Top Ten Dumbest Total Drama Characters

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1 Lindsay

It is no surprise.

1. She did not know that Heather was using her

2. She forgets everyone's name. Especially Tyler

3. In World Tour, she was eliminated and did not know how to get out of the plane

4. She gets voted off a lot

5. When she dumb, she nice

Do I have to explain? 1, she forgets everyone's names, 2, she is too gullible, and 3, she is just dumb, just dumb but overall she's a funny character

Lindsay may be somewhat dumb and silly sometimes, but not nearly as dumb as Lightning. At least she knows what bilingual means.

Why is Lindsay even here! She outsmarted Courtney and she was a super cool leader in action and took things that other people didn't consider like the fact that Beth should be the killer since she couldn't scream. Defiantly smarter than the people here. Like the fact that she can tell the difference between a girl and a boy and that she isn't the greatest thing on earth. As Harold would say " Gosh! "

2 Lightning

He should know that putting Sha at the beginning of his name and making it his nickname doesn’t make him cool. He also only talks in 3rd person.

"Tree, give me steak! " vs "I'm bilingual: I speak American and English! " At least Lindsay knows what bilingual means

He should be #1. I like Lightning, but Lindsay can tell between a boy and a girl.

You noticed, no offense to fans, that the two dumbest competitors in tdas got eliminated first?

3 Leonard

You know that 1 fnaf character "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-day, Your mother has the super gay."-Orville yeah can't see the difference.

Leonard is definitely the dumbest Total Drama character. He doesn't know the difference between real and make believe, he lives in his own world to the point where it's creepy.

Leonard should be number one since he thinks he is a wizard and living in a lord of the rings realm

He is weird creepy and should e number one

4 Owen

Why is Owen even on the Top 20? He is smart and helped his team win countless challenges, such as the very first episode. Hello. Sure he lost his team challenges as well, but he has a big heart. How else do you think Owen won the season. Most characters get eliminated if they lose the challenge for their team, but Owen manages to fix everything.

Why did you put Owen up here man he is smart

Owen's so dumb he ate a cheese raft

5 Sugar

Love sugar, but also the dumbest

Gawn isn't right g-o-n-e gone!

Confuses trains with buses

And even said: two words, wiz-ard, even though that 2 SYLLIBALS not WORDS!

She doesn't even know how to spell the word gone...

Sugar can't even spell...

can't even spell

6 Justin

Justin is all looks and no brain. He spends all this time using girls but when Courtney uses him he's totally clueless.

Too full of himself and just didn't act smart. Well, he acted dumb, stupid, estúpido you could say. I think he's ugly too

7 Blaineley

she might be mean, but Blainly is honestly one of my favourite TDR characters and much smarter then lots of the people on this list. However, I can understand why she is 7th.

Stupid mildred.

8 Max

He thinks Scarlett can be his evil sidekick, haha, nice try, who's the slave now? Not-so-smart after all now, huh?

Finally someone sees the world through my eyes!

Why is he here? He is so funny when he was evil!

Dumbest guy he my least favorite

9 Anne Maria

I like Anne Maria, but I do agree that she is dumb. Obviously saying incorrect words. For example in episode 5, she said, "I think princess goody-goody is trying to saber-tooth us." She meant sabotage.

Anne Maria makes Lindsay look like a genius! I think it's all that hairspray.

Very, very pretty but not too bright.

10 Beardo

He is my least favorite character. Those stupid noises and he doesn't help the team.

He definitely has some issues.

a weird noise maker who gets eliminated first

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11 Katie
12 Ezekiel

There's no way a dumb person could craftily avoid being caught for 21 EPISODES.

He kept on trying to come back to the show. He has a habit of picking his nose.

13 Sadie

She keeps on saying that she can't live without Katie. She can because they didn't know each other the second they were born.

Oh my gosh gosh gosh!

14 Jo

She is so dumb that she doesn't know how to put on makeup

Finally someone put her on here

She friendly fired scott

15 Chris Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.
16 Courtney

She is dumb! She expected duncan to be a perfect boyfriend after giving him 32 pages of how to be good!

Courtney is too busy being arrogant and egotistical that she gets outsmarted by even Lindsay.

Very, very rip-your-eyeballs-out annoying, but not dumb.

Lindsay is dumber idiot

17 Rodney

He thinks all the girls like him and he starts crying when he wants to "break up" with Jasmine.

He thought he had a relationship with jasmine and he cried when he broke up with her

ok, he works on a farm they could have done so much more with him but no a girl talks to him once acts like he married them.

18 Chef Hatchet

He doesn't know how to cook

19 Izzy

She's crazy she's crazier than anyone

What the heal she's crazy

Depends on if she's Brainzilla or not... Brainzilla'a a genuis.

20 Duncan

For the one that said that Duncan cheated on Courtney for Gwen, I don't think that was dumb. Don't get me wrong, I like Courtney and her relationship with Duncan, heck it's my favorite relationship, but Duncan kind of made a safe choice considering Courtney gave him a 32 page list to be the perfect boyfriend (aka the time the relationship hits its low point). Duncan is not that dumb, even though people, namely Courtney, calls him dumb.

Not dumb, just aggressive about his opinions

For cheating on a diamond with a rock.

Cheating is just rude

21 Staci

Her future relatives are going to tell storues about how she won the guiness world record for "Most annoying Total Drama contestent."

She's all well my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather made this and my super great uncle do that. She is pretty much the statement of being like all bark no bite.

Staci thinks everyone loves hearing her lies and talking when she is annoying. She is very dumb for thinking that.

My great great great great great...why can't she learn that no one cares?

22 Cody

He didn't notice the bag of chips had a hole so he got attacked by a bear

When he was injured he thought no body would vote for him

He should think that he would get voted off.

I think he might be neutral to either side.

23 Sasquatchanakwa
24 Leshawna

She is one of the actually smart characters why would she be dumb? I mean, just why? Seriously, why is she on this, I would like a reasonable answer why she's on this.

Are you kidding? Leshawna is one of the smartest characters. She is super nice and I think she should have been an all star!

She gets by on having a big butt and boobs.

25 Bridgette

No, just no. She thought that Alejandro would like her back and then she says sorry to Geoff her BOYFRIEND.

One time she kissed a pole

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