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21 Goku vs. Ginyu Force

This battle shows how powerful Goku actually was after training in 100 times gravity. Goku worked very hard and It was finally time to see what he was made of. Also, The only member of the ginyu force who had fought was Recoome and he dominated Vegeta, Krillin, and Young Gohan whose power level was over 50, 000. Goku came and dominated every one without breaking a sweat

Goku vs the four members of the ginyu force was great, it showed after a week of training, Goku's power was really big and it proved since he defeated the ginyu's and getting the hell beaten out of him when ginyu was in his body, he had a chance to defeat Frieza. Even though Goku defeated recoome and burta easily, it was still nice to see recoomes power against vegeta, krillin and gohan, and jeice and burta trying their hardest against Goku, showing that no one really had a chance against the ginyu force. Infact I would say besides Goku vs Frieza, the whole ginyu force saga, was the best part of dragon ball z

22 Goku and Vegeta vs. Meta Cooler

Metal Cooler is so underrated. The use of instant transmission made this one of the coolest movie fights, and indeed DBZ fights, ever, and he pushed 2 Super Saiyans to their limits AT THE SAME TIME, easily matching both. The end of the fight with the army was fantastic too. Sad to see the guy go so easily later on in the film. Also shout-out to Janemba, whose fight was also superb

Yes. this battle pushed the two sayains to the limit

The only time before vegito,gogeta and resurrection of f is where Goku and vegeta truly out there differences aside and fight together.

This fight is simi ler as Freuza versus Goku. this because e friiza is Meta Cooler brother. Even though meta cooler beats vegeta, goku wins by frend shipp.

23 Goku SSJ4 vs Baby Vegeta

First time that Goku became SSJ4 and showed awesome power against Baby. Cool Fight.

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24 Gohan, Piccolo & Krillin vs Garlic Jr
25 Goku vs. Kid Buu
26 Piccolo vs Imperfect Cell
27 Android 17 and Piccolo vs Imperfect Cell

I loved this fight! Well, I liked the awesomeness, but absorbing android 17 was just plain wrong, you wanna absorb the androids? Go the year 9000!

28 Ultimate Gohan vs Super Buu

After having his "mystic" qualities awoken by Supreme Kai, Gohan was the most powerful Z Fighter in Dragon Ball Z. SK even tells him NOT to go Super Saiyan because it is just a waste of his energy! While fighting Super Buu, the way the artist drew his predictive skills was amazing. The blocks were there days before the punches and kicks hit.

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29 Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan & Piccolo vs Frieza

... Or how we meet your three transformations, Frieza. - rUb

Goku should of gone super sayian when vegeta died

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30 Trunks vs Cyber Frieza and King Cold

Slaughter... Laugh out loud Can this even be labeled as a fight?

Mecha Frieza not Cyborg Frieza

31 Goku vs Lord Beerus
32 Goku vs. Fat Buu

It was so cool when they where even and Goku's ultimate super saiyan3 was epic agents mijin boo

33 Vegeta vs Android 18
34 Kid Goku vs Jackie Chun (Master Roshi)

I honestly liked Dragon Ball better than Z. I loved kid Goku, with his never give up, happy-go-lucky, after-this-can-we-get-a-snack attitude. We get to see here as Goku practically surpasses his teacher without knowing it. This fight proved both that Goku isn't just some stupid kid with all the strategies he improvises (learning the triple after-image technique), and that Roshi is not just some dirty old man, but actually an awesome marshal artist and teacher who cares so much about his students that he's willing to beat them and not get any fame for it. Admit it, you were in tears when you thought Roshi killed Goku. An all-round underrated fight, so awesome, yet so unloved.

The first really epic fight of the series and in my opinion it's still the most entertaining. The fight had so many twists and amazing moments. No other fight in any of the series commanded my attention like this one did. (the ending annoyed me though)

This is the first great fight in the franchise, and it's a shame that it's so underrated. It's also the only fight where I actually wanted Goku to lose so that he could learn Master Roshi's lesson.

Ha I remember this one, yeah I agree really great fight. Shame it's so underrated. Seriously watch this on YouTube

35 Goku and Vegeta vs Android 19

What? Thai fight wasn't even that good

This was the best fight by far

36 SSJ4 Gogeta vs Omega shenron

This fight was super epic! Gogeta's big bang kamahama was pure chaos! Omega shenron never had a chance

37 Jackie Chun (Master Roshi) vs Krillin (Kid)
38 Lord Beerus Vs. Goku (Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan)
39 Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien vs 17 and 18

This fight only started out as vegeta chasing the androids, then he caught up and 18 was determined to kill vegeta, then they fought for a while and that's when piccolo, tien, trunks, and krillen showed up, vegeta struggled with 18 and that's when trunks came in with his sword which 18 broke, 17 chimed in and pwned trunks, piccolo and tien came and tried to take out 17, piccolo was washed away and tien was put in a headlock from 17, vegeta swooped up, desperate to save tien but 18 grabbed his foot, trunks got up and 18 threw vegeta into trunks and trunks was out, piccolo returned and 17 dropped tien, tien was out too, piccolo tried to punch 17, but 17 dodged it followed by a punch to the gut, piccolo was out and with that 17 left the ring and joined 16, 18 broke both of vegetas arms, 18 left too, krillen, standing on a cliff, is terriyed and 18 kissed krillen and then all 3 androids left leaving krillen totally confused

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40 Kid Goku vs Kid Krillin

Just watch it. Each attack you can feel as you're watching it. The martial arts put on display is awesome, one of the reasons why, in my mind, db is better than Z. It is the last time Goku and Krillin are "rivals", before Goku significantly outpaces him. It's an overall amazing fight

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