Top 10 Things That Would Be Hilarious to Add Into Smash Bros.


The Top Ten

1 A crossdressing alternate costume for Luigi, in which he imitates Peach's voice
2 Captain Falcon literally reflecting projectiles with his muscles
3 Ike having a new taunt in which he guzzles down steroids
4 Naked Zero Suit Samus
5 A Papyrus alternate costume for Captain Falcon, complete with glorious "Spaghetti" attacks
6 Captain Falcon having the Falcon Punch from the F-Zero anime as his Final Smash
7 Navi constantly nagging all of the players whenever Link is in a match
8 Mario having a new Final Smash in which he runs you over with his Mario Kart
9 Luigi having the Death Stare as one of his new taunts



10 Wario using the fart from the SSBB trailer as his Final Smash

The Contenders

11 Wii Fit Trainer deliberately pandering to foot fetishists
12 Shrek as a playable character
13 Pichu returning as a playable character
14 Flamboyant Shulk
15 Reyn as a playable character
16 Yoshi literally farting out eggs
17 Ness and Lucas shooting PK Fire out of their ears
18 Mettaton as a playable character
19 An assist trophy where a Nintendog and Nintencat both appear at the same time, effectively covering up literally the entire screen
20 Endogeny as an assist trophy
21 An alternate "Mettaton's legs" mode for literally all of the characters
22 Genderbent alternate costumes for literally all of the characters
23 The song "Girlfriend" from Brutal Legend as part of the soundtrack
24 Fawful as a playable character
25 MLG Mode
26 A crossdressing alternate costume for Cloud
27 A footie-pajamas alternate costume for Ness and Lucas
28 Riki from Xenoblade Chronicles as a playable character
29 Miiverse Stage: Extra Super Cringe Edition
30 Naked Wii Fit Trainer
31 The Return of Peach's Panties
32 Female characters' skirts blowing upwards in the wind and revealing their legs
33 Wario-Man as a permanent alternate costume for Wario
34 Mortal Kombat fatalities
35 Wario lifting weights while riding his motorcycle
36 Wario in a female Viking outfit
37 An even bigger dance for King Dedede
38 A Sanic alternate costume for Sonic
39 "Show me your b00bs" as a actual taunt for Captain Falcon
40 Kirby getting "HI" on drugs
41 Yoshi's "stoned" animation from Yoshi's Island as his dizziness animation
42 An Alphys alternate costume for Yoshi
43 Bowser in a dress
44 A Smegma Man alternate costume for Mega Man
45 A blood-covered alternate costume for Villager
46 Ness and Lucas literally making people's heads explode as their Final Smashes
47 Cranky Kong as a playable character
48 Flamboyant announcer
49 A Green Bronze Luigi alternate costume for Luigi
50 Alphys as a playable character
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