Top Ten Things that Have Happened in the WWE in the 2010s

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A much better platform to help up and coming stars. Seth Rollins, dean Ambrose, roman reigns, Samoa Joe, Finn bálor, American alpha, the 4horse women to name a few that have come out of it. The future is bright for the company. - RustyNail

2 The Shield

Arguably the best faction to exist in the WWE, and even after the shield's breakup ( which was a terrible decision) it made 3 major stars. Definitely the future of the business for years to come - RustyNail

3 The 2016 Brand Split

Made both raw and smackdown so much better - RustyNail

4 The WWE Network
5 The Summer of Punk
6 The Womens Revolution

I started watching WWE in January of 2011. The 'divas' division was terrible, it was just eye candy, barely even athletes ( only one that was-was Beth phoenix).The revolution has completely changed womens wrestling. Main events, hell in a cells, true athletes. Charlotte, Becky lynch, Bayley, Sasha banks, Alexa bliss, Paige, Nia jax to name a few - RustyNail

7 The Rise of Daniel Bryan
8 The Universe/Reality Era

WWE is still in the pg era, but it has gotten so much better. Better story lines that are realistic, somewhat edgy, and even though its pg, its not the crappy stuff that was in 2007-2011 of everything will be ok Storylines that we can relate to - RustyNail

9 Brock Lesnar's Return
10 John Cena No Longer the Face of the Company

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11 Braun Strowman
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