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41 Bonanza Bros.
42 Jurassic Park

Way better than the Super Nintendo port (And that's coming from someone prefers Super Nintendo)

43 Earthworm Jim 2
44 The Lion King V 1 Comment
45 Road Rash
46 Tetris

Tetris is not a genesis game. Tetris is its own entity. It can be on any game console, just like Pac-Man.

47 Virtua Fighter 2

This game can really get addictive. Comix Zone is above this? Are you serious? I've played this on the PSP and the PS2 and compared to comix zone it had glitches. My favourite characters are Akira and Kage. What are yours?

48 Virtua Racing

awesome better than any 16 bit racer. The genesis did something Nintendo couldn't pushing polygons that were believable was on thing the genesis did better. Star fox was crap until the n64 version. Even look at genesis hard driving versus the she's race driving. This is the best 16 bit cartridge racer.

49 Crusader of Centy

Probably the best hidden gem on the system. This ARPG puts you on a Zelda-like adventure... with collectable animals with skills you can use in battle. It's cute, has a decent length, and the gameplay ain't half bad either. Sad to see it wasn't more popular.

50 Alex Kidd In the Enchanted Castle

Alex Kidd is better than sonic as a person

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51 Herzog Zwei
52 Golden Axe
53 The Ooze

This game is weird and funny looking. When I played it I could not stop laughing! - Skullkid755

54 Contra: Hard Corps

The bosses look truly awesome and are a blast to fight against, almost more so than in any other 2D platformer. All in all a very atmospheric game.

55 Time Killers

I originally played this in the arcade, and as far as I know genesis is the only home console that the game came out on. If you've never played it, you should. Amazing and gory.

56 Landstalker

A true classic and a revolutionary game. Light years ahead of snes' Zelda.

The Genesis' answer to The Legend of Zelda- and it's a great action RPG!

57 Road Rash III
58 Revolution X
59 Flicky V 1 Comment
60 Ghouls 'N Ghosts

Amazing platformer of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series. I have no idea why it wasn't in the list yet, but it should be. - Maplestrip

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