Top Ten Things Most Kids Dream Of

The Top Ten Things Most Kids Dream Of

1 To have superpowers

Honestly I think everyone dreams of this. - PianoQueen

Deadpool... Batman... Superman... I'm going to find a lucky star at night for a wish - FerrariDude64

I remember being 5 and me and my friends were convinced we were avatars, like we seriously thought we were bending the elements. - ToptenPizza

Actually, you can get some superpowers like telekinesis, you just need to practice. I did that and I have telekinesis

2 Their favorite cartoon to be real

When I was 4 (yes I remember this) I dreamed that I was dancing with Shrek, The Ice Age gang, and even Barney. Barney kinda ruined it.

When I was 10 I dreamt about being with with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine oops I forgot Pocahontas - Princesssmooth

I'm 12 and my favorite anime is fairy tail. I always dream about being the main character and kicking the bad guys' butts.

I always dreamed of being the AVATAR.

3 Parents forgetting their dentist appointments

Well I am a dentist and I find this VERY offensive - DislikeMyComment

Unfortunately, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, but on the bright side it's only a check up - Mariomaster63

This was my dream as a kid because my childhood dentist was evil and he tortured me in pretty much every way possible

I like my dentist how about change it to parents forgetting my orthodontist appointment - Ihateschool

4 To have lots of friends

I don't need more friends I have to many already

Going on YouTube, making the random video out of Caillou and getting 5,000 sub's.

I Already Have Friends - BeatlesFan1964

Still a work in progress (I only have 1). -Anonymousxcxc.

5 Candy precipitation

I remember when I was nine I dreamt I was in candy land

It's raining candy! From out of the sky! Candy, no need to ask why.

When I was a kid I actually had dreams of MONEY precipitation.

Dreaming about Butterfinger precipitation.

6 Being rich

I want all of trumps money because he is evil and doesn't deserve also I would let good illegals in (ones who don't commit crimes and the like) - Ihateschool

Yes! God I just turned 18 and I've always dreamed of being rich and would take trump's money too! - ZeeDave2001

I have always dreamed about being rich

I will take all of it because he is mean

Yeah I've thought about that - byhenry

7 To become famous

I love singing but no one stopped me I went on the talent show and rocked but everyone made fun of because I sang the wrong lyrics

I'm still hanging onto this one. Although in the world of art now! Did anyone else sing loudly walking down the street in hopes of a talent agent hearing you? Or am I weirder than I thought? - keycha1n

Since I was 4, I wanted to be a singer. My mom told me I never would when I was 7. That's not nice. I was SEVEN. I would still hate to hear that now.

I sometimes fantasize about being a famous singer - bobbythebrony

8 To be good looking

Yeah and they imagine their crush is dating them and they are the most popular kid in school

I'd rather have a super power or my favorite cartoon to be real

I do it for myself and not for my crush (I have 2 but aren't real)

Have done that. Now time to have the best dreams.

9 To stay up past midnight

Its really not all its cracked up to be... - keycha1n

I've done this before. - cosmo

I always stay up past midnight, my advice is not to do it yourself.

I was only allowed to do this on New Year's Eve as a kid...

10 To get to heaven one day

I love Jesus and I want to be with him one day.

Once I dreamt I went to heaven and I was surrounded by angels

I wanna be with the Lord too!

I wanna meet my favourite gods and goddesses and stuff.

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11 Wandering in another world

I had this series of dreams I had for a half a month and they were about being able to go to alternative worlds! Sometimes I would be a nightguard and sometimes I'd wander in a forest, sometimes I wasn't human and sometimes I died, sometimes I murdered and sometimes tortured. Such wonderful dreams.

I had this alternate universe in my brain where I was walking in a haunted house killing all the monsters in the house. Good times!

I have a whole world in my mind. I'm the main ruler and they have powers. The rules and culture is influenced by my likes and hates. Homework is banned, and there are flying teenagers and dragons and stuff.

I have weird dreams a lot about aliens, time travel, and alternate universes. Am I weird? - RockFashionista

12 For school to go extinct

Pro: no more boring lessons. Con: less smart, and less friends!

Actually, it has been scientifically proven that school makes you dumber. - EddwardH

I absolutely love school so that wouldn't be a good dream sometimes I like school most if the time I do

I love my school so that wood not be a nice dream

Yea, but then you would have no friends. - SailorVenus

That's not true people can go make friends with their neighbors - Ihateschool

13 For their crush to like them and date them

Toddler: moMMY I'm goNnA gO oN a DatE wItH lIttLe sUsiE!
Mother: WHAT THE H- wait, why did I use this joke on four different lists?

This happened to me.the guy I had a crush on and I have been dating since November 2017 - Ihateschool

My crushes are not real. I see them in my room sometimes, but they're not real. - RockFashionista

I know I'm really young to date this person. WAY TO YOUNG. But I kinda wanna date Zac Efron

14 To be a rock star

I may have dreamed that once or twice...

I have wanted to be a pop star since I was 3!

I'm 12 and I'm still holding on to this one

Prety good dream can get boring!

15 Sex

I have had this dream where there was a clothes detector in my school so we all had to take our clothes off and all the guys decided they did not want to be virgin so everyone in the class including a few friends that came out of NO WHERE had sex

I dream about it too and I'm 12

I started dreaming about it when I was 12. I'm 15 now.-. - 0w0uwu

Shut up, shut up,!

