Top Ten Things that Should Happen in Warrior Cats

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The flaws of the Warrior Code are accepted and the code is rewritten


Medicine cats are allowed to have mates and/or kits

Totally agree!

Why not?

The whole thing that led to the medicine cat code being created (in Moth Flight’s Vision) was just an odd situation that can easily be resolved in the modern Clans, where there are more cats willing to take care of kits and multiple cats willing to fill in the medicine cat role temporarily. I don’t like the argument that a medicine cat shouldn’t have a mate or kits, because they will put their mate/kits above all else when treating cats, because a little bias will ALWAYS exist. Medicine cats can literally have family in the Clan. It is only up to the medicine cat to treat everyone in their Clan equally.
The medicine cat code can easily be changed to “a medicine cat shall not have kits unless another fully trained medicine cat is present”.
This rule just really needs to be changed. I gotta admit though, I do like the drama that comes with the medicine cat code, because it’s really entertaining. I love the idea of a med cat secretly being in love but they can’t tell ...more

More flexibility with cross-Clan relationships

This happens so many times in the Clans but they never stop to address this part of the code. They’re just like “we have punished these cats and now everyone is angry at them and that’s it. Now time to move on with life”
Like, this literally just keeps on happening over and over again. You can’t just punish a cat for falling in love.
I wish there was a good solution to this. The couple could make sure they’re in the same clan by one joining the other’s clan or something, but I know the Clans make a big deal about mixed blood and loyalty.
Cross-Clan relationships are something that the Clans should discuss in future books - Heedrie

More spotlight for minor modern ThunderClan cats


Like Fernsong, all we know is that he’s Bristlefrost’s father, (as well as Thriftclaw and Flipclaw) and Ivypool’s mate.


The Clans unite and share their respective territories and cultures, rather than staying  as 5 separate Clans and being rivals for no reason

They're closer now than they have ever been. Why do they insist on staying 5 separate Clans? Why can't they just unite to form one Clan while cats stay in the territories they're most comfortable in? They can literally share prey and all their problems about keeping peace will be solved. I know separate Clans make the books more interesting, so maybe the Clans should only unite at the very end of Warrior Cats, but it’s still the best way to solve their problems - Heedrie

More explanation on how StarClan and the Dark Forest works

I really want to see a StarClan point of view one day

Yeah I was confuzzled

RiverClan or WindClan point of view chapters

OMG RiverClan and WindClan are literally so irrelevant in the newer books. Like what is going on there? I want to know


Mistystar finally dies or retires

She was a senior warrior in Into the Wild, and born before Bluestar even became DEPUTY!

I don’t even know why she has been alive this long. She was a warrior in Into the Wild *facepalm*

I had a dream where that happened


The next ThunderClan leader that hasn't been a main character or doesn't share Firestar's bloodline

Squirrelflight 2020, but the next leader after should be a minor character who isn’t related to Firestar

hmmmm maybe like Blossom fall because Blossomstar sounds nice

Yesssss. Bristlefrost should be leader!

A new set of leaders in the current storyline

Keep: Harestar and Tigerstar
KILL: Bramblestar, Leafstar, Mistystar

Thank you! Get rid of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, and have Ivypool become Thunderclans next leader, get rid of Mistystar (she was a senior warrior in Into the Wild), Harestar can stay I guess, he hasn’t been leader for very long, get rid of Leafstar soon (she’s also quite old), and lastly, kill off Tigerstar. He’s an awful leader and cat!

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Ashfur gets sent to the Dark Forest


Someone has a mute cat

Whoever added this, I love you

Starclan judges cats fairly when they die, and don’t just go off of whether or not they broke the code

A good example is Mapleshade, she went insane with grief when she killed all of those cats, how is that her fault? Also, I was getting REALLY pissed off when Moth Flight was whining about how Leafpool “broke her rule” in Squirrelflight’s hope. Those are some of the reasons I added this.

YES, the trial scene in Squirrelflight's Hope irked me so much. The cats judging Leafpool and Squirrelflight were just a bunch of hypocrites (so sad they did Littlecloud and Crookedstar like that). It was really stupid how harsh they were on Leaf and Squirrel.

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