Top 10 Things We All Do But Don't Admit

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1 Picture yourself on stage performing the music you're listening to

I was once using the bathroom in the walmart because I had a runny nose. I was in the stall and monster by Eminem and rihanna came on. When I left the stall it was the end of the song so I did a super dramatic pose like I was perfoming the song and someone was right in front of me. luckily it was someone I knew.

I dramatically dance and sing to We Are The Champions (with hand motions). Keep in mind that I can't dance, and that's the only song I can sing well, apart from I Believe I Can Fly.

Since I started as a student DJ recently, whenever I hear a track I love now, I mentally analyse the rhythm, beat rate and all that, because I can't wait to use it at a college party.

I do this to In The Name Of God by Dream Theater all of the time. Should hear me do the background screams at the 7:18 mark.

2 Pee in the shower

I have to admit my family does this to "save money" by not having to flush the toilet afterwards...(we're Asian). I am guilty of doing this as well... :P

Think you just admitted to something that not ALL of us do. Way too much info.

I don't do that. I did when I was a little kid but remember, I was a LITTLE KID

Psst... That sound you a make when you do...

3 Pee on the side of the toilet so it's not as loud

Oh wow! Haha! Especially public toilets where there are only two cubicles and the one next to you is also in use. It makes me less embarrassed about doing this as I know she's doing the same...

Is this supposed to be embarrassing? I don't know why people wouldn't admit that they do this because it's actually a normal thing to do.

I really don't care if people hear it #ScrewWhatPeopleThink

I actually do that sometimes.

4 Listen to the same music over and over again

I do this all the time...almost every day, I will end up with a song that I will listen to over and over throughout the day.

Happens to the best of us. We hear a kick ass song and we just replay it to listen to it again and again for like 20 minutes.

Whenever my favorite artists release a new song I listen to it on replay all day.

I do it. There, I said it. I do it. The song happens to be "The walker" by Fitz and the Tantrums. You all know now.

5 Fantasize about a shooting and who to save during the event

I do this in class...
One time, I kept red dye in my bag just in case a shooter showed up so I could pretend to be dead lol

I used to fantasize about my house catching on fire...

I always think that will happen on June 29.

, I am not alooone.

6 Talk to yourself

It's become more of an unconscious habit for me, so I don't really have to "admit" it, people around me probably already know about it, lol.

Well, I don't necessary talk to myself, but I imagine that I am talking to someone I know and then realize I'm saying it out loud...

Some people think I'm weird when I do this. It actually helps me work on my general speech.

I am my own best friend. That is why I am perfectly okay with saying I talk to myself.

7 Masturbate

Nah, I do it a lot and I'm not embarrassed. Unless a family member knows, especially mom, that's where things get very err... let's just say unpleasant.

I don't think it's that embarrassing to admit nowadays

The biggest one of them all for all men everywhere.

Master! Master! Wet dreams that I've been after.

8 Wonder if life is just a dream and you will wake up some day to be some alien

I think, what am I, what I it like to feel nothingness, after death, and most importantly, why was I born? Answers to the last question is obviously you know, but I meant it in a philosophical sense.

I uswd to think about this when I was little

Was it all a dream?

I still Think About This

9 Cup your hands against your chest in the shower, let it fill with water, then splash it onto the ground

This was apparently the most amazing thing I did when I was younger, because I did this way too much.

Wow. Same. Though I sometimes cup it, then try to hold on to the water as long as I can.

I thought I was the only one who used to do this!

Oh I didn't know other people did this!

10 Imagining weird things

I want to hallucinate a bologna sandwich

Who doesn't imagine weird things?

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11 Daydream about who you want to be and then realize it's all in your head

Unless you work for it

12 Watch porn

I'm sure 90% of men do this.

13 Tried to get the light switch between on and off

I did that and I heard electricity noise and I got scared.

I've done and still do this and I don't care I just don't

I tried that when I was little, but I gave up long ago.

14 Think about stuff you like around school, but feel weird because you think others can read your mind

I used to worry about that all the time. I would actually attempt to mentally make a block around my thoughts so no one could read what I was thinking when I was younger. I still occasionally worry that there's someone in the world who actually can read my mind.

I used to think this a lot, especially when I was little I thought everyone I knew could read my mind or something. Now I know that's not true, and my imagination runs wild. This is probably a good and bad thing.

There are two people in my class who claim that they can read people's minds. I know it has a very high chance of being untrue, but it still makes me feel paranoid and uncomfortable

Same, and then I would scream "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" 10x in my head to scare off any mind readers

15 You wash your face super quick when you're in the shower because you're afraid that if you close your eyes for too long a killer will materialize in the shower with you

Urm... I'd didn't do that, until now. thanks. And I close my eyes when I wash my hair and face and keep them close because it's relaxing. The creppeist dream I ever had that creeped me out was a dream about monsters in the washing mashing that looked like humans, killed you whenever they touched you, and they sometimes roam around at night in summer. Man, I keep getting dream that every summer...

Oh yeah, I also thought everything I was in a shower, medusa would be standing outside, and as soon as I went outside and opened my eyes, I would be turned to stone, naked.

I actually do get a small sense of paranoia here and there, like some monster is in my room or right behind me or something, but I get over it quickly.

Thanks Psycho, appreciate it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you obviously haven't seen the movie.

16 Imagining how you would save the classroom if a gunman shows up

I do this ALL THE TIME! (It usually involves me gallantly sacrificing myself for my crush)

17 Not flushing the toilet at night because it’s loud

Just happened to me now!

18 Buy all the ingredients for a healthy meal then get home and binge eat sweets and biscuits.

Ah! Sounds relatable!

19 Close the fridge door really slowly just to see when the light goes off

It goes off when the door hits that switch that turns off the light when pressed.

I actually still do this!

20 Pick your nose
21 Look up random things on the internet

I am doing this as we speak.

22 Fart
23 Have fantasies
24 When doing something, pretending like your doing some kind of YouTube tutorial whether in you head or outloud.

Like I want to tell all the imaginary people about how to season some food or open a box?

25 You've tried to use the force on automatic doors
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