Top 10 Things to Sell In School

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21 Art and Craft Materials

Paper, tape, ice cream sticks mmm hmm.
It can be used for those who are creating with their stationary.

22 Paracord Bracelets

Honestly I'm just tryin to make some cash and this is a great idea

23 Fidget Cubes
24 Energy Drinks

I sold them for a lot more then they were worth.

25 Carrot

I agree because you can put it in you ear


26 Bracelets
27 Corn

What is the point of that

28 T-shirt bags

They are really simple to make...all you need is an old t-shirt,some scissors,and tiny rubber bands

29 Pokemon Cards

Lowkey did this in middle school

Sell rare ones

30 Phone Cases

Most kids will have a phone and will be interested to see a different variety of cases for them.

31 Perfume

Mm it tastes good

32 Chicken

I love it when it goes in my mouth hole


33 Candy

Honestly how are you going to do this

34 Lollipops


35 Bags
36 Shoe cleaning

All you have to do is ask people if they want a good shoe clean and you could make the price like $5

37 Juul Pods
38 Trading Cards

Just like the old times. - RebelGamer

39 Pictures

I am not talented in drawing but good in drawing stickman rage comics, somehow I got a buck for one.

I sell pictures for 50cents and look up things to draw

40 Shoes for Running

Hell yeah bring ten pairs of shoes to school

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