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241 Haruka Shizuka - xxxHolic
242 Bubbles - Powerpuff Girls Bubbles - Powerpuff Girls Bubbles is the deuteragonist in the animated television series The Powerpuff Girls, along with her sisters Blossom and Buttercup. She was created in 1992 by Craig McCraken for Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls . She has blonde hair in two pigtails, blue eyes, blue dress with a black belt, and white more.
243 Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler] Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji [Black Butler]

What can I say he's awesome... And not to mention smokin hot... for an amine/ manga
And even though he is bound to Ceil by a demon contract the loyalty is just amazing! =3

I really like Sebastian Michaelis he is really cool, cute and devilishly handsome. But most of all he's great show of loyalty to ceil is honorable. I sometimes hope the author didn't make him as a bad-eating soul and merciless demon but a demon whose main goal is to save the innocent and only like to see the happy faces if the innocent kids or maybe he'll stand an orphanage using his great skills

This dude is seriously skilled... But as Bassy (Sebastian) would say he's simply one hell of a butler - mrpotatoheadchernobylstyle

He is good looking but not inspiring, best and beloved. I am so happy to see him low at the list. Cause a person's greatness doesn't depend on his looks. It depends on his sacrifices, cuteness, love for people, willing to do anything to protect their loved ones, never give up and live happily. You guys know who am I talking about unless you haven't watched dbz. I am a girl but I like people who are inspiring, caring, sacrificing. I don't care if they look good or not.

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244 Usui Takumi - Maid Sama!

I don't think guys love usui as much girls love her. Girls just like him because he is hot. What if he was not hot and personality stays the same. Girls would not like him. He is not inspiring. He is only loved because of his appearance not because of his personality. I am a 12 year old girl too but My number 1is Goku and will always be Goku. Goku is Not that handsome or hot but he is inspiring. Guys would agree too that Goku is the best character but most of females don't seem to like Goku because he is not handsome but you don't have an idea that how great that guy was. He was inspiring. But you females can't see anything except handsome and hot guys. I am mentioning again I am also a 12 year old girl.

How can this guy not be at the top of the list? He is amazing!

He's the best character ever no one can disagree againest that. He's my fave in all mangas I can't believe he's not at the top

I personally think that although Usui is the tipical kuudere boy, he is caring and kind and I love him so much

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245 Grell Sutcliff - Black Butler Grell Sutcliff - Black Butler

At first I was completely scared of this guy from what my friend said about her. But then after I actually watched the series, she became my favourite character in Kuroshisuji. Sure she's a bit scary with the chainsaw and her unhealthy attachment to Sebastian but I love her hair and her coat along with her flamboyant personality. And the originality of her being a trans woman (hence the reason I kept on referring to Grell as 'her'). - Sephirotha

246 Nekki Basara - Macross 7
247 Sailor Luna - Sailor Moon
248 Sakata Gintoki - Gintama

He is quite honestly, the epitome of awesome. Does everything from finding a lost cat to being a lawyer. He's the man that made drinking strawberry milk look sublime.

How can you NOT love this guy... I mean, he's PERFECT (funny, strong, loves Jump).. If you watched at least one episode of Gintama, you'll love him without any second thought

I wonder why this guy is down here, I thought he would be at the top or at least in top ten grade. He's absolutely pecfect - the most hilarious guy in the world. I supposed that you watch just watch one chapter in gintama, you will definitely love him -the way he acts, the way he thinks

One of the best characters you’ll find, not to mention the funniest as well. - Undistinguished

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249 Namikaze Minato - Naruto Namikaze Minato - Naruto

Yondaime Hokage is example to all of us. Secryfising himself for village and most important for his son. That means that he cares more about their life then his own. That's how we should look at world-helping people even if that means our bad. Even dead, he always supports Naruto.

This guy is really so cool. From my point of view he is the strongest and the most intelligent hokage.
His speed and his calmness in battle just makes him stand out from the rest of the hokages

250 Midou Ban - GetBackers
251 Misato Katsuragi - Evangelion Misato Katsuragi - Evangelion Misato Katsuragi is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise created by Gainax.
252 Sesshomaru - Inuyasha Sesshomaru - Inuyasha
253 Hiko Seijūrō - Rurouni Kenshin
254 Neugami Neuro - Demonic Dectective Neugami Neuro
255 Oz Bezarius - Pandora Hearts
256 Takashi Komuro - Highschool of the Dead
257 Alphonse Elric - Full Metal Alchemist Alphonse Elric - Full Metal Alchemist Alphonse Elric, commonly called Al, is a fictional character in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.
258 Kuroko Tetsuya - Kuroko No Basuke

I think this character is nowhere near the one I have seen so far, the character is not that refreshing, maybe kinda gloomy, still he makes those around him and makes the plot refreshing, his every moves make the storyline more and more interesting and exciting, no mangaka has been able to create something like this, I think he is excellent. Oh no, rather, he is fabulous! (^_^)*

One should definitely watch him every week, of course only from shonen jump can publish something like this, sometimes I forgot it's a sport manga character, anyway I am rooting for kuroko!

259 Midnight - Fairy Tail

Midnight can use his Reflector Magic to defeat any one in his path.

His reflector magic is so powerful and different from other kind magic and had lead to be part of Oracion Seis and become the new brain, he was also so powerful he defeated some of Fairy Tail mages.

260 Kazuhiko Aikawa - Dear Boys
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