Top Ten Hottest, Sexiest, and Best Looking Guys on Total Drama

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1 Alejandro

Ranking: Alejandro - 1st

I believe Alejandro is the hottest male in Total Drama History. Who could not agree? He is literally first right now. We may not like his performance in Season 3 but we can all agree that he is hot. In just debut of Total Drama, he literally caught - Bridgette's, LeShawna's, Lindsay's, Courtney's and Heather's attention. Even though Owen claimed Duncan as the "two babes champion", Alejandro caught 5 girls in his debut even though they weren't his babes. If I was female and Alejandro was real, I would totally date him, but again, I can be bi.

- Firepolix

He's super sexy with the most smoothing voice, and Heather is super lucky to have him!

Alejandro isn't everybody's type but can we ALL agree that he is hot!

Dam Alejandro what mind games do you have on me sexy devil.

2 Duncan

Duncan may be a juvenile delinquent, but a lot of fans find him attractive; I'm one of the TD fans that find him attractive. I don't care what other people say, he's still my favorite character no matter what he does. Also, whenever anything bad happens to him, I immediately cry. Although I find him attractive, I already have a boyfriend and if I ever watch Total Drama with my boyfriend, Sawyer, things will probably be awkward.

Ranking: Duncan - 3rd

After the two hot models - Justin and Alejandro. You should agree that Duncan is the next hottest. He is literally ranked 2nd right now after Alejandro. Why Duncan is hot? He is a bad, juvie boy with a soft side deep down. The way he mocks around the place is hilarious and totally attractive. In Season 5, I sorta believe Zoey had a teeny-weeny crush on Duncan, like come on, when Sierra plummeted into the sky in Episode 6. They literally thought she would land painfully and they were standing right next to eachother. Having Courtney and Gwen all over him made him more attractive.


I think Duncan because he's really kind and, like bro, he won a million dollars! He is quite smart and nicer than the girls he dated. He did Courtney dirty though. He is still amazing though

Nothing's hotter than a bad boy with a heart. And don't get me started on his eyes...

3 Geoff

Ranking: Geoff - 4th

You have to admit it, he is kind of hot. If he was alive, he'd make me smile, the dude has a great attitude, he's an advanced Owen. Always happy. The dude's design doesn't look bad, especially with his 6-pack, it's kinda hot. Don't really judge me on this one.

- FirePolix

Geoff isn't that bad looks are fine but I'm into nerdy guys.

Geoff has a voice crack at times but he's hot and cute!

Geoff and Scott are the hottest like look at them!

4 Chris

I sexy legend

Chris is 43 years old you simp for an old guy sure he is the host with the most but is old

5 Scott

I have a theory that he's related to Scarlett. Both have red hair, both have names that start with 'Sc'
and anyone related to Scarlett would be HOT

He is so funny and is really hot. Even though I usually hate country accents, I find his attractive.

Scott should be above ugly ugly Lightning! And Jacques and Noah! And Trent to!

Scoot sounds super super cute and adorable! Love you Scott!

6 Lightning

Ranking: Lightning - 7th

Look at this guy, he's kind of hot especially with his muscles. Everyone who has great muscles are attractive - well - not EVERYONE exactly - but Lightning does. I don't need an explanation. I respect his overall ranking.

- FirePolix

7 Jacques

Jacques is just hot! Man you see him in his swimsuit just don't picture him without his clothing.

Jacques clothing to his hair everything about him screams hot...

Jacques is a talented hottie so he can't be ignored!

Please please please take your shirt off again!

8 DJ

Ranking: DJ - 6th

The pure man with a deep soul. He isn't he most pure man of Total Drama. He never wants to disrespect his mother, but the distraction of his mother and his illegal alliance with Chef did cost him a million bucks on Season 2, but he is so pure and attractive.

- FirePolix

The tough guy with heart

I like his personality

9 Tom

Tom is overrated as a character but his looks aren't! I searched up a baby pic of him and Jen and it was adorable!

Tom and Jen freak out the cutest! Look how cute Toms face is! You could just squeeze it!

Tom is the best fashion expert king. I do hope his hats become trendy tho.

Excuse you! Fashion kind model is coming though! Why is he so low people!?

10 Noah

I agree. Noah and Emma are great for each other. So what if she's a girl. There made for each other. Now stop being racist.

Noah should be higher he has natural looks and it proves that you don't have to be athletic to look hot and amazing.

He has a really hot voice, and her personality is so attractive. He does have a massive head though.

Noah should be above Justin but he has a fat blocky head.

The Contenders
11 Trent

Trent is a sweet and caring guy. I dig him.

He could be a super male model.

Trent should be higher!

I like trent he is cute

12 Cody

Ranking: Cody - 9th

His tooth gap is attractive and the way he is trying to attract the ladies is phenomenal. It is a shame no-one was attracted to him, until we met the obsessed lady, Sierra.

- FirePolix

Come on nowww, dude's got the most attractive character design out of all male contestant from the series!

He is so adorable, and I would date him. I love his eyes and his tooth gap!

Cody is the king of cuteness like who doesn't love him!

13 Justin

Ranking: Justin - 2nd

After Alejandro, I believe Justin is the next hottest. Before I explain why, why the he'll is he wanted 13th!? Even if he was not in the top 3, I would understand but definitely not below the top 10! Now, the reason why Justin is hot is because he is literally a model, an eye candy, he is perfect. Season 2 screwed him up, he had too many ugly moments. He should be higher, DEFINITELY. Whoever did not vote for Justin needs to either stare at this Image of him for five minutes or re-watch all of Total Drama and focus on Justin's moments. If it weren't for Season 2, Justin would maybe be 1st, UNLIKELY. Alejandro is a beast.

- FirePolix

Nah he's just ugly and dumb, why would anyone like him!

How is he not at number one?

14 Mike

From his multiple personalities to his tooth gap, I love everything about him!

Mike is hot but have ya seen Mal?! Mal is to die for! Such a hot emo boyfriend.

He's very cute, same goes for Mal but Mal is like super hot and emo.

Mike's adorable and his look to.

15 Tyler

He's hot. Don't question me

16 Brody

Brody isn't bad but he isn't higher either.

Brody is AS hot as Geoff.

Should be higher

Bro check this out!

17 Topher

Sure his personality can get a little annoying, but he is one good looking lad.

Alejandro is better but he's still hot.

He looks better than Tyler!

Better him than Ennui

18 Dave

Dave is annoying but cute which is a good thing.

I love him! He is good looking and relatable.

Dave and Al are the hottest people!

Dave's face is totally adorable.

19 Ennui
20 Brick

A very strong person that could probably attract 10 girls in 2 hours. He is also very loyal to his teammates and sacrificed himself so the contestants can make it out alive. STAY STRONG BRICK!

The brave army cadet

I like his body

21 Devin
22 Ezekiel
23 Rock

Damn Rock be lookin' sexy!

He's sexy in every way.

Admit it he is hot.

24 Shawn

Shawn might be gross at times but he is hot.

Brave and cute

25 Ryan

Buff eye candy

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