Top Ten Things People Might Leave Behind in Class

The Top Ten

1 Homework

I do this on accident sometimes. - Powerfulgirl10

2 Hat
3 School books

When you are going to another class for a lesson. - birdechosplash

4 Drink bottle

Once I forget that in my class but next day my sir gave me my Water bottle - Righteous

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5 Pencil case

Probably the most annoying one. - birdechosplash

6 Bag

You'd have to be really stupid to leave your bag in class. - birdechosplash

7 Jacket
8 Phone

I wouldn't leave my phone behind. - Music_Lover123

9 Money

Happens all the time at my college - it's even possible to find an extra £2 or so lying around in the canteen if you're lucky enough. - Entranced98

10 House keys

It would be a nightmare if I left my keys at school. I would have to wait half an hour before my mum would get and unlock the door. - birdechosplash

The Contenders

11 Gym clothes
12 Personal device

I don't even bring my own device to school but other people do and they always leave it. - birdechosplash

13 Shoes
14 Gym bag

Embarrassingly enough, I've done this a few times on accident. Because lets be real, I'm not gonna walk across the school to my locker to put it away when my next class was right by my gym class! - kaitlynrad11

15 School iPad
16 Eraser

I've lost a ton of erasers at school, and I've never found them again... - Oliveleaf

17 Socks

Someone left a really stinky pair on the floor once, no joke. - Entranced98

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