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1 Star Coin

Thelegendaries101 OK, so here's the problem: What if people tried to team up, making nothing but a tiny level with 3 Star Coins in a row? These levels could be posted everywhere to the point where there are at least 50 you can get. These levels are the creators gaining multiple star coins in order to achieve costumes as quick as possible. So, if they did this nonstop until they had to do something or slept, it would probably take them only a couple days to get every costume. And here's a question: Are you still sticking with the Star Coin shop thing? If so, what will you do to stop creators getting thousands of star coins?

This might be a late reply, but...I would make it so they would have to be several screens away from each other, with a limit of three. And creators could not get star coins from their own levels. Locally, and online. - thelegendaries101

If they do this, I think they should make it so you can buy things with it. Like for example, you can buy a costume with 50 star coins. - thelegendaries101

I mean, we have red coins, but Star Coins could indeed be separate!

2 World Map Editor

For the world map editor, I think it should be like Super Mario Bros. 3, but in different graphics for if you choose a different style that's not SMB3. - thelegendaries101

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3 Other Playable Characters Besides Mario

I would love to see: Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Yoshi, Birdo, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Dry Bowser, Bowser Jr. Toad, Blue Toad, Orange/Yellow Toad, Pink/Purple Toad, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and heck, even enemies/other bosses: Koopa Troopa, Koopa Paratroopa, Dry Bones, Magikoopa/Kamek, Shy Guy, Goomba, Paragoomba, Wiggler, Monty Mole, Different Cheep-Cheeps, Blooper, Lakitu, Spiny, Bob-omb, King Bob-omb, Buzzy Beetle, Different Hammer Bros. Different walking(? ) Piranha Plants, Petey Piranha, Boo, King Boo (both spinoff and Luigi's Mansion), Bullet Bill, King Bill/Banzai Bill, Chain Chomp, Whomp, King Whomp, Thwomp. All of these characters should have different features. And you can pick who you want the player to play as. And heck, even let THEM pick who. You can disallow some. These characters can lead to very epic designed levels. - thelegendaries101

4 3D Mode

That sounds awesome. Then you could play Mario in 3D from 8-bit to modern era!

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5 Adding Custom Music
6 Secret Exits
7 VS. Multiplayer battle
8 New Enemies

Come on, there is so many enemies that haven't been added. - thelegendaries101

9 New Levels

Where are all the levels? Mountains, Volcanos, Ice Caves, Volcanic Caves, Snow, Desert, Sky. And more, where are they?! - thelegendaries101

10 Vertical Levels

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There should be DLC stuff like a desert DLC with angry sun, desert level, pokey, and fire snake, an ice DLC with ice level, ice suit, penguin suit, and penguin enemies, and more!

? New Suits

Where are the hammer suit, frog suit, boomerang suit, squirrel suit, ice suit, and penguin suit? Comment other suits I missed.

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11 Super Mario Land Pack

The Super Mario Land trilogy (especially Super Mario Land 2) is universally underrated, like many retro Mario games that lack anti-feminism. :(

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12 Not Having to Play & Beat a Level Before Uploading It

(No offense to Nintendo) I hate having to beat a level in order to upload it, but I guess it makes sense. I mean, I'm pretty sure most of you would like to instantly upload a level, but who likes impossible courses?!

Thelegendaries101 Yeah, I posted this one, and I agree. Impossible levels suck. I just thought if the level was obviously possible but the creator couldn't beat it, then it could still be uploaded. And I forgot to mention impossible levels would be banned. The reason I added this is to end developer exits.

This should not happen. I don't want impossible levels. - thelegendaries101

13 New Super Mario Bros Wii Pack

Except the propeller mushroom. They already have that, I think.

14 Poison Mushrooms

I know that you're talking about the poison mushroom from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. It's a great idea to add this to Super Mario Maker because there should be a touch to The Lost Levels.

15 Slopes

We can make slopes but there can be a easier way added.

16 Checkpoints

We already got this in the most recent update

17 Switches that can't be picked up

Being able to pick up switches should be an option.

18 Weed Mode
19 Bully
20 1-100 Remix
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1. Adding Custom Music
2. VS. Multiplayer battle
3. Star Coin
1. World Map Editor
2. Star Coin
3. 3D Mode
1. Star Coin
2. World Map Editor
3. Other Playable Characters Besides Mario



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