Top 10 Titles for a SpongeBob SquarePants Series Finale


The Top Ten

1 It's About Time!

What would happen in that episode? - anonygirl

Lol! Yeah, maybe...

2 Krabs Closes the Krusty Krabs
3 Squidward Gets On with His Life
4 SpongeBob's Goodbye

I'm just saying that this is a bright idea because we could have SpongeBob telling everyone in the Bikini Bottom, goodbye. - Chaofreaks1

5 Patrick Misses Spongebob
6 SpongeBob's Final Journey

I like this one better...
And I'm still waiting for my sandwich... - Danguy10

7 Good Ol' Memories
8 The World Collides
9 Future Sponge
10 Screw You Mr. Krabs

All the charecters get revege on mr. krabs

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob Gets Fired, Permanently!
12 It's All Just a Dream
13 The Final Plan

This episode will have Plankton coming up with the ultimate plan to take over the Krusty Krab, but he gets all the villains of the Bikini Bottom to help him. This will be a 1-hour special. - Chaofreaks1

14 How SpongeBob & Pat Became Friends
15 SpongeBob Eats Bikini Bottom
16 Different Way
17 So Long, Bikini Bottom
18 Hooky 2

Spongebob gets hooked by a real hook this time.

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