Things You Should Never Have to Apologise For

The Top Ten

1 Your quirks
2 Your opinions

I agree. Some people apologize when someone disagrees with their opinions, but they really shouldn't. - Martinglez

3 Your taste in music

Weirdly, I think people on the Top Tens get a lot more criticism for liking pop music.

People always judge me for loving rock music. I don't judge the music anyone else listens to so why am I a target? Well guess what. I love rock music and I have nothing to appologize about it. I'm proud to be a rock fan - Jonerman

I'm sorry for liking Britney Spears's old music.

I love my music taste and I'll say it freely,don't care what others might say. - zxm

4 Your sense of humour

Unfortunately I have to whenever I joke in front of my mom. She's very sensitive and she takes thinks WAY too seriously :(

I have a rather dark and witty sense of humor. Some people find it creepy and a bit offensive, while others know that that's how I am and laugh at what I say. As Zach808 said, jokes are not meant to be taken seriously. It's why they're called jokes. Don't like my sarcasm and dark humor, leave, I have others that enjoy my humor wholeheartedly. - Supernatural

I know some unbelievably good jokes. Maybe - jmepa1234

5 Your religious beliefs

Or your lack of one. - ARandomPerson

6 Your family
7 Whether you are rich or poor
8 Being you
9 Your feelings
10 Your taste in clothes

The Contenders

11 Who you love

Love means never having to say you're sorry.

Incorrect usage of that quote, it is not referring to "who" you love.

12 You you choose to marry

Typo; it's WHO you choose to marry.

You you you you. You you you you!

13 Having common sense

Yep. Especially that guy who I met on the street yesterday, I think he'll need some common sewn to walk around with a.22 caliber gun in his hand.

14 Twerking

There IS no apology sufficient to excuse twerking. Just cease and desist, and try to forget it ever happened.

15 Someone stepping on your foot
16 Getting arrested
17 Going to a police station
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