Top Ten Total Drama Characters That Will Most Likely Win Total Drama Season 7

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1 Courtney

Courtney was eliminated unfairly in the first season, maybe she could have won that season.

In the second season she would have won, but was betrayed by the damn Duncan, a boyfriend who votes in his own girlfriend.

In the third season she was going well until crazy, she would never be seduced by Alejandro Duncan didn't screw her, once again, damn Duncan, hate you

In season 5 about the writers did a with the character, created a new Courtney nothing to do with Courtney of the other seasons, created a new Heather, they don't just got pooped on Courtney, pooped all over world.

In All Stars didn't have as Courtney be eliminated, since you had 5 people and Gwen and Scott would never vote for her, so they practically quit the script and created something to eliminate Courtney, they don't want past reminded s when Courtney ate all the food disgusting of Alejandro, they simply created anything to eliminate it soon

2 Lindsay

Lindsay is super NICE unlike most of the other character. I always hated Heather and I'm so glad Lindsay cussed at her in season 1, but her elimination was unfair in season 1. She's also the cutest character!

She deserves to win. However, she does not qualify for Season 7 because she was an All-Star and Season 7 takes place around the same time as All-Stars so she won't be competing.

Yeah Lindsay needs to get another Action and not have the producers ruin it for her again.

3 Bridgette

Bridgette was done dirty after season 1. She was turned into an off-shoot of Geoff in season 2, and although the Aftermath let both characters have some time to shine, they still were robbed. Then she was kind of a punching-bag in World Tour (Does "Stuck to a Pole" ring any bells?), and never really seen again. While I don't necessarily think it is LIKELY for her to win Season 7, I do think it is a good option.

Bridgette is a good contestant, she needs to quit letting guys distract her, maybe she will get further in the competition for once.

4 Noah

His smarts and relationship with Noah and Izzy could be a powerful alliance and his witty sarcastic lines will really make the season pop. He deserves to win or at least make the merge. Tyler too.

Ugh he's so overrated for no reason! He's always sarcastic and a big know it all. He's also a BAD friend to Owen. He should've got eliminated the first thing! He was SO lazy in episode 4 in season 1. He deserve to get out.

I have a feeling it's going to be Noah. He keeps becoming more and more popular, and it's no surprise. Maybe his smarts will finally get him the million.

5 Leshawna

She DESERVES a win SO MUCH! She's good at competitions, has a great personality, fierce eye-liner game, kicks the butts of all who deserve it (cough cough Heather), has decent strategy, takes command when needed, and, perhaps most notably, HAD ONE OF THE MOST UNFAIR ELIMINATIONS IN ALL OF TOTAL DRAMA. She's due for a win. While I don't necessarily trust the writers to give her that win, I do know that she has something a lot of the newer characters don't: she is not a human punching bag. True, she did get some reverse-plot-armor, and true, she has her fair share of comedy, but she is still given more respect than other, newer characters (at least while on screen), that is key in gaining the writers' respect.

6 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pim√Ępotew Kinosewak.

Samey has been the NICE sis, Amy was the MEAN one. This is why season 6 sucked. Cause her teammates except Shawn Jasmine and Scarlet are stupid.

Samey Is Probably the Best Total Drama Character Due to Her standing up to her Sister In Pahkitew Island! And Should Win Season 7 If She's a Part of It!

I can go to the grave happy if she wins a season.

7 Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut is the best im actually serious he deserves to win it he should win the million

8 Brick

Enough of the original cast members have already one, and out of the second generation, Brick deserves to win the most!

Oh yeah! Brick needs to be in it for sure and face up again Mike and Eziekirl for the 1 Million!

9 Cody

Cody always gets closer and closer. He should finally win, maybe take Sierra out on a date?

10 Jasmine

Technically, she sort of won Pahkitew Island after Shawn won it for her.

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11 Dawn

It's Scott's fault she got out, like if Dino's were still alive she would be the first one to try and see them!

12 Gwen

Stop being selfish people! She placed in second and first in other places! Plus she looks worst than an 200 year old grandma, her skins worse than Jokers, her life is a joke!

13 Beardo
14 Dj

DJ is a gentle giant who deserves all the love! He has been a punching bag for too long! DJ deserves a win!

15 Geoff

Geoff is the best! To bad he and Brody lost.

16 Sky

Sky was close to winning and made it to the final 2, so she should come back. I would like her to win.

She almost won TDPI, she seriously deserves another chance at the million.

17 Trent

This cool dude deserves the million!

Trent needs the million and Gwen.

Oh, Trent. Sweet, musically talented, written-out, smart-turned stupid, human-punching bag, Trent. This contestant was done DIRTY in Total Drama Action and barely included in World Tour. But, if you look at Island, he is super important, and 1/2 of the most obvious (and by obvious, I mean "properly advertised/hinted at, not an insult) and important couples. He and Gwen were arguably the most healthy couple in the show (until Action), which is so important to see. Tyler and Lindsay are a bit superficial, Leshawna and Harold seemingly came out of nowhere and then went almost nowhere, Duncan and Courtney never were developed enough/had enough screen time of them not fighting/being toxic, Heather and Alejandro are villains, Owen and Izzy seemed to just be thrown together to "give everyone a relationship" and reinforce the idea that only weirdos can love weirdos, Sierra had 0 respect for Cody's space, Duncan and Gwen created nothing but drama and never actually dated, and finally, Geoff and Bridgette were turned into just "the couple" after season 1, devastating both of their original personalities. This leaves Gwen and Trent as the only couple made of the original cast left. The artist and the musician, young love in the summer, team-mates to friends to lovers, a lovely pair. Gwen has had a lot of screen-time and even an alternate ending-win, and although she has been a bit of a punching bag, she still has been given many chances. Trent, on the other hand, has had next to nothing. Winning a season (and hopefully re-kindling his relationship with Gwen), would be REALLY great to see.

18 Izzy

Izzy, the crazy chick, can ya tell me why she shouldn't have a chance? Or are ya too hushed to do it? Ya gatta love her.

Yeah. Izzy is awesome! She should win!

19 Alejandro

Already won a season in the alternated ending.

20 Harold

Harold has been picked on and tortured the most, and was close to winning in TDA. I think he needs another shot, he's a really cool dude that received too much bullying from the other contestants. I wish they would lay off him a little bit. I'm team Harold, I'd like to see him step
Up and win.

21 Owen

He won the first season, and I'm not thinking that anyone will win twice.

Yeah. Actually, Owen won season 1 so he totally shouldn't win a season.

He dreserves to get his money already! come on and win and pay the man!

22 Tyler

I think Tyler needs more recognition. I'd like to see him win the million dollars! He's cool, he just needs more attention.

23 Ezekiel

Well 1st one to go season 1 first one to go season 3 but got the money
He should make it to final 3 / 2. And win -And his opponents in final 3 should be Brick and Mike

24 Heather Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.

Even tho she won she didn't get the money. But this queen did win Alejandro.

25 Dave
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