Things that Could Be Improved in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Don't get me wrong. I love ❤️ Mario kart 8 Deluxe. But there are a few things that could be improved on. Warning: this list is mostly nitpicky things that I wish would have been done. This game is already awesome as is so it was hard to find things to improve.

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1 Replace bad characters

Nobody likes them (you know who they are) at least we got some returning veterans. - Randomator

All the babies poof gone

Bye Rosalina lol

Replace the five powerups, the two Animal Crossing characters & the two Splatoon characters with DLCs.
The characters in them could be:
Clemont, Serena & Bonnie (Pokemon XYZ DLC),
Sonic, Amy & Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog DLC),
Kirby, Meta Knight & King DeDeDe (Kirby),
and Zelda, Ganondorf & Shovel Knight (Zelda).

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2 Improve online mode more

Aside from no lag,switching combos in between races and voice chat it feels the same. Nitpicky thing but still. - Randomator

3 Discount if you bought the original game

If you boil this game down, it's Mario kart 8 with battle mode. Yet it's still full price - Randomator

It's a port to the switch with all dlc and added content. - mattstat716

4 Add a few more items

The items seem pretty basic. Boo and feather were nice but I would've liked to see a few more. Again a nitpicky thing. - Randomator

5 Turn off timer for offline battles

Timer makes sense online but why be forced to use it offline? Nitpick again. - Randomator

6 No new tracks

Okay I get it 48 tracks is already a lot. But at least one more cup would have been nice. - Randomator

7 Voice chat

I don't know if it is in the game but I heard it was limited which sucks. - Randomator

8 Focus less on new players

But kids play it. - mattstat716

There's a how to play section, smart steering,and auto accelerate? I'm pretty sure 99% of everyone who has a switch knows how to play Mario kart or knows someone who does. - Randomator

9 More unlockables

Aside from vehicle parts and Gold Mario there is no reason to play Grand Prix. Unless you play it for fun.Nitpick again but still. - Randomator

10 More DLC

My bets ate on Kirby and Pokemon

Maybe a Kirby DLC and a F Zero DLC.

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11 Add a few game changers

Again another nitpick but aside from a few minor tweaks the actual gameplay feels exactly the same. I mean it should feel the same because it's the same game but I wish they would have added something to make it feel different. - Randomator

12 Add Wii battle maps

Yeah, there's been NO Wii battle stages that have been recreated! 7 didn't have one, and this game had a 3DS stage but not a Wii stage, why exactly? - darthvadern

13 Track variety

What all mk8 tracks have:
An underwater section
Alternate paths
Awkward gravity

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