Top Ten Things That Would Happen If Punk Kids Took Over the World

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1 Anarchy

Lets face it, if punk kids took over they would be all," you know what? Go do what you want. I'm listening to the Clash." Burn the castle, and start rocking out or something. - ToptenPizza

2 Pop Music Becomes Illegal

Actually pop means popular, but by pop music I think they mean crappy 2010s decade songs because if that's the case then I'm okay with this one. - Anonymousxcxc

Punk kids hate pop with a burning passion, old school punk kids anyway. Basically they'd throw all main stream artists down a mountain into a flaming lava pit with sharks naked, along with cds and MTV and change everything to punk. - ToptenPizza

If pop music was illegal, then so would a fraction of half of the "oldies" music people listen to. - Swellow

Right, yeah, laws are so punk.

3 The Ramones posters everywhere

The Ramones are the founder of punk so every building you'd see them, their songs playing and kids dressed as them covering their songs, while the rest bow down to the posters while being whipped by punk kids. - ToptenPizza

4 Sex Pistols song God Save the Queen becomes the anthem

I could imagine a bunch of British punk kids running down the street smashing each other with whine with burning flags yelling,"god save the queen! " At a football game. - ToptenPizza

5 Conformity is demolished

But this list is CONFORMITY. - Swellow

They would be the opposite Hitler, hating it when too many people have the same hair color or eyes. They would make everyone look diffirent. - ToptenPizza

Actually, Hitler wanted his people to have blonde hair and blue eyes, and have women tie their hair up. I think you need to go study history more often, because it's clear you've never. - Swellow

6 Freedom

To punks freedom is no rules, so that is what we should expect. - ToptenPizza

7 Equality
8 Punk fashion replaces prep fashion

Sorry, I prefer my girls with hair and modest outfits. - Swellow

Punks don't like preps and barbies because they veiw it as signs of suppression and superficial girls. - ToptenPizza

9 Billy Armstrong Becomes the Mascot

Green Day IS a pretty good band. - ToptenPizza

Green Day is a good band, but I wouldn't call them punk. They're more of a rock-ish kind of band. And BJA isn't the best singer of the genre. - Swellow

10 Businesses All Collapse

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11 Billy Joe Armstrong Becomes the President

You have very little knowledge about how governing works, don't you? - Swellow

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