Things that Could Be Improved in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Don't get me wrong. I love ❤️ Mario kart 8 Deluxe. But there are a few things that could be improved on. Warning: this list is mostly nitpicky things that I wish would have been done. This game is already awesome as is so it was hard to find things to improve.

The Top Ten

1 Replace bad characters

1. Get pink gold peach away
2. Take away useless crap baby Rosalina
3. Only keep Ludwig Iggy and Roy the rest of the Koopalings can go sorry Lemmy

All the babies poof gone

Nobody likes them (you know who they are) at least we got some returning veterans. - Randomator

Bye Rosalina lol

2 Improve online mode more

Aside from no lag,switching combos in between races and voice chat it feels the same. Nitpicky thing but still. - Randomator

3 Discount if you bought the original game

If you boil this game down, it's Mario kart 8 with battle mode. Yet it's still full price - Randomator

It's a port to the switch with all dlc and added content. - mattstat716

4 Add a few more items

The items seem pretty basic. Boo and feather were nice but I would've liked to see a few more. Again a nitpicky thing. - Randomator

5 Turn off timer for offline battles

Timer makes sense online but why be forced to use it offline? Nitpick again. - Randomator

6 No new tracks

Okay I get it 48 tracks is already a lot. But at least one more cup would have been nice. - Randomator

7 Voice chat

I don't know if it is in the game but I heard it was limited which sucks. - Randomator

8 Focus less on new players

But kids play it. - mattstat716

There's a how to play section, smart steering,and auto accelerate? I'm pretty sure 99% of everyone who has a switch knows how to play Mario kart or knows someone who does. - Randomator

9 More unlockables

Aside from vehicle parts and Gold Mario there is no reason to play Grand Prix. Unless you play it for fun.Nitpick again but still. - Randomator

10 Add a few game changers

Again another nitpick but aside from a few minor tweaks the actual gameplay feels exactly the same. I mean it should feel the same because it's the same game but I wish they would have added something to make it feel different. - Randomator

The Contenders

11 More DLC

My bets ate on Kirby and Pokemon

Maybe a Kirby DLC and a F Zero DLC.

12 Remove the Koopalings

No Koopalings suck they are filler bosses

Or condense them all into one character slot with Bowser Jr. - greenshyguy

13 Add Wii battle maps

Yeah, there's been NO Wii battle stages that have been recreated! 7 didn't have one, and this game had a 3DS stage but not a Wii stage, why exactly? - darthvadern

14 Track variety

What all mk8 tracks have:
An underwater section
Alternate paths
Awkward gravity

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