16 To never be bullied

Bullying and abuse is the reason I'm full of rage and hatred - bobbythebrony

Is it odd that I've never been bullied

Bullying is just so mean. If bully did not even exist everyone will be happy in this world and have a fun and have a always sunny life. Bullies should go extinct! D: Bully is AWFUL.

Beating up bullies and escaping to McDonalds yum.

17 Being friends with their favorite YouTubers

This would be awesome

I wish I can be friends with Joe Santago and Ryan Higa - Ihateschool

Jay from the kuuubz scouts is THAT DUDE - 0w0uwu


18 To be a pirate

That's illegal. - Kaboom

No I dony want to be something illegal but an actress playing a pirate would be cool - Ihateschool

A killing spree in Minecraft. (ExProGeneric)

19 To travel around the world

To much jet lag... - SailorVenus

That would be so awesome! I love traveling around the world.

I wanna do that so bad

That would be AWESOME!
I've always wanted to do that - Ajkloth

20 To have lots of toys

That would be the neat dream ever awesome

Making the Xbox One look bad

21 To have more holidays

One holiday every week thank you.

22 Going on an adventure

Yep, me and my friends would climb on this island, on a helicopter, then head back to home to begin a new adventure.

I still dream of this daily. -Anonymousxcxc.

23 Becoming a Pokémon trainer

If I just had a pet mudkip...



24 Going into space

I was like 9 and I had a dream I was in school and our cafeteria flew into space and we had zero gravity

Now we're lost somewhere in outer space.

25 Girls

But what if you are a girl?! I don't dream of other girls because I am one.. - cosmo

Girls are not fun to great about because I am a girl boys are fun thought

I am in all of my dreams and I am a girl so yeah.

Only if you're a boy

26 To make people laugh

That's what I,do all the time!

When I'm being myself I'm able to do it, but if I'm trying to be funny on purpose no one laughs. -Anonymousxcxc.

Making the YTP out of Caillou. (2 days later) Friend "What the Frick is happening! " (Impossible for me)

27 Falling into a hole

Yeah when you back away from a monster or creature then you step back even more then you fall into the hole and that is the end of your dream - Hollybrewer

Haha so true. Wish there is a hole for you to go in whenever a bully comes to bully you! Wish there is a hole following you the WHOLE time so that you could step into it and hide.
I even had a dream that a murderer came for me and I fell into a hole and I woke up. The End

I always feel like Alice in wonderland falling through a never-ending rabbit hole.

These last two items aren't true. - cosmo

28 Being a baby again

Kids never dream to be Kids, but Teenagers & Youngsters dream about this. - mpKarthik

I would love to go through my babyhood again

That’s what I’m framing about thank you so much I appreciate it

29 Dream jobs

I always wanted to be

Monday: rockstar
Wednesday: author
Friday:home with family
Saturday/Sunday: home with family

My current dream job is a work in progress. -Anonymousxcxc.

30 To live in a good neighborhood with a mansion

This would be good because if you were a kid you won't be bullied.

31 To get rid your dad

My dad is extremely embarrassing but I would never want that.

I don't like my dad

I love my dad

32 Being a janitor

Underappreciated - 0w0uwu

heck yeah

33 Being at a theme park

1. I am 11 my favorite dream is being at movie world and going on my best ride ever or going to the beach with my family.


That is fun!

34 Dating Justin Bieber

Nightmare. I would wake up immediately and not sleep for a week if I dreamed of this. - Kaboom

No I wouldn't want to do this - Ihateschool

That would be a nightmare for me! Ew I hate Justin Bieber he's all girly and weird

Dating The Beatles.
Dating Justin BOOBIES would be HORRIBLE!
The Beatles are adorable! GEORGE!

35 Being high

Love that

36 To be in Harry Potter

I personally love the Harry Potter movies and I’m only a child.

37 To live forever

Ohh ya

38 To see other planets

Like planet x or Pluto (still a planet) or to other universes or times or old lives they had.

Ohh ahh

39 Being able to fly
40 Dying in the electric chair

That's a nightmare! Who would like to dream about death thank goodness they DON'T HAVE death penalty in England!

This is the way Bobby wants to go. But the way I want to die? I quick shot to the head. - Therandom

Just me probably - bobbythebrony

Wjho would want this whoever put this on the list needs some serious therapy - Ihateschool

41 A place they want to go
42 To be a Christian

When I get older I want to be a Christian.

I want to be Christian too!

43 Getting kidnapped then killed

Whoever put this on the list needs serious therapy - Ihateschool

That's horrible.

A nightmare

Sorry I'm in yr four and I always dream about this argh

44 To do whatever they want
45 Stopping The V of Doom from existing

Time traveling to 1976 and stopping the V of Doom from existing.

YESS DIE NIGHTMARES - HistorianaPhilippiniana

46 Stopping Grounded Videos from existing

Trolling AlanKleinSchmidt2003 until he rages

47 To be Batman


48 Being a baby for the rest of your life

Because if kids dream about that they know what it feels like to be a baby again.😄😄😍😍

49 To be trained in combat
50 To be a Fortnite Professional


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