Top 10 Worst Total Drama Eliminations

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1 Dawn's elimination (TDROTI)

Sure Dawn's elimination is a little sad, but it's not bad enough to be #1. Dawn is a good character, but a bit overrated.

Okay, come on! She was stuffed into a trash bag RIGHT BEFORE she could reveal to her teammates Scott's true nature!

Not cool. Everybody says she stole everything and nobody suspects a thing.

Are you kidding?... I can't believe Dawn is this overrated of a character.

2 Le'shawna's elimination (TDI)

Her elimination was weird, since when ever everyone that said her name counted as a vote, and even a parrot said her name twice, the only 2 that make scene was katie and sadie's votes because they wanted to see her

LeShawna was a power house and a great character and this elimination was awful cause of that. If Heather or Owen were eliminated instead of LeShawna then I would be happy. But that didn't happen.

She could of won that season but the peanut gallery was so stupid that they voted her off. I thought Heather was going home and it would have been funny seeing her going home in that episode

She was the only character to not actually be officially eliminated, she was basically screwed over for no real reason.

3 Noah's elimination (TDWT)

Noah was WAY more help then Tyler he was lazy and almost cost the game! And why in the hell did they keep AL FOR!? He WAS the first one out!

He literally brought back Ezekiel which was the challenge, but then courtney and gwen decide to bring back duncan which wasnt even the challenge but didn't get voted off? smh

First, I like to say that I was not angry with Duncan coming back nor do I think it was his fault.

Don't worry, I hate this elimination. If Chris wanted to have the cast find Duncan, he should have said it was the challenge. They were supposed to find Ezekiel, which is what Noah and Owen did. Even if they didn't, why did they not vote for Alejandro,who was the first caught, or Tyler, who did little to nothing and just slowing them down, like using his teeth even though no one told him he had to.

This eliminations the worst.

Yeah, the guys should've been given the win, no doubt about it. Even though Alejandro master minded it (I believe he convinces Tyler and Duncan to vote Noah out), they shouldn't have lost the challenge. Noah was really good this season too.

4 Ella's elimination (TDPI)

Ella couldn't get revenge for two reasons. One, she was too nice. Two, Chris would have kicked her because he prefers Sugar. The bastard can't appreciate a good singer.

Ella would stay longer if it weren't for Sugar kicking her out. Ella should've spurred revenge on Sugar sooner.

It wasn't as bad as dawn or Noah's elimination but I was still sad

5 Lindsay's elimination (TDI)

At least Lindsay cussing at Heather was so… therapeutic. But this is made even dumber by the fact that in Sky Fall, Jasmine never crossed the line, so Sugar was last to cross the line. Anyhoo, the challenge was so poorly constructed. LeShawna and Izzy skipped the challenge! And what was the point of having everyone race for immunity if the last one in that race is eliminated. And the campers who made worse bikes literally got immunity. That is so unfair.

It kills me how this girl can't catch a break. TDI made crossing the finish line pointless, but I was happy she badmouthed Heather. Her World Tour elimination is something I hate. DJ wanted to go home, he didn't try to win, but Of course Lindsay go's home.

One of many cases of Chris making up rules to eliminate people. This was a really bad streak of it in TDI with DJ's elimination following it being possibly even worse. Some logic but still weird.

After all her eliminations, she deserves to win a season. The TDWT and the TDAS are the worst yet.

6 Gwen's elimination (TDWT)

Wait, did Chris know she was allergic to eucalyptus?

Yeah, I'm sorry but having an allergy involved in a tiebreaker is just unfair

7 Courtney's elimination (TDI)

In all honesty, if Courtney would be eliminated in about this time in the competition, just have her do poorly in X-Treme Torture and have Harold get eliminated in Basic Straining. It makes sense. But they have this happen instead which was terribly thought out by the writers. Granted, Basic Straining is still my favorite episode, and Harold got eliminated in the next episode, but it could've been a win-win situation. But couldn't Chris disqualify Harold for trying to rig the votes? And if Harold was pissed off at Duncan, why not rig them against him? Anyways, it was also pretty clear that Harold would get eliminated soon, because no one would let him win after rigging the votes.

Pretty lazy writing, they could've done it better, if Harold just rigged the votes he should've been kicked off since he could just do it just to win, but nothing was wrong with that since...laziness

Courtney was so likable in this season! It's so unfair she got voted off!

Courtney was way more likable in this season in my opinion.

8 Sammy's elimination (TDPI)

Sammy was a decent character and he got kicked off cause he said a sentence that included evil in it. Okay if you watch episode 10 you will understand what I'm saying.

