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341 Play UltraHardcore

Always funny and its really for People who want a challenges

You have no regeneration and have to think of an strategy.
Really Intense

342 Build at least one famous landmark from each country

Find an animal with a sopawn egg, obsess over it. Get skins of that animal

343 Find Emerald Ore

I can't find any compared to my cousin...

V 1 Comment
344 Griefing Your Friend's House
345 Build a House Out of Nether Rack Then Set On Fire
346 Build a square of TNT (Not hollow) and set fire to it, with you on the top! V 1 Comment
347 Build a pig where every block is made up of 6 blocks V 1 Comment
348 Build a Fancy Princess Palace
349 Play With Friends
350 Build a Tower

Come on I built one you need to build it

Trying to do it still but can't wait till it is finished. :-D
I mean I have built a small one that's good though.

351 Build a Tower With Alot of Rooms and Build a Town
352 Build a Redstone House
353 Build a massive hotel/house

I made it on mine craft comes alive and I filled up most of the rooms and like 3 or1 left!?!?!?

Sister made 3 major hotels

I built a lot of hotels, their names are WDex Hotel by Dex Nelson.

354 Build a minigame and play with friends or family!
355 Fight a Boss from a Mod Using Weapons from a Mod.
356 Build a house, spawn 100 enderman, then watch them tear it down
357 Trap a Friend In Bedrock While They're Looking In Their Chest
358 Make a Mob Zoo

I did this once before. I had everything exept the wither and ender dragon

359 TNT Grief a Village
360 Cover the whole world with TNT and blow it up
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