Best Things to Do When You Are In a Fight at School


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1 Defend yourself V 2 Comments
2 Hit them with a chair

Too bad we have those college desks that are connected to the chairs so you have to hit them with the entire desk... - Lucretia

If you can pick it up fast enough before they have a chance to hit you. - Pegasister12

3 Cuss them out V 1 Comment
4 Knock the person out with a dictionary
5 Yank their hair

I saw a fight at school once and some girl got many pieces of hair ripped out! - MeaganSaysHI

V 1 Comment
6 Slap them into last week V 1 Comment
7 Try to escape V 1 Comment
8 Start a food fight instead

Food fights still happen at my middle school!

9 Kick the person in the nuts V 3 Comments
10 Have a rap battle

The Contenders

11 Slit their throat

Whoa, who added this? I didn't. May be a bit too violent, but I like it. - Pegasister12

For self defense? By all means, go for it if they're trying to kill you. - Zach808

With a knife or something? Where would a good knife be? - Lucretia

12 Kill yourself

This makes you a coward. - sketchysteve

V 1 Comment
13 Hadouken them
14 Scream "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!"

Lol this is so random. - Catacorn

I ain't Muslim... - Lucretia

15 Run and tell the teacher
16 Pretend to cry
17 Kill them

Why not? - Lucretia

18 Prank them

That's what I will do

19 Tell them to watch suicidemouse.avi

Tell them that it's a fun video to watch.

20 Meditate
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