Top 10 Things That Should Be In Every Art Program

As a developing digital artist, I use digital drawing programs often. These elements are what I find the most useful & important.

The Top Ten Things That Should Be In Every Art Program

1 Various Brushes

The more brushes, the better. You'll need different brushes to create different objects & effects. - Luxam

2 Color Cube

This is where you select your colors from. - Luxam

3 Layers

You'll need didferent layers for everything you do (Sketching, shading, background, etc.). It makes drawing a whole lot easier. - Luxam

4 Eraser Tool
5 Airbrush

This tool is essential for blending colors together. - Luxam

6 Filters

Filters allow you to change the effects of your art. Using these allow you to change its texture, looks, & can even add in glitch effects. - Luxam

7 Brush Settings

With brush settings, you can change a brushe's opacity, style, flow, etc. - Luxam

8 Gif Settings

Most people like gifs, right? Having this added into an art program allows you to make your own & have fun with them. - Luxam

9 Selection Tools
10 Cropping Tools

This ends up being the most handy tool for the things I do, modifying images for forum posts. It's also one of the tools that often get left out or otherwise shafted in less popular graphics software. Without a good cropping tool I'm SOL. - airbb

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