Top 10 Things Kids Should Know and Understand

Every generation is getting worse than the last. It used to be that the music and film stars worked for their fame; they paid their dues, learned the business, honed their trade, and gained success for the long haul.

Adults of earlier generations knew that if they wanted something in life they had to work for it. In fact, they had to work for everything. They didn't have time to just sit around an complain about how hard their life was while they watched cartoons and played video games on their parent's couch.

They did have their fun though. They lived lives outside. They honed skills, broke records, explored the unknown, and didn't live vicariously through avatars or online profiles.

Below is a list of the things that kids of any generation need to know about life and how to live it.

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21 The earth matters. Protect her.

Yes! Native Americans!

It does. Remember this. - TwilightKitsune

Her? Who's her? Lol just kidding. I was representing a normal kid - AnonymousChick

22 Not all communication is done on a screen.

Yes it can be. Don't try destroying tech. The only way tech is ruining the world is with auto tune and stupid things like dabbing. - DumbWays2DieFan

I'm pretty sure the world knows this.

This is downright offensive - Nayan2003

Internet forums, chat rooms, YouTube comments, phone texts, emails, profile pages... Do you know how stupid you're going to look when you write a note to your future boss on a piece of paper and "U rite liek this? What? LOL" Those aren't even words. Learn to speak, learn to spell without having a spellchecker, and learn to think outside of a URL.

23 One day you will have responsibilities.

That's right. One day you'll have bills to pay, insurance to keep updated, forms to fill in, decisions to make, food to make, clothes to wash, utilities to set up at a new house or apartment, repairs to make, gas to buy... It is true that youth is wasted on the young in that kids squander their youthful freedoms by complaining about the few things asked of them by parents and teachers all the while not using their free time to better themselves for the journey ahead. Life gets a whole lot harder as you grow up but only for those who are unprepared.

This is rather important. I know I will end up doing these things soon... - Turkeyasylum

24 Don't spend your entire life hating and hurting God

Even if you are an Atheist, don't even think about blaming your everyday problems on God. I'm and Atheist and when I did once and I've been going through really hard times. I know I'm an Atheist and I don't believe in God, but you can't just blame all your problems on something you don't believe in. Not only does it make you look stupid and irrational, but it also makes you look embarrassing.

I'm an atheist but I never spend my time hating and blaming God for everything. I tried it once and I've been having some very bad luck. Don't even try it. I'm telling you the truth. Really I am.

I'm atheist and I once tried blaming my everyday problems on God. But then my life became hard so I stopped blaming my stuff on God and my life started to get more easier.

Since when is atheism related to god? Atheists don't believe in god and certainly doesn't blame something they don't believe in.

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25 Homework should be routine.

Until after college, we're still going to have to deal with it. And after COLLEGE, some jobs require working at home. I doubt there'll ever be escape from homework... Teachers grade papers, some jobs having an extra online component, business trips, etc... It's inevitable if you want to make a living. - Turkeyasylum

It sucks. It should be gone. Especially if it's about useless things. I do most of mine in school. - DumbWays2DieFan

26 Always be a kid at heart but be an adult in your mind.

Being a kid sucks though. We get no freedom. - DumbWays2DieFan

27 It's damaging to encourage bad behavior in people.

And don't "justify" bad behavior in yourself.

I never encourage bad behavior in anyone. It really isn't worth it.

28 The world does not revolve around you.

It really doesn't. The sun rises and sets every day. The world is still spinning. It doesn't matter what problem you have because the world will still spin and there will still be countless amounts of people doing their own thing not caring about any little problem you have. - Anonymousxcxc

29 Forget about the past.

I agree. We shouldn't have history class. - DumbWays2DieFan

Some things should never be forgotten. - LordDovahkiin

30 You can't get what you want by crying and whining over it.
31 Things like books, movies, and music artists don't save your life. You save your life.

Sometimes they do. - DumbWays2DieFan

32 Fairy Tales are not real

That's the fact I couldn't easily stand at all.

33 Just because you were influenced by a certain kind of person (an artist, an activist, etc) doesn't mean you have to hold onto that kind of person forever
34 Don't take things too seriously

Why is this on here twice? - Aragorn98

35 Be honest about the choices you make
36 Forget about the past, but don't forget what it taught you

If it's useless like area of pyramid or French Revolution, forget it. - DumbWays2DieFan

Very true. - Aragorn98

37 Crime is real.
38 Drugs kill.

My mom got mad at me for asking her questions about drugs when I was younger. - Lucretia

39 Pain is real.
40 Excuses often lead to bad consequences.

Like how people use YOLO to do all the dumb stuff they want. Party, drink, smoke, drive while intoxicated, etc.

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1. Gender is a spectrum, not a binary.
2. Compassion will always get you farther than apathy.
3. You are where you are because of privilege and oppression dynamics. It's important to help the less fortunate in a systemic way.
1. Gender is a spectrum, not a binary.
2. Compassion will always get you farther than apathy.
3. You are where you are because of privilege and oppression dynamics. It's important to help the less fortunate in a systemic way.



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