Top Ten Things to Say that Will Always Upset Self-Proclaimed Music Purists

Some of these statements are unpopular opinions. Others are simply stupid. But what they have in common is that they trigger self proclaimed "music purists", which is always a fun thing.

The Top Ten

1 "the Beatles Weren't that Important."

My opinion: The Beatles were indeed very important. They influenced a lot that would later become standard in pop and rock music, especially creative freedom. But I doubt they were the most importamt band of all time as they are often called. - Martin_Canine

This list is so real it hurts. - cjWriter1997

2 "All Rock'n'roll Songs Sound the Same."

My opinion: a lot of rock n roll songs indeed sound very similar, especially in key and tempo ("Tutti Frutti" and "Blue Suede Shoes") for example. - Martin_Canine

3 "Pink Floyd Has Pretty Boring Music."

My opinion: this is a personal opinion, so I wouldn't be upset by that, but I disagree. "The Wall" is a pure masterpiece, epic, intelligent and bombastic. What I like less than most people is "Dark Side of the Moon", I just can't get into it that much, but that's just me. - Martin_Canine

4 "Not Enough Autotune."

My opinion: a stupid statement. I don't hate on Autotune and neither do I love it. It fits on certain songs while it's horrible on others. - Martin_Canine

5 "I Always Thought the 60s Were All Rebellious and Stuff, but They Sound Like Grandma Music."
6 "I Don't Like Queen. Their Looks are Pretty Lame."
7 "Smells Like Teen Spirit Has, Like, the Most Ridiculous Lyrics Ever. #worstsongofalltime"
8 "Bob Dylan Sounds So Lame. The Songs Need a Proper Bass Drop."
9 "Elvis Presley Totally Ripped Off Drake Bell."
10 "And I Thought In the Flesh Was About Something Entirely Different... #disappointed"
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1. "the Beatles Weren't that Important."
2. "All Rock'n'roll Songs Sound the Same."
3. "Pink Floyd Has Pretty Boring Music."



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