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21 Build a Life Size Stadium

I did a Denver Broncos stadium one of the villagers was Peyton Manning lol

I've done this in two days it was a good stadium

I have done that it is really cool

I made red bulls soccer stadium on Xbox it was awesome. - FrankP

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22 Make a Video

Why does no one here like it. You know you might become video famous.

I don't know to BUT is a famous idea

I always wanted to do a video so this is a good idea

I REALLY want to but, my Dad won't let me

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23 Go On an Adventure

Did it took ages. But was worth it I found 20 diamonds in villages and caves

Actually I think a adventure would be fun! Slayin mobs and finding witches killing them for sugar redstone and other stuff!

Yeah, go see what is going on out there.

I found a skeleton horse!

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24 Build a Secret Underwater Base

I built this its awesome! Make sure you build two layers of glass in case you break through the first layer and let the air out!

Great idea! /internet off/ /minecraft on/

THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! I am definitely going to go build one RIGHT NOW!

Really handy it worked for me and I wasn't bored and I felt really happy after I had made it thanks 4 the great idea

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25 Build Statue of Bacon


If only someone would do this in real life...


I love bacon!

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26 Throw Eggs at Chickens

It's fun to watch the chicken run from there own eggs :D

You should see my friends

Hey I already did that before I saw this

Pretty dumb

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27 Make a Factory

I made an army factory and it was sick with cannons and all the other stuff it is a sweet build

Cake factory! I love cake! I'll eat the factory all up because all it has in it is cake! It's shaped like a big cake anyway!

I love carrots I'm gonna build a carrot factory Shaped like a carrot

The Warren Factory

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28 Replicate the Whole World

Impossible but amazing fun to try.

That is not difficult. Just copy the save file

Just copy it... Nobody really "replicates" them.

Do not try on pocket edition

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29 Have a Creeper Blow Up Your Friend's House On Survival

Oh, MAN! This has GOT to be the one. Seriously? 37?!?!

Laugh out loud I made this happen and it was HILARIOUS

I did it and it was fun but almost killed myself

Did it and it was hilarious #lol

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30 Create a Survival Only World

Isn't that something you would do all the time, I mean, that would be brill.

Lol I really only do creative cities, so survival would be so much fun. Imagine making a huge town in just survival...

Done it as my first survival world on my iPad.

Its name was 'Never Encounter'! I was so scared then lol

It's so fun! Make your way from wood to diamond! Then spend 24/7 on it while its raining

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31 Set a Pig On Fire

Laugh out loud it is hilarious

Respect the pigs dudes, they probably have feelings. JUST KIDDING! KILL THEM WITH FIRE

Flaming pigs are so much better than regular pigs. The same goes for other players... -gets out flint and steel-


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32 Build a City 5 Times Bigger Than Washington

How would you do that? Would you make Washington five times? HOW HOW HOW

That will take FOREVER I'll be dead by then

Each block in Minecraft is 3 feet by 3 feet so it could be possible to measure it.

I don't know where to live on survival

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33 Dig a 20x20 Hole to the Middle of the Earth


On one of my Minecraft worlds I dug a much larger hole the shorter side was a bit over 25 the other was a bit over 30 it got a little tedious after a while.

Came to this site to look for new ideas, turns out I already did them laugh out loud. did this one first though.

*dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig**dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig* *dig*


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34 Try to Make a Trampoline With Redstone

1: take a bunch of slime blocks on sticky pistons. 2. Make a redstone timer that makes the pistons turn on and off. 3: REACH THE MOON!

My trampoline is going to bounce you the highest

Because I don't know how to :)
If you know mail to

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35 Trap Zombies In a Hole and Go Down the Hole and Make the Zombies Eat You

That is so awesome I would smile my ears out and become deaf

I did that when I fell into a Monster Spawner

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36 Make a Pet Store With Mobs

I tried this but a creeper blew it up..

I did this but I added too many creepers in 1 case and some creepers outside the case and it blew up. Ummm... This is what creepers do, blowing up a mob pet shop... right?

I made a pet store but because I don't like googlies so I stay on peaceful
I spawned a pet pig and a doggy wog I also spawned in a horse, I tamed the horse and doggy

I thought only Stampy called monsters "Googlies"

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37 Build an Underground House

Just do it with TNT and call it good that's what I dad and I made a house that was crazy and extraordinary and it has like four floors that is also a gigantic city inside very cool

PE is the best version for doing this

If you want it to look good then don't use tnt

Even though I built one, I still have to make wall and floor colourful but yep, this is the best.

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38 Build a Farm

Especially a cake farm I have one that has well more than 300 cakes it is so huge and I am still expanding it except animals always get into it so I made mines all over.

Random farm time! There's plenty to choose from and its suepr fun doing it!

In my opinion it is great build a farm

I did this once. Then all the chickens escaped. - OhioStateBuckeyes

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39 Create the Ultimate Remote Island

I did that in the sky lets just say I'm acssdent prone I fell of LOL

I did this once. It's basically the bland & boring Skyblock unleashed into awesomeness.

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40 Make a Statue of Your Personal Hero

Yes statue of herobrine here I come. Just hope nobody mistakes it for steve

When tough times you look at the statue you made for you personal hero and it reminds never give up like you hero

Oh great dude!, m just imagine jimi page in Minecraft, awesome! I'm definitively gonna do this!

Make a statue of Kefka Palazzo

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