Top 10 Total Drama Island Character Send-offs

This list is for the best scenes of characters leaving Total Drama Island - from the funniest to the most emotional to the best of both. The eliminations might not always be fair, but the dock of shame walks feature some excellent Total Drama Island scenes. (Note: This list is exclusively for season 1 of Total Drama)

Whose send-off do you like the best?
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1 Lindsay's entourage send-off (That's Off the Chain!)

Her elimination was definitely one of the most dramatic and unfair. The way that everyone gathered on the dock of shame to say goodbye is one of my favorite scenes of the season.

It's a sad scene, but I think that is what sets it apart from so many other parts of the show. It is a scene in which the show allows itself to be emotionally vulnerable, which doesn't happen much.

I feel like it is a transitional moment that certainly sets the stage for the rest of the season, maybe even the rest of the show.

2 Trent's goodbyes (Search and Do Not Destroy)

I hated Trent's elimination so much. This episode included some fabulous moments for his character, as well as his relationship with Gwen, which was a really great subplot, and then threw it away with Heather's obvious plot-armor.

However, his goodbye pep talk to Gwen was really sweet and showed some pretty good foreshadowing for the finale.

3 Izzy being caught by RCMP (Up the Creek)

Her feral "You'll never get me alive!" line never fails to make me chuckle. I imitate it whenever I can slip it into conversation.

This scene truly embodies Izzy as a character. It is hilarious, unhinged, shocking, and off-the-walls wild.

4 Courtney being dragged down the dock of shame and then receiving Duncan's present (Basic Straining)

I have a lot of feelings about this episode. On one hand, Duncan and Courtney really needed more build-up instead of "You're not my type, but I'm going to kiss you even though you keep hitting on me when I say I'm not interested."

On the other hand, seeing Courtney learn to laugh was really nice and showcased the potential she and Duncan had.

However, Courtney's elimination was 100% messed up and wrecked Duncan and Courtney's arc going forward.

Regardless, Courtney's protests at being eliminated, along with her reaction to Duncan's gift, showed so much of what makes Duncan and Courtney - well, Duncan and Courtney. This moment may have come out of a really unfair elimination, but its execution was perfect.

5 Beth helping Cody in his wheelchair (Paintball Deer Hunter)

This scene was another touching one. I think that Beth and Cody had the potential for a really great oddballs-stick-together friendship (and maybe romance).

6 Gwen showing newfound appreciation for Geoff (Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon)

Geoff's elimination, much like Bridgette's, made little to no sense. In this scene, Gwen shows why.

It really could have been great if their weird friendship had been explored later on in the show.

7 Geoff comforting Bridgette after her elimination (Hide and Be Sneaky)

Bridgette's elimination was totally uncalled for, and, since Geoff didn't vote for her, remains a mystery to this day.

However, it was really sweet when Geoff came back and made sure she knew he still liked her. Also, the almost-kiss was hilarious!

8 Heather's promises to sue (I Triple Dog Dare You)

I loved Heather's elimination! I was so glad she finally got what was coming to her, especially since her vanity was what caused her downfall.

However, her actual send-off was limited, and she never seemed to follow up on her lawsuit. Meanwhile, Courtney's character got a bit screwed over through the lawsuit plot. Why not give that plot to Heather instead?

9 Harold's exit (X-treme Torture)

"I loved. I lost. And I saw boobies. What more could a man ask for?" - Harold, Total Drama Island.

This scene has the dramatic Leshawna x Harold moment, a reference to the iconic mud-racing challenge, a gracious loss, and a well-deserved boot from the island.

Harold lived, lost, and saw boobies. One reason I love him so much.

10 Mr Coconut and Owen are separated (Camp Castaways)
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11 Sadie meeting Katie in the boat of losers (Who Can You Trust?)

As annoying as the squealing could get, it was still sweet when these two were reunited.

12 Duncan's Drill Sergeant departure (Are We There, Yeti?)
13 Tyler plays Chicken (Phobia Factor)

Tyler got robbed but didn't have many lines throughout the season.

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