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Lelouch Lamperouge, whose real name is Lelouch vi Britannia, is the title character and protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.


He sent everyone he loved away from him to protect them. He is so selfless and loved everyone so much... And the worst thing is he isn't acknowledged by them.

Plus he is a super genius who pulled off many awesome movies in his 'game' for world domination. Oh, and the zero costume is cool!

I personally think Lelouch deserves number one, because I can relate to him more than any other character on the list, he shows people just he way they are with their good and bad points unlike some other anime (mostly long-running shounen) where the main character is this "saint" who saves the world without doing anything wrong on the way and winning people over with his kindness like HELL THAT S POSSIBLE! Just as the Lelouch said:"You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty."

He is the one who destroys the world and recreates it. Lelouch Lamperouge showed that all you need is a reason. For a reason you can kill every single person in the world, for a reason, you can change the world. Dead or not, he is immortal, in everyone's heart

Lelouch is very unlike Light because while I never saw Light shed an ounce of compassion for anyone, not even his family, Lelouch cared deeply about his sister and his friends. Lelouch is definitely incredibly flawed, but that's what makes him so incredibly human. Light, on the other hand, basically has no soul. Lelouch is definitely one of the most complex and believable characters I've ever seen. ALL HAIL LELOUCH

An amazing and well made character. Also a very complicated one. I love the fact how he has interestingly different sides to him. He is a genius. Lelouch destroyed the world and created a new and better one for people to live in, even if it means... That almost everyone would hate him in the end and never discover who he really was.

"Those who are allowed to shoot are those who are prepared to be shot. "

GO LELOUCH! "The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed. " A great quote BUT I CRIED SO HARD WHEN HE DIED! And then you are just like wtf! cause you think he turns his back and goes crazy then it's his big plan to world peace!?!? IT WORKED HE IS A MAD NON ATHLETIC GEINUS HERO! THE BEST ANIME CHARACTER IN THEE WORLD!

Lelouch is one of the best characters I know. He made me see how the world truly was. Not Black or white, Not gray. But different colors that refuse to become one. And many people agree it me. Even my teachers! (I swear to god we have a drawing of him in my school library! )

"If the king dosen't move then his subjects won't follow" now that is what I call a quote this guy actually overcame a kingdom on his own and when we thaught he turned his back on nunally well anyone who has watched code geass should be aware of "zero requiem" ALL HAIL LELOUCH - sandbiome

I watched this show and I completely agree like someone who is willing to sacrifice his own existance for not only his sister but also for the benefit for the rest of the world making everyone hate him when he could have been a good emperor but someone would have eventually wanted to rebel

Lelouch by far has been one of the most beautiful (personality wise) characters I have seen in anime. Enter a high schooler who wants change the world. He is a smooth, intelligent, suave, and good looking perfectionist who greeted death the minute he began his takeover.

He is evil at the outside but have a really kind heart. And even though he has a revenge for his father, he still care to others. I mean he isn't just doing it for revenge, but also for the other. He is different from other main chara who didn't live in lies. But, Lelouch did. So he is amazing, for me. Always.

One of the best characters indeed! I love the fact that what he did was for the good of everyone in the world, yet a lot of people don't see that or realize, especially suzaku, who always challenges his ideals and methods, but in reality the best wasy to fix the problem was to do it his way! Also, I think one of his best traits were that he was ready to shoulder everything for the world's sake, even thought a lot of people hate him because of it, I still think he's right!

I love Code Geass. I watched it when I was younger and then watched it again this summer. Lelouch is one of the best characters in anime. Why? This is because he sacrificed things for the people he loved, for himself and for the world. He wanted to changed the world even if it meant hurting his first and last friend, Suzaku. He also killed Princess Euphemia, his half-sister and his first love. He even fought against his half siblings, Prince Schneizel and Princess Cornelia, and his sibling, Princess Nunnally, the person he most loved. He fought against his whole family even his parents, Charles and Marianne, and also his uncle, V.V.

Lelouch can kill goku just by looking at him... I like Goku too but I think Lelouch is better as a character overall.

*Zero kicks me off the computer*

I will claim victory of this list! I Lelouch vi Britannia command you! VOTE! - MeowMix

The world called him a villain, but he's a true hero! Although he had believed all along that results matter more than means, deep inside he had planned his fate and was a true leader.

. I can't describe this amazing character. Torturing others as well as himself all for his sister who keeps swaying to his enemies side. I can't figure out if he is good or bad, but I love that and he is so unpredictable. Go lelouch!

no comment! he's too perfect! no he IS more than perfect! anything about him can just make me crazy! I'm disappointed to see lelouch died :(

Lelouch Lamperouge is one of the absolute best characters ever created in the anime industry. His intelligence, character and determination to achieve his goal is only rivaled by Light Yagami of the Death Note series. I personally admire his strength of character even when confronted by the thing he feared the most - his appearing evil to Nunnally.

Lelouch is an amazing character! He doesn't mind killing the innocent, as he believes that the ends justify the means, but this is a continual problem he runs into, which makes for great character developement over the course of the series. Also, he's just an enjoyable character overall, he's fun to watch, and his conflicts with other characters, especially Suzaku, are amazing. Code Geass is one of the best anime ever made!

Despite everything that happened to him, he stuck by his plan because he knew he had to finish what he started, no matter who died in the process because then they would have died for no reason.

There are too many reasons to why this guy should be number one. First off, he brought peace to an entire nation and created a perfect world for the mistreated and his sister Nunally, the only reason he wanted to live. Second, his power is just uncanny. I mean, the ability to control someone's will is absolutely the best power ever created in anime. And third his developement is perfect. He goes from this genius level innocent high school student to a bloodstained anti hero with A. God complex. These three reasons are why lelouch should be #1

Lelouch is an anti-hero. He's not a good person, but he always takes responsability for his wrong actions. They all weight on him, but he doesn't stop to cry over his mistakes and instead he takes the long way to make up for all of those wrongdoings in the end. That's why I really admire him and why I think he's probably the best character in all of the animes I've watched.

He's a hot guy loved by every girl in his school. He's the type of a person that think about the others safety, he keep him self from being selfish he's the man

Oh yeah! With an intelligence beyond human scale... How awesome is that. He even sacrificed himself to die at the end... I love his personality too

Selfless hero of Japan! I cried for the first time for any anime when he died. Genius on his own level and never hesitates for his loved ones.