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1 Mike

In the challenge wear everyone was put into 2's Mike and Zoey lost the challenge and everyone was going to vote out Zoey but he knew she was a strong contestant so he took the fall and eliminated himself, but he was going to be eliminated anyway. - madman0

Mike won with Mal's help. Mal took out Courtney instantly and Mike is pretty awesome! He even won. He is very creative unlike anyone. A normal person has 1 personality. Mike has six. He is very kind and can do anything! - GameTwists

Mike is awesomely hot and cool. With his multiple personalities he will sure win

Hint: Mal is nice in one way, he took Mike to the finale!

2 Alejandro

Everyone ( except Zoey) knew Al's trickes so after Scott won the immunity challenge 2nd time in a row, everyone voted Al because he was the biggest theat. Scott and Al who were in an alliance chose to eliminate Courtney but the other 3 both voted Al so he was Eliminated. - madman0

Alejandro is an awesome character he deserved to win - mariofan456

3 Zoey

Just like Total Drama Revenge Of The Island she turned into commando Zoey 2 episodes after Mike was Eliminated and was to big of a threat so scott ( winner of the immunity challenge) chose to eliminate Zoey. - madman0

Zoey is the best

4 Courtney

I haven't seen this season yet, ( watching all the seasons in order on YouTube) but I have a feeling Courtney is going to win this one. I just seen where Duncan cheated on her, and I have a feeling she's going to come back all kick ass!

Courtney is by far the best contestant. She is the most talented and most persistent character. She is a challenging opponent and deserves to win the million. She also got dumped by Duncan for Gwen.

Beat Scott in the trivia challenge 5-4. And won the mill. The main reason she won is because she is the best contestant who hasn't came in the top 3 ( Owen came 3rd in tda not Courtney) so I chose her.

She makes it so far and hasn't even won the million dollars! Poor Courtney!

5 Heather

Just like Al everyone knew her trick and everyone (except Scott and Al who was with an aliiance with her) all voted for Heather so she was eliminated 4-3 - madman0

6 Scott

Even though I know who wins Scott should have:

1) Never got with the lying little rat Courtney
2) WON!
3)become friends with at least someone

Scott is the best character ever and nothing can get in his way

Lost to Courtney in the trivia challenge (round 2) 5-4 and got the runner up prize of nothing. - madman0

7 Sierra

She's amazing and so kind to Cody . By gate my favroute character

In the two round final sierra lost the race after she saw Cody and ran to him instead of to the finish line first ( just like Owen in Gwens Alternate ending).

8 Nicky

Who the heck is Nicky?!?

Who in the world is Nicky? - Macy_Buehner

I think she's from 6teen

Nicky makes me moan

9 Duncan

Without Gwen, he was useless in the merge so Courtney played with his heart and made him win the immunity challenge and then give it to her, everyone was annoyed with Duncan because Courtney made him hurt everyone else ( feelings or just used some physical strength to hurt them) so everyone including Courtney, voted Duncan - madman0

I hate courtney

10 Ella


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11 Scarlett
12 Cameron

He lost the challenge for the Hamsters and didn't want to be eliminated so made it look like it was Sam, the weakest link, did it. But at the ceremony he quitted after admitting he lost it - madman0

13 Cody

Cody is the best

14 Sam

Sam deserved to win, so he could use the money to get his girlfriend's mutation taken care of.

The last team challenge went to the villains so after Sam lost the challenge last week ( It was actually Cameron and he admitted it by quitting) they voted him out - madman0

Sam should have never been the first one to go.

15 Max
16 Gwen

Gwen always gets close, she needs to finally win.

17 Amy

I haven't got to this season yet, I just finished TDPI, but I have my fingers crossed for Amy!

18 Mary
19 Atlanta

uh oh

20 Junior
21 Trent

He deserves to be here.

22 Topher
23 Chet

He will kick all of their butts.

24 Ellody
25 Kitty
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