Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Say to or Ask Women

There are some things you REALLY shouldn't say to woman, they can be rude, sexist, etc, etc, so might as well have a warning!

The Top Ten

1 Are you pregnant?

This will make the woman feel fat, don't ask her this, even if she is. - Poptropica

2 How old are you?

It really isn't that big of a deal.

Please, don't say this to ANYONE. - Poptropica

3 Geez, what's your problem, is it you time of the month or something?

I'm not even joking, consider yourself dead. You might as well admit YOURSELF into the hospital. - keycha1n

Oh boy. WHY, may I ask, would you ever say this? - RockFashionista

Lol you dead if you say this to a girl

It'll be YOUR time of the month in a hospital. - Poptropica

4 (Woman is freaking out) Relax!

Great way to calm somebody down, and besides, you'll make her feel as if she's crazy or delusional or whatever she's out about is incorrect. - Poptropica

5 Can I kiss you?

Ugh, would you really kiss anyone if it was a girl? - PositronWildhawk

Great way to ruin the mood, bucko. - Poptropica

6 What were you doing in there? (Bathroom)

Don't ask, OKAY!? Some things are just... what's it to you!? - Poptropica

7 Is that what you're going to wear?

Girl: (has outfit on) I hope guy likes this.
Guy: Is that what you're going to wear?
Girl: (Spends next hour looking for better outfit. )

I'd do the same thing. - Poptropica

8 My ex...

Wow, you are looking for a breakup. - Poptropica

9 It's a guy thing, you wouldn't understand.

Oh, no you're calling me stupid!? Am I Dora and I forgot!? - Poptropica

10 What's your weight?

This could get you beaten up

The Contenders

11 I hate your friends.

I hate your insults to me and my choice of friends. - Poptropica

12 I never loved you
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