just lines and patterns


34 That's original!
35 Mrs. _ from church wants to know if you can do a painting for her
36 Why do I need to pay money for it?

Because it takes lots of time and hard work, and is definitely NOT easy

37 Can you draw me this exact piece of artwork?

No, I can't do that, because that's plagiarism, and I can get arrested for that. I can get a new idea if you want, that would be fair.

38 Can you draw me having sex with *Insert character name*?

This annoys me because I don't like to draw sexual stuff and if I do work up the courage to draw them this they will say stuff like "SHE ISN'T HAWT ENOUGH" or "You didn't draw me correctly".

39 Stop drawing! It's distracting!

I hear this from my English teacher way too often. I'm like, "Why can't I express my creativity when I'm completely caught up in other classes as well as yours? It'd be better than doing a whole lot of nothing."

Why can't teachers just be supportive of our love of art and not put us down by saying that it's distracting?

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1. Artists only get famous after they die.
2. Can you draw me?
3. You're going to be poor.
1. You're going to be poor.
2. Artists only get famous after they die.
3. Can you draw me?
1. Can you draw me?
2. Do you draw realistically?
3. You're going to be poor.



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