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21 To travel around the world

To much jet lag... - SailorVenus

That would be so awesome! I love traveling around the world.

I had a very small imaginary world that I was okay with, because every one was nice - Lucretia

Paris Spain France London California Texas Antarctica. So amazing helped me sleep for a week. I love the world 🌎 happy earth 🌏 day!

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22 Going on an adventure

Yep, me and my friends would climb on this island, on a helicopter, then head back to home to begin a new adventure.

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23 Falling into a hole

Yeah when you back away from a monster or creature then you step back even more then you fall into the hole and that is the end of your dream - Hollybrewer

Haha so true. Wish there is a hole for you to go in whenever a bully comes to bully you! Wish there is a hole following you the WHOLE time so that you could step into it and hide.
I even had a dream that a murderer came for me and I fell into a hole and I woke up. The End

I always feel like Alice in wonderland falling through a never-ending rabbit hole.

Down in a whole, feeling so small, dawn in a hole, losing my soul. - Lucretia

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24 To live in a good neighborhood with a mansion

This would be good because if you were a kid you won't be bullied.

No, a castle for me - Lucretia

25 Becoming a Pokémon trainer V 1 Comment
26 To get rid your dad

My dad died before I could remember and I was older when my step dad came into my moms life. - Lucretia

I hate my dad he is emotionally abusive - Ihateschool

I don't like my dad

I love my dad

27 To have more holidays
28 To make people laugh

When I'm being myself I'm able to do it, but if I'm trying to be funny on purpose no one laughs. -Anonymousxcxc.

Making the YTP out of Caillou. (2 days later) Friend "What the Frick is happening! " (Impossible for me)

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29 Dating Justin Bieber

Nightmare. I would wake up immediately and not sleep for a week if I dreamed of this. - Kaboom

No I wouldn't want to do this - Ihateschool

That would be a nightmare for me! Ew I hate Justin Bieber he's all girly and weird

Dating The Beatles.
Dating Justin BOOBIES would be HORRIBLE!
The Beatles are adorable! GEORGE!

30 Dream jobs

I wanted to be a magical princess... dumb idea. I want to do something normal know that I am not some girly idiotic child... - Lucretia

I always wanted to be

Monday: rockstar
Wednesday: author
Friday:home with family
Saturday/Sunday: home with family

My current dream job is a work in progress. -Anonymousxcxc.

31 Going into space

I was afraid the earth would lose gravity and we would all fall out so I would not go outside, and I always though the sun would burn out... I thought every night the world might end - Lucretia

I was like 9 and I had a dream I was in school and our cafeteria flew into space and we had zero gravity

32 Dying in the electric chair

That's a nightmare! Who would like to dream about death thank goodness they DON'T HAVE death penalty in England!

This is the way Bobby wants to go. But the way I want to die? I quick shot to the head. - Therandom

Just me probably - bobbythebrony

Wjho would want this whoever put this on the list needs some serious therapy - Ihateschool

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33 Being a baby again

Kids never dream to be Kids, but Teenagers & Youngsters dream about this. - mpKarthik

I would love to go through my babyhood again

34 A place they want to go

A castle for me, I loved castles. - Lucretia

35 Being at a theme park

1. I am 11 my favorite dream is being at movie world and going on my best ride ever or going to the beach with my family.

36 To be a Christian

When I get older I want to be a Christian.

I want to be Christian too!

I was a christian when I was yonger but when I was no longer the ignorant child I was I became a atheist - Lucretia

37 Getting kidnapped then killed

Whoever put this on the list needs serious therapy - Ihateschool

A nightmare

Sorry I'm in yr four and I always dream about this argh

38 To do whatever they want

In my dream I did whatever I want... never anything bad, I wasn't like that - Lucretia

39 Being high
40 Stopping The V of Doom from existing

Time traveling to 1976 and stopping the V of Doom from existing.

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