Things That Take Thanksgiving Too Far

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1 Killing 120,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Turkeys

Oh Jake09, yes. Poor Turkeys. How cruel we can be at the expense of others when we have the upper hand! It's so sad. Actually, it's so barbarian that we enjoy meat. It's embarrassing that most people we like and we need meat. Vegetarianism is certainly a good option but... To be honest I'm not ready for that yet. Lame... I know! I know that most of us find it sad too, but when the time comes to eat meat, we forget or we put out of our mind how the meat came to our table. I wish things could be more easy for all of us, but that never is going to happen (soon). Anyway, I find your lists cute and friendly Jake, you seem a sweet kid. I hope that you will not lose your enthusiasm when you grow up. Keep on expressing yourself even when you don't get the responses you wanted! Don't forget that!

I could never go vegetarian. Meat is so addictive and even a few hours without it is impossible for me. But I feel bad for those Turkeys. And killing 1.2 x10 ^ 23 Turkeys is more than exist, so that's such a way to take it too far. - PositronWildhawk

That would be bad and making people fat - Jake09

2 Sharing 278,028,111 Things You're Thankful For

Yep You can wast time - Jake09

3 Saying Gobble Gobble to Everybody

That is just stupid and annoying.

4 Eating All of the Food

And nobody else vets too eat it - Jake09

5 Talking About How It All Started

American ancestors left UK and Europe on some boat, called the Mayflower right?

So repetitive in elementary schools and special ed classes

6 Sleeping Over and Continuing

Yep You want to take this too far huh. - Jake09

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