Top 10 Best Total Drama Island (2023) Characters

Who are your favorite characters from the most recent season of Total Drama, which aired in April of 2023?
The Top Ten
1 Priya

She was great, and definitely deserved the win more than anyone else.

2 Zee

Zee was so lovable and hilarious. My second favorite of the season. Hated the way he was eliminated!

Zee was so chill and laid back, and I enjoyed that. Should have gotten higher.

3 Damien

Damien was great. Chill dude with a kind personality. Kinda like a nerdy version of DJ.

4 Julia

Amazing and entertaining character. So many people call her "Heather 2.0" or a lamer Heather. She isn't Heather, you know. Very misunderstood character.

Really did not like Julia. She was annoying in the beginning, and after it's revealed she is actually evil, she just becomes a lamer version of Heather. They should have kept MK as the main antagonist.

5 Ripper

My personal favorite. He was super funny and just a real doofus of a bully. Never a boring moment when he was on screen. One of the best Total Drama characters ever, in my opinion.

6 Millie

Mills is a good character. I really liked her friendship with Priya.

7 Scary Girl

She was funny, but nowhere close to my favorites of the season.

8 MK

I really liked MK. She had a really good strategy and could've made an awesome main villain. Too bad she didn't stick around longer. Would have been way better than Julia.

9 Bowie

Sorry, but I found Bowie super cringe. I know a lot of people seem to like him, but I wasn't a fan.

10 Axel

She was awesome. Just wish she stuck around longer.

The Contenders
11 Emma

I'm mixed on Emma. She was kinda fun, but kinda annoying at the same time.

12 Chase

I loved Chase. He was a douche at times, but he was a lovable douche.

13 Raj

Like Wayne, Raj was fun and lovable. I prefer Wayne over him, though.

How is he so low... He's a god

14 Wayne

Wayne was absolutely hilarious. Loved his bromance with Raj.

15 Nichelle

She sucked. Just a fake that can't do anything.

16 Caleb

Caleb just seemed like a lamer version of Justin, honestly.

17 Chris McLean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.
18 Chef Hatchet
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