Top Ten Things This TheTopTens List Promises Not to Do

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1 Post

No point voting on it then. Which is just what I haven't done. - Britgirl

See this list didn't POST. - funnyuser

2 Wake You Up

Good cause I love to sleep - bobbythebrony

3 Drink Your Root Beer

I'm keeping my root beer to myself, thank you very much. - RiverClanRocks

Nice list, don't drink anything. - funnyuser

Don't you touch my Root Beer - Curti2594

4 Say the "Promise"

Promise - DrayTopTens

This list is so nice! - funnyuser

5 Say the Word "Hi " to the Next Person That Comments On This

howdy - Pokemonfan10

Has anyone ever actually done this before? Or do I just not see it? - RockFashionista

Hi next person who comments U most likely are a troll I have the feeling

6 Say "I Have Ice Cream"

I have ice cream. 🍦 - funnyuser

7 Steal Your Blinds

This list will never do this, it loves you. - funnyuser

8 Steal Your Crackers

My computer is sealed with plastic. - funnyuser

9 Fart

I farted, why didn't my list fart wait... 😘 - funnyuser

10 Not Wish You a Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad prosperos anos y felicidad I said happy Christmas not merry Christmas - Merilille

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11 Appear In Your Kitchen Window With a Sub-Machine Gun, and Tell You "Time to Kill It..."
12 Shamelessly Promote Undertale
13 Invite Justin Bieber Over
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