Top 10 Things That Should be Awarded in TheTopTens User Awards


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21 Best Troll

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks. Worst troll goes to BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo (Me).

22 Most Logical Comments V 2 Comments
23 First Ever TopTenner Other Than the Admins V 2 Comments
24 Best Username

400th comment I think!
HMMM... Maybe me, nah... - DapperPickle

In that I will vote for,ummm,wel,so far smooth criminal is winning - Nateawesomeness

SmoothCriminal, PositronWildhawk, Metal_Treasure, IronSabbathPriest, ArchangelOfDeath, SammySpore, Danteem, Therandom, Velitelcabal, Alexandr, and DarkenedBrutality (Me), all have great usernames, in my opinion. I know I said Danteem, and he may be a bad user, but his username is good enough. This is something very hard to decide.

25 Oldest TopTenner V 4 Comments
26 Love Yourself Award

I'm gonna give this one to the one & only... " BestPersonEver " what a great username haha :P - Righteous

27 Virtuoso Music Awards
28 Achievement Awards
29 Foreign Awards

Not from a English speaking country? - Metal2003

30 Commentro Award
31 Gay Award
32 Hall of Fame Awards

Is this not what most of the list is? - Metal2003

33 Oldest User (In Terms of the Date Joined)

Beyond a doubt that would be Admin... - BoredJeff02

34 Cutest V 2 Comments
35 Most Accounts

I had AggressiveBlaze, CaillouRocks46, BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo, TeenTitansGoRules, Xx_D0nalDTruMpR0kZ69_xX, ElectricCorpseSlayer, Opinions, and DarkenedBrutality. That is 8 accounts confirmed, so chances are I would've easily gotten this one.

36 Creativity Award V 1 Comment
37 Most Well Known Troll V 1 Comment
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