Top Ten Things Drunk Men Seem to Desire


The Top Ten

1 Women

In the words of Robin Williams, every man has a brain and a penis. When one is working, the other isn't.
The brain isn't exactly working when you're drunk. - PositronWildhawk

Hmmm, seems many sober men also want these - Billyv

2 More Alcohol
3 To Be Left Alone

I want this often, but I'm not drunk. - letdot52

4 Sleep
5 Money
6 Sports
7 Drinking Buddies
8 Video Games
9 Beer
10 Sex

The Contenders

11 Doing Anything They Want
12 To Tell Their Secrets
13 Playboy Magazines
14 Songs
15 Books Books
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1. To Be Left Alone
2. Video Games
3. Money
1. Women
2. More Alcohol
3. Sports
1. To Tell Their Secrets
2. Sex
3. Beer


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