Top Ten Things You Love About Your Country

You love your country, right? So, what is it about your country you love most. What does it have that makes you so proud to be where you're from?
The Top Ten
1 The People

Definitely yes - Canadians are very kind people.

I don't like polish people I prefer I mean I love Canada.. These people are so kind, sweet, helpful and they have big hearts ❤️😊

2 The Flag

Oh yes, I think Canadian flag is one of the most beautiful - simple but very beautiful with a red maple leaf. We also have a joke about our flag: "What do Canadians try to hide behind this leaf? " (a reference to Adam and Eve and the leaves they use to cover certain parts of their bodies).

The Filipino flag can be flown upside down in times of war, which is pretty interesting to me.

3 The Beauty

Two words: Niagara Falls. But there are many other beautiful places in Canada because Canada is very green and still not very much polluted. We have many lakes and they are clean and awesome.

4 The Freedom
5 The National Anthem

Oh Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love, in all thy sons command! With glowing hearts, we see the rise, the true north strong and free! From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for the! God keep our land, glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for the! O CANADA, WE STAND ON GUARD FOE the!

I remembered my country had it's lyrics into three languages and four versions. The first with no lyrics at all, Next in Spanish, Next in English, Then the final in our national dialect. I will memorize all one day :D

Fun fact: My country's anthem has no lyrics

You like it until you have to sing it every monday... then you quietly whisper voiceovers.

6 The Safety

I am from Canada so I had to add this.

7 The Music

I am a metal fan and Canadian metal bands are great - very technical and really heavy (Cryptopsy, Annihilator, Quo Vadis, Kataklysm, Strapping Young Lad, Gorguts, The Agonist, and many more). I am really proud of them.

I am so sad my country produced Justin Beiber.

Before, yes, now, generally no

My country is great at music,especailly in rock music.In fact one of the most talented bassist is from our country.He can play bass solos.He is like geddy lee

8 The Multiculturalism
9 The Wildlife

One of the most rare animal is from our country

10 The Food
The Contenders
11 The Sports Teams

And I also like it when my country is beating other countries in cricket (no offense)

My heart starts to beat very fast when I see a match of my country

Parcham-I sitarah o-hilal!

12 The Weather

Nah,very bad weather of my country.was best 100 years ago

13 The Language

The specialty of our language is that our language has all kinds of letterns. we can properly pronounce almost all words of any language

14 The Variety of Unique People
15 The Culture
16 The Industry

From a Chinese
But with that I definitely agree we need quality factories, because all the factories makes the country polluted and unwelcome for foreigners (western people care about nature while we don't)

17 The Landmarks
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