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21 No "good vs. evil" themes

Was my comparison of protagonists and antagonists in anime to the ones in cartoons not clear enough? If not, I will be glad to explain again. Cartoons are black and white. They always portray the antagonists as "evil". In most instances, cartoons even show antagonists boasting about how evil they are. Shows such as Xiaolin Showdown, Kim Possible, and some Disney movies show antagonists doing this. The antagonists also keep referring to their plans as "evil plans". However, this rarely happens in anime. Anime actually gives its antagonists a variety of personalities. Some anime antagonists are sadistic while others are not. For example, the arrancar Coyote Starrk from Bleach is not as battle-loving as most other arrancars in Sosuke Aizen's army. He was very reluctant to fight Shunsui Kyoraku and had no intent to kill. He didn't even have any motivations of his own which threatened the protagonists. In Naruto, the founders of the Akatsuki originally intended to bring ...more

If anyone wants to comment on this item, read all my comments first. I explain why there are no good vs. evil themes in anime very clearly, and I am sure that my explanations are not that difficult to understand. If you are too stupid to understand my explanations, then don't bother commenting on this item. I would also like to say that good vs. evil themes are NOT the same as action genres. Good vs. evil themes portray all their protagonists as angels and all their antagonists as the scum of the earth. Action genres have fight scenes and battles in the plot, but don't always demonize their antagonists and glorify their protagonists. If you don't know even what protagonists and antagonists are, then look the two terms up on the internet or in a dictionary. It's not that difficult.

Cartoons always have good protagonists and evil antagonists. However, anime is different. Some protagonists of anime series are anti heroes (characters who lack traits which are typical of good guys). There are also a lot of antagonists in anime who are actually good people (examples of such characters are Itachi Uchiha from Naruto and Coyote Starrk from Bleach). Anime also doesn't portray it's antagonists as losers, something which cartoons always do.

What about Terra and Jinx from Teen Titans? Both were conflicted on what to use their powers for. Even Raven has to manage her dark powers lest they get out of hand.

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22 Voice Actors (Seiyuu)
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24 Better Character Designs

For most of the time, anime characters have really great designs that were rather well done. Some cartoons do have great character designs. But for most of the time, cartoon has terrible character designs. No offense - MLPFan

25 The sense of humor
26 More Ambiance
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