Like what was the point of making her and Jasmine friends if she got out so early and why the hell did they make Amy come back?

I used to think that TDPI finale would be "girl vs girl" instead TDROTI, and I REALLY wanted to see a finale between amy and sammy...

Sammy finally get it to Amy, but the latter comes back and whines then gets her sister kicked off.

9 Zoey's elimination (TDROI)

Zoeys worse nightmare is to be eliminated by a jock and that happened.

Worst elimination, it sucked big time.

Even Cameron was shocked.

It definitely should have been Lightning and Zoey would have been a much better Finale

10 Courtney's elimination (TDAS)

The writers were so lazy with Courtney's elimination, it was obvious she was gonna go sooner or later but the writing was so offensively lazy to the long time watchers of this show, they just made Courtney in one clip in one episode have a very awful plan than for no explained reason Mal found it and that got Courtney voted off, talk about lazy writing and destroying any character development.

This should've been how it went-
Mal reveals Gwen's diary that gets her out. Zoey and Mike fix up in the next episode and get eliminated for not turning up in time or whatever. Courtney Scott finale yaay! Helpers- Courtney: Gwen (they finally become friends for real) Duncan (seriously we need them all to be friends now) Scott: Alejandro and Heather (same as actual TDAS)
The season would've been so much better

I hate THAT episode. They torture all episode and even destroy her development around it.

Gwen and Mal got Courtney, my favorite character, eliminated for a ridiculous reason!

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11 Cody's elimination (TDI)

IF I were the screaming gophers I would keep him around he may be useless but if you lose and have to vote some one off Cody is right there to take the vote if no one else is to blame. I'm a Cody fan and this would help with getting him more episodes

12 Trent's elimination (TDI)

That's why he started dating someone else, it said he dated an unknown fan and told Justin to text a breakup to her after he was done with his. TRENT is OVER love. Gwen choses friends over love to! So if you want to cosplay as her do not make her have a big crush! She even said herself she does not want to date anymore.

This was just straight up unfair. He got along with everyone so well until stupid leshawna assumes he is cheating on Gwen with Heather and tells everyone to vote him off. He was my favorite character, and even if he wasnt he still should have made it further.

If someone had talked to Trent to find out what happened, it would've all made sense.

I hated both of Trent's elimination because they were both unfair.

13 Lindsay’s elimination (TDA)

In TDA, Beth shouldn't have looked at Lindsay like that, I HATE the fact that Duncan did not get eliminated. Did he have to win the million. I wanted Harold to. And it is even more stupid in TDAS when Courtney should have gotten eliminated for making Lindsay have to move the Carriage. Courtney had to get out of the carriage earlier anyways.

Because of owen

14 Trent's elimination in (TDA)

Well Trent DID deserve it for causing problems for Gwen but he shouldn't be out!

Trent was amazing to bad he got out. I don't blame Gwen for this tho.

Trent DID throw challenges for Gwen...

Also, this is on here twice.

After this he doesn't really talk much.

15 Geoff's elimination (TDI)

Who makes someone go away because they are to nice and chill! How stupid this whole thing was! And to make matters worse Gwen voted herself which is why she's a good friend to everyone. And I wouldn't be as chill and Geoff if my friends voted me out for something as stupid and dumb as this! Like what Duncan!

Everyone voted for him! Except his REAL friend Dj and his new buddy Gwen! Dj and Gwen weren't stupid people to begin with and they are smart to vote Heather! Like who gets out for being NICE! That's just stupid. I don't know if Leshawna voted for him or not. But it proves Dj is a better friend. Anyway Duncan laughs at Dj getting attacked by animals like who does that?!

The Reasoning behind this elimination is so stupid. Everyone hated Heather and they knew her tricks at this point, but somehow, it's Geoff's fault. The writers might as well have made a challenge that is a race, and whoever doesn't cross the Finish Line is automatically eliminated. And Geoff would lose that one.

I say this because the excuse was because he was too nice. But that makes no sense because Owen is WAY nicer than Geoff. So him being nice is one of the stupidest reasons I heard.

16 Izzy's elimination (TDWT)

She quit after the military needed her assistance.

17 Silent B's elimination (TDROI)

I feel like someone (particularly Dawn) should've realised what was up. Big issue with Total Drama is how obvious most of the villain are.

B was so close to winning for the toxic rats! They could have finally get a win. But nope, noperooni, Scott had to sabotage his plan and blame it on B. He even told everyone to vote B off! And everyone obeyed him! Go your own paths, guys! What a jerk!

Voted off because he can't speak?! I can't believe this. Scott framed him good.

That did suck

18 Gwen's elimination (TDAS)

I don't get this. Unlike Scott, Gwen brought something back.

