Top Ten Things You Can Bend On The TV Show Avatar: The Last Airbender

This list was on my mind for a little bit, but I had trouble thinking of which items should be included and excluded, but, I think I came up with some good ones.

The Top Ten

1 Liquid

You can bend any liquid soup water anything like you don't need to use a spoon

It's awesome, and not as limited as earth, can HEAL, and can kill someone

2 Fire

Let's burn something! I think it's definitely the best element. How else are you going to survive? You can't just live on raw meat. Hello?

3 Air

Bending the very atmosphere around us: Truly hardcore!

4 Earth

Earth is the bomb. If I could bend anything I would choose earth because you can do more than any other bender.

As long as you r creative, earth is the best

5 Blood
6 Lightning
7 Metal
8 Meteorite
9 Thunder
10 Energy

The Contenders

11 Ice

Since Ice is a solid and NOT a liquid, I guess it could count as something you can bend. - booklover1

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