Top Ten Things Kids Want to Do That Adults Can


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21 Be a Parent
22 Have a Youtube Channel
23 Own a Gun

Kids love destruction what better than gunfire

24 Go to a Casino
25 Buy Your Own House
26 Be naked in your bed

Only adults are always get naked you can do it without anywon nowing

27 Start a Family
28 Play Violent Video Games

Kids already do that! At least the ones I've met

My parents let me play mortal kombat when I was like 4 years old. So I played those kind of games at a very young age. - Chaotixhero

My cousin played Call of Duty at the age of 4 -_-

I'm too scared to play Call of Duty!

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29 Smoke Weed

You can smoke weed at any age? Lol

Anyone can do it. Just go up to people and ask for it, someone's bound to have some. - IronSabbathPriest

"Hey mommy I can't wait to grow up like you so I can smoke weed! "

"Daddy, I want to smoke weed, just like you! "
Yeah, every dad wants to hear that.

30 Gamble

I did this before with my mother

31 Watch Adult TV Shows

Someone told me Rick and Morty is for adults and ice already watched all the episodes. - AlphaQ

No, opposite for me. I only wanted to watch kid's T.V. shows. When I would stay up watching T.V. shows, I did not like when Adult Swim when't on. - Lucretia

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