Top Ten Hottest, Sexiest, and Best Looking Guys on Total Drama

The Top Ten
1 Alejandro

He is my sugar daddy Latin lover

The Sexy Arch Villian

2 Duncan

I think Duncan because he's really kind and, like bro, he won a million dollars! He is quite smart and nicer than the girls he dated. He did Courtney dirty though. He is still amazing though

Nothing's hotter than a bad boy with a heart. And don't get me started on his eyes...

He just is so hot and who doesn't love a bad boy with a soft side?!

3 Geoff
4 Chris

Chris is 43 years old you simp for an old guy sure he is the host with the most but is old

I sexy legend

*puking noises intensifies*


5 Lightning
6 Scott

He is so funny and is really hot. Even though I usually hate country accents, I find his attractive.

7 DJ

The tough guy with heart

8 Jacques

The sneaky figure skater with the amazing accent

9 Devin
10 Justin

EWW he ugly! everyone knows that alejandro is way more hotter no offene Justin its just the truth

Justin. Justin. Justin.

The Contenders
11 Ezekiel

I came 69 times on his zombie body. damn he is so hot asf!

He's such a beautiful guy.I love his voice,I think his body sure is the sexiest and also the outfit suits him perfectly.
Beautiful hair,pretty face,and hot butt.

12 Ennui
13 Tyler

I love him I want him to hurt me with his fingers

14 Trent

He is so hot and I love how he loves the number 9 so cute and sexy

He could be a super male model.

I like Trent a lot! Go Trent! #stoptrentabbuse

He’s the hottest guy not just in total drama, but the whole cartoonverse

15 Cody

He is so adorable, and I would date him. I love his eyes and his tooth gap!

He's so cute I would pull a Sierra for him to be honest

16 Brick

The brave army cadet

He's a bottom

17 Mike

From his multiple personalities to his tooth gap, I love everything about him!

18 Topher

Sure his personality can get a little annoying, but he is one good looking lad.

I love him he is so much like him Topher is my fantasy he's the 4th best character and could even be 3rd or 2nd maybe

19 Ryan
20 Shawn
21 Rock

Damn Rock be lookin' sexy!

22 Noah

He's so hot I f3t15h him because he's so God and hot Emma doesn't deserve him because she is a woman Noah deserves me or Cody or Topher smh

He has a really hot voice, and her personality is so attractive. He does have a massive head though.

Wow, can you say racist?! I think Emma and Noah are good together

I agree. Noah and Emma are great for each other. So what if she’s a girl. There made for each other. Now stop being racist.

23 Max

He is so fat and cute I want to eat him

the Most EEEEVIIIILLLL OF THEM ALL! plus he is very sexy, and I like evil dudes, so max is really sexy, max please love me

24 Tom

He's so hot sad that he was made by Tom McGillis I hate him a lot bad man

25 Brody
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