Top 10 Things That Should Happen In Season 7 of Total Drama

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1 Dawn, Brick and Leshawna comes back

I love all of them! It's just sad that they didn't went in All Stars.

I love all three, would like to see more of them for sure!

They are just too good. The best TD peeps ever.

2 Mike's personalities come back

Yes! I will miss them a lot! They brought so much humor to the show and I loved their accents! Even if Mal comes back, that'll add spice, but I hope he doesn't take full control again! That was a bit annoying, but if he could be a pop-in-and-out personality, that would be cool

I don't think they should come back, I just feel like he should have their skills. Svetlana's athleticism I don't know what Chester has, but Vido's strength and things like that

Mike was tortured by his many personalities, it was ruining his life. Now he can finally be himself and in a happy relationship, let him be happy.

3 Mike and Zoey break up

NO! At least there is one perfect couple that still survives! And for all you haters who think Mike and Zoey are overrated and boring, well you just gave another reason why they're perfect for each other!

NO. They are a lovely couple. A lot of the good couples in this show have already been ruined, let one couple at least have a happy ending!

This whould lead to so much character development, Zoey and Mike totally need this!

4 The return of Gwent (GwenXTrent)

This couple is the second best couple that ever happened to that show, aside Duncan and Courtney. Bring them back. Breaking them up is not what we wanted!

Yes. Duncan x Gwen was the worst couple and it just made Duncan and Courtney's relationship even more toxic.

Yes! This was great! It would also bring their self-esteems back up and they are a perfect couple

5 More of Jo and Brick's rivalry

Yes. I don't get why people ship them. Even if they did get together, it would be really toxic and competitive and probably wouldn't last long.

Absolutely agree. Their rivalry is funny and enjoyable to watch.

It was cool to see a girl-boy rivality that isn't love during season 4.

6 If there is a new casting, more likeable characters and least ''joke'' characters

Yes. I made a set of 24 contestants one day when I was bored. I can certainly tell you that there might be three joke characters, at most. And they all get booted early.

Exactly Lighting was the worst, he was so stupid and lazy! He should've never been in season four and five! Nobody likes him!

I am getting tired of one dimensional characters like Max, Sean, Rodney and Ella.

7 Noah Wins

He should. Every time he has competed he's gotten better.

Let's be honest... This man deserves it.

Finally! Give my man Noah a chance!

8 Duncan stops being highly overrated

I actually like Duncan a lot. Who he's been lately hasn't done him any justice though. I miss season 1 Duncan.

Totally agree. He is SO OVErrated . He should get booted off first and never come back.

Exactly when you think about it he was a horrible person! And he's always rough!

9 New rivalries, couples and friendships

I want to see a lot of new couples, us girl fans love them! Put Duncan with Courtney and Trent with Gwen. I loved the way things were.

I love most of matches, but I want new matches. And I think that Dawn deserves more friends and Brick deserves a girlfriend

Yes this was very well put I would like to also see dawn and heather come back.

10 26 contestants and 24 episodes instead of 12 episodes and 13 contestants

Yes! If this was the case with All Stars, they could've fixed it up a lot and added more character development. We could've also seen more Mike and less Mal. Finally, there would be a lot more better things happening in it and the bad aspects (most of them at least) would be fixed. We might've even had more seasons after!

Go back to what made the show popular in season 1 and stop splitting the groups! It's just them being lazy not wanting to spend time putting twenty something people in one season, like we all want.

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11 Emma and Kitty return as contestants.

I loved these two, and I really hope they come back as contestants. I love Kitty and Owen's friendship, and Emma and Noah's relationship.

12 Scott, Amy and Courtney don't show at all

I love Amy and Courtney! They are my favorite characters on the show! Scott stinks though. Literally.

I love the seasons without Courtney, and would love if the new season didn't feature her.

I don't care about the bratty ugly Amy! But Courtney and Scott are the best!

13 Duncan and Courtney get back together

These guys were star crossed lovers! Things between them got screwed up after action, and by All Stars Duncan and Courtney are both single (Courtney wasn't entirely with Scott). It would bring something to look forward to and finally fix the mess. It would also bring back their developments and make the fandom like them better

I really hope that Duncan and Courtney get back together because I noticed how Duncan still had feelings for Courtney, which was why Gwen dumped him.

I feel like this wouldn't happen. After what Duncan did in world tour I don't think Courtney would accept an apology.

14 Less gross jokes shown

I am getting tired of gross jokes. I hope it doesn't turn in a Survivor version of Sanjay And Craig

Owen needs to tone down the farting.

15 Ezekiel returns to his normal form

There could be a lot more character development in Ezekiel. He was never given a fair chance and was considered a joke character. However, the monster thing gave him negative attention and didn't give him his fair chance of development

Please yes. I never saw World Tour and Revenge of the Island before I saw the 100th episode, so I was confused.

I want him to be back to normal for this season.

16 Samey is a finalist and Amy is the first eliminated

They are both great contestants, how about they work together and both become finalists?

17 Dakota turns back into a human

She didn't deserve to be a monster! Also, it just takes away from her character, we would've loved to see more of her human form! They could probably make it happen, like making Dakota's dad pay a bunch of money for genetic engineering or suing Chris to pay for it.

I want Dakota to be back to normal in this season. She's beautiful.

SHE needs to have a second chance. And making her human again would give her a better shot

18 Jay and Mickey overcome their fears
19 Gwen gets eaten by sharks
20 Shawn has to face his zombie fear when Ezekiel shows up

I was thinking Shawn and Scott have to defeat Ezekiel, then he gets medical attention and at least partially turns back to his normal self.

21 Lindsay wins, and has more interaction with Tyler
22 Less Sugar
23 Beardo stops doing sound effects

Bear do is awesome! He can make all the sounds he wants.

24 Lindsay and Tyler's relationship develop more/ has more interaction

Tyler and Lindsay need to be the main couple of a season.

25 Gwen falls in love and gets cheated on
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