Chris really had a big factor in people getting eliminated in All Stars and I didn't like how he did it. For those that I remember, he had Duncan eliminated and sent to jail and he also changed a challenge last minute in which Courtney would have won if he didn't.

I did not like Chris this season at all.

All Stars is my least favorite season and the worst part are the characters and how predictable it is, Gwen in All Stars did not feel like the original Gwen from the 1st season, and it was so predictable to see Gwen go.

Gwen should have been kicked off third or fourth after getting better with Courtney. Also, why did they HAVE to put a butt joke in?

I will admit even if she was going home anyway she still brought back something. Mal brings back Scott and gets a freebee. Wow.

19 Mike's elimination (TDRR)

Scott blackmailed him over the course of the day and just dumped him at the end!

I hated his elimination but my friend your talking about the wrong season

Scott made him go.

Mike was in race?

20 Noah's elimination (TDI)

Why didn't they vote Gwen out! Noah was right for not be athletic but Gwen didn't do anything either! Like when she first got on the court she got out! Noah did bad motivation tho.

Even if Noah had been in the dodgeball game the team still would have lost I mean look at him he"s not athletic personally they should not have voted him off.

Actually, the Killer Bass should have lost the challenge, because Harold technically didn't catch the ball. So in my opinion, Harold cheated to win the challenge, but nobody cared, not even Chris or Chef took notice of that. - Gehenna

Why? Way too early. Could of got out Owen. He lost the challenge!

21 Bridgette's elimination (TDI)

Actually you got your facts wrong! Owen, Dj, Duncan, and Leshawna voted for Bridgette. And when Bridgette left Geoff said I didn't vote for you! That's why Duncan made Geoff go home not so long after.

This is an elimination I loathe. The four guys (even Geoff) vote Bridgette off, because the girls could work with each other. And this is why Geoff is a terrible boyfriend: he lied to Bridgette, and said he didn't vote her off! This turned him from a great character to just plain unlikeable.

Ok, why Duncan? Why?! You are jealous of her, and she is my favorite character! "She's nice to everybody, good at sports, blah blah blah," so what do you do? You get a male alliance to vote her off! I don't know if this the the 1st or 2nd most unfair elimination, bc she is my favorite character!

22 Cameron's elimination (TDAS)

Okay this was a messed up way to go. Last season he proved he was no longer a bubble boy and a forced to be reckoned with. So due to injuries he goes back to the bubble. Very screwed up.

Cameron was a good person but he can't stand up for himself.

I think this elimination was a bit reasonable.

Mal left him to fall and made him get hurt.

23 Bridgette's elimination (TDWT)

Ok, this time, this elimination involves Alejandro instead of Duncan. This could have been Bridgette's time to shine! I love her singing voice! But she is your 1st victim of getting picked off! Why? And Chris should have helped Bridgette instead of leaving her! And how does Bridgette's team not notice what happened to her? Someone coulda asked what happened to her, she could explain, and they could probably vote DJ for crying and his curse! But no, plot twist, they vote off Bridgette instead. Not cool!

I absolutely despise this elimination. As she is my favorite character, it may be a petty reason but I don't care

Alejandro is an ass. DJ should have been eliminated in this episode

24 Jay and Mickey's elimination (TDRR)

OK this elimination was nothing but pure crap! First of all Jay and Mickey should have never been eliminated this early! Their underdogs (like Cameron) so they at least should've got more attention, but what happens you may ask? Well instead Emma sabotages then just so she can not get eliminated and her boyfriend can't get eliminated! I mean, why in the hell did she do this to them! After Jay and Mickey wanted to be in an alliance with her and kitty! Instead she's so selfish and only cares about Noah instead of the two people who wanted to be in a alliance with her! I can go on for days about how stupid this elimination is, so whatever you do total drama producers put jay and Mickey back in the next season because they deserve a lot more respect than that!

Leg 10 should've been an elimination round and this one shouldn't have, why exactly would you eliminate one of the most popular teams so early?

The rockers and Daters shouldn't have outlasted them and if Emma and Kitty won there would be some angry adversity twin fans out here!

I completely agree with you and couldn't have put it better myself!

25 Cody's elimination (TDWT)

If Heather didn't mess it up for him he could have untied her. How I think it should have happened is that Cody gets the rope around his foot somehow and when he gets hit off he pulls the rope and unties Heather.

Thanks Alejandro. Everyone one wanted Cody to win! Well, not people who hate Cody but I ignore whoever hates Cody.

They made fan favorite Cody get out instead of stupid Alejandro.

Cody vs Alejandro would have so mich cooler!

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