Top Ten Things Most Kids Dream Of

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1 To have superpowers

I remember being 5 and me and my friends were convinced we were avatars, like we seriously thought we were bending the elements.

Actually, you can get some superpowers like telekinesis, you just need to practice. I did that and I have telekinesis

Don't pretend like you haven't stared at something like Matilda or said "Accio! " Without really hoping something might've happened...

To have psychic powers, dress up as Silver, yell 'take this' or 'it's no use' at your enemies, and throw them in a pit of lava.

2 Their favorite cartoon to be real

I dream of, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," and, "Grey's Anatomy." I interact with Kashekim, who I am writing a novel about. I love him more than any other character!

When I was 4 (yes I remember this) I dreamed that I was dancing with Shrek, The Ice Age gang, and even Barney. Barney kinda ruined it.

I'm 12 and my favorite anime is fairy tail. I always dream about being the main character and kicking the bad guys' butts.

My favourite anime is Detective Conan other wise known as Case Closed. I wish it became real and I was one of the main characters... I wish it will be real some day! X3

3 Parents forgetting their dentist appointments

What about getting wisdom teeth out? I'm a bit nervous in case I need to get mine out in the future (even though I only have one) due to horrible memories of my childhood dentist pulling out my baby teeth EXTREMELY HARD...ugh! :(

Unfortunately, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, but on the bright side it's only a check up

I like my dentist how about change it to parents forgetting my orthodontist appointment

I actually like going to my dentist though, everything is Alice in Wonderland themed. -Anonymousxcxc.

4 To have lots of friends

Going on YouTube, making the random video out of Caillou and getting 5,000 sub's.

I don't need more friends I have to many already

Still a work in progress (I only have 1). -Anonymousxcxc.

I Already Have Friends

5 Candy precipitation

When I was a kid I actually had dreams of MONEY precipitation.

It's raining candy! From out of the sky! Candy, no need to ask why.

I remember when I was nine I dreamt I was in candy land

Dreaming about Butterfinger precipitation.

6 Being rich

I have always dreamed about being rich

I will take all of it because he is mean

Yeah I've thought about that

I still do wanna be rich

7 To become famous

I'm still hanging onto this one. Although in the world of art now! Did anyone else sing loudly walking down the street in hopes of a talent agent hearing you? Or am I weirder than I thought?

Not necessarily famous, but rather just to have a successful career in the special effects department with movies and stuff (so animation technically) and to have fun with my job too. -Anonymousxcxc.

I'm 12 and I want to start a band called Xerokills.We combine multiple styles of Electronic music with Alternative Rock and Heavy Metal music.I might also have a few songs with rapping because Rap is my 3rd favorite music genre but I don't like it as much as Techno or Heavy Metal.-DarkBoi-X

Since I was 4, I wanted to be a singer. My mom told me I never would when I was 7. That's not nice. I was SEVEN. I would still hate to hear that now.

8 To be good looking

Yeah and they imagine their crush is dating them and they are the most popular kid in school

I'd rather have a super power or my favorite cartoon to be real

I do it for myself and not for my crush (I have 2 but aren't real)

Have done that. Now time to have the best dreams.

9 To stay up past midnight

I always stay up past midnight its not a big deal at all dude. just get a phone and go on youtube and that's all u got to do. also, get some friends if this is your dream that's quite sad and you will need someone to cheer you up.
Love-Maddie Amazing

Eh I've done it before. It really depends on what you're doing during that time. -Anonymousxcxc.

I always stay up past midnight, my advice is not to do it yourself.

I was only allowed to do this on New Year's Eve as a kid...

10 To get to heaven one day

Once I dreamt I went to heaven and I was surrounded by angels

I wanna meet my favourite gods and goddesses and stuff.

I love Jesus and I want to be with him one day.

I wanna be with the Lord too!

The Contenders

11 Wandering in another world

I had this series of dreams I had for a half a month and they were about being able to go to alternative worlds! Sometimes I would be a nightguard and sometimes I'd wander in a forest, sometimes I wasn't human and sometimes I died, sometimes I murdered and sometimes tortured. Such wonderful dreams.

I have a whole world in my mind. I'm the main ruler and they have powers. The rules and culture is influenced by my likes and hates. Homework is banned, and there are flying teenagers and dragons and stuff.

I had this alternate universe in my brain where I was walking in a haunted house killing all the monsters in the house. Good times!

I have weird dreams a lot about aliens, time travel, and alternate universes. Am I weird?

12 For school to go extinct

I hate school but I wish school did not exist but I want to do home school

Nah lets just make school a lityle easier instead id be bored after 3 months of no school

Pro: no more boring lessons. Con: less smart, and less friends!

Actually, it has been scientifically proven that school makes you dumber.

I love my school so that wood not be a nice dream

13 For their crush to like them and date them

All of my crushes in Elementary school moved away in the 1st semester I meet them, even girls that the world thinks I may develop a crush on. #Mr.Lonely :. (

And I thought the something special about me and a soda can! (Crush soda) get it?

My crushes are not real. I see them in my room sometimes, but they're not real.

I had a dream where Jinx from Teen Titans and me were having a date,

14 To be a rock star

I have wanted to be a pop star since I was 3!

I may have dreamed that once or twice...

I'm 12 and I'm still holding on to this one

Prety good dream can get boring!

15 Sex

I started dreaming about it when I was 12. I'm 15 now.-.

I dream about it too and I'm 12

I have a lot of these and I'm 12

Shut up, shut up,!

16 To never be bullied

Bullying is just so mean. If bully did not even exist everyone will be happy in this world and have a fun and have a always sunny life. Bullies should go extinct! D: Bully is AWFUL.

Bullying and abuse is the reason I'm full of rage and hatred

To the comment below bobbythebrony's: You're not alone, I haven't been bullied either. -Anonymousxcxc.

Beating up bullies and escaping to McDonalds yum.

17 Being friends with their favorite YouTubers

I wish I can be friends with Joe Santago and Ryan Higa

This would be awesome

Jay from the kuuubz scouts is THAT DUDE

18 To travel around the world

I hope my worst enemies win a free trip around the world.
Starting in Ethiopia, then Somalia, Congo, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, North Korea, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and ending in Honduras

A dream in progress (I've already traveled to a fair amount of other countries so it's getting better, but the downside is the jetlag). -Anonymousxcxc.

That would be so awesome! I love traveling around the world.

I wanna do that so bad

19 To be a pirate

No I dony want to be something illegal but an actress playing a pirate would be cool

A killing spree in Minecraft. (ExProGeneric)

That's illegal.

20 To have lots of toys

That would be the neat dream ever awesome

Making the Xbox One look bad

21 Going into space

Now we're lost somewhere in outer space.

I was like 9 and I had a dream I was in school and our cafeteria flew into space and we had zero gravity

22 To have more holidays

One holiday every week thank you.

23 Going on an adventure

Yep, me and my friends would climb on this island, on a helicopter, then head back to home to begin a new adventure.

I still dream of this daily. -Anonymousxcxc.

24 Becoming a Pokémon trainer

If I just had a pet mudkip...

25 Girls

Girls are not fun to great about because I am a girl boys are fun thought

But what if you are a girl?! I don't dream of other girls because I am one..

I am in all of my dreams and I am a girl so yeah.

Only if you're a boy

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