Top Ten Things People Wish They Could Do


The Top Ten

1 Know Everything In The Universe

Well, we can't. The universe has its fundamental uncertainties. - PositronWildhawk

The theory of everything is what the scientific community has been looking for since the second half of the 20th century. - Kiteretsunu

But we can't. Nobody knows everything.

2 Fly Naturally

I Wish That I Could Fly So that I Could Fly to School, Places, Different Country's and Many More Places. It Would be Real Dream for Me. - Dreamformusic

3 Teleport

It works on a quantum level, but beaming up Spock could expend as much energy as there is in a small galaxy. - PositronWildhawk

4 Obtain Telekinesis
5 See The Future

So you can prepare for the future, like problems, events, etc. - funnyuser

I predicted the future with my dreams once. It was so weird.

6 Obtain Telepathy
7 Have A Superpower
8 Go Inside A (Movie/Book/Anime/Manga/TV Show/etc)

How I'd love to hang out with Holden Caulfield in New York for a day! - PetSounds

9 See In The Dark/Nightvision
10 Live Forever

No I don't

The Contenders

11 Be Perfect

Only Marilyn Manson is perfect

Only Jesus (God) is perfect.
I can see many dreaming this. - aarond90

12 Have Godly Powers
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