Top Ten Dumbest Total Drama Characters

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1 Lightning Lightning

What did he do that was smart?! I know why people think Lindsay or Leonard or maybe Justin is dumber but he has no moments he would leave Camron to be eaten by plants and got mad when he won! And he said steak comes from trees! What did he learn in school?! Like how to plant eaters and herbivores eat?! Like long necks can't bend their neck all the way down all the time and what do you think grass is, it's just like leaves! He also accidentally punches people if the face. The only one dumber than him is Lenni she didn't know she went to daycare and she doesn't know how to get out of a crib and solve baby puzzles.

Lighting is a bunch on boloney sandwiches. Have you SEEN him do anything smart while Lindsay and Leonard has their moments. Lindsay may ask stupid questions time to time like how do you push again. And Leonard may act dumb thinking he can make magic and freeze animals. Lindsay knows how to build cars be a great leader and stand up for herself. While Leonard is really creative. So think twice for saying Lightning is less stupid even tho Lindsay we know her better and Leonard thinks he's a wizard they prove to be smart at times. Plus Lindsay was super smart in Action and Leonard can make a group of friends and bust open a locker-FactsForYou

Lightning is the dumbest character ever! He gets mad at Cameron for beating him even though it's a challenge. He called Jo a boy. Lightning talks in third person like all the time and he always talks to himself. He said meat came from trees. He said a mime was a German clown and said the Eiffel Tower was in Germany. So he's plain stupid and he knows nothing. Plus he gets tricked a lot and Lightning is a bad character and he shouldn't exist because he is a dumb arrogant mean jerk. Lightning shouldn't have ANY fans he's dumber than Lindsay, Leonard, Sugar, Justin, Spud, Staci, and Rodney all together! Lightning should never come back I'm SO glad he got out. They should've made him die I would be so happy like how I was happy when Chris wasn't the host anymore. Lightning for the hundredth time I HATE YOU! Lightning is a jerk cause he told Camron to stand up for himself then he tries to beat him up just because Cameron beat him, dramatic much. I could go on and on why I hate this stupid ...more

Lightning kept trying to beat up poor Cameron. While at least Lindsay knows what bilingual means which means speaking two languages perfectly. And people in the real word think American is a language to. Lindsay was also a super cool leader in action while everyone thought a ghosts was real and Lindsay didn't believe them and told them they were wrong. Lindsay also can build stuff and drive a getaway car perfectly. Lightning also stupid enough to say German Clowns are REAL. Plus what did u learn in school animals and dinos use trees to get plants. Boy would Plant eaters hate him!

2 Lindsay Lindsay

Why is Lindsay even here! She outsmarted Courtney and she was a super cool leader in action and took things that other people didn't consider like the fact that Beth should be the killer since she couldn't scream. Defiantly smarter than the people here. Like the fact that she can tell the difference between a girl and a boy and that she isn't the greatest thing on earth. As Harold would say " Gosh! "

Why isn't Zoey on the list at all? It took 10 frickin' episodes just for her to say that she would inspect Mal. She didn't deserve to be in the final 5, let alone the finale. At least she lost in the finale. Know your facts, people.

It is no surprise.

1. She did not know that Heather was using her

2. She forgets everyone's name. Especially Tyler

3. In World Tour, she was eliminated and did not know how to get out of the plane

4. She gets voted off a lot

5. When she dumb, she nice

Lindsay may be somewhat dumb and silly sometimes, but not nearly as dumb as Lightning. At least she knows what bilingual means.

3 Leonard Leonard

He am ugly wannabe wizard! His spells aren't even right! Like most of those Harry Potter spells, he can't even say them! Plus he thinks he can fly! And this dumb joke character thinks dragons and all that rubbish is real!

How did he even MAKE it onto the season, he's to dumb to realize that he can't make spells and that's all he does when there's danger, also he wanted to make a castle.

Leonard tries to make pretend spells and wanted to make a castle but didn't make it strong enough. He lost trying to make a spell in season 7.

Leonard is definitely the dumbest Total Drama character. He doesn't know the difference between real and make believe, he lives in his own world to the point where it's creepy.

4 Sugar Sugar

She doesn't even know how to spell the word gone...

Sugar can't even spell...

Love sugar, but also the dumbest

Gawn isn't right g-o-n-e gone!

Confuses trains with buses

And even said: two words, wiz-ard, even though that 2 SYLLIBALS not WORDS!

5 Justin Justin

Justin has no brain whatsoever, he gets tricked a lot, he has a hard time using his brain, he only cares about his looks. So this placement is no surprise.

Justin is all looks and no brain. He spends all this time using girls but when Courtney uses him he's totally clueless.

At least he's smart enough to trick people and the only thing ugly about him is his eyes.

He has no brains at at, Justin is used by Courtney and he was a rubbish bad guy.

6 Max Max

I honestly think Max is a great character but he is pretty dumb for falling for Scarlet and getting tricked a lot. But he's a awesome character even tho he's very dumb.

He keeps calling himself evil but he never does anything, so he should be the sidekick. Scarlet was a way better villain. And he got is own team stuck, and he's a wannabe.

He thinks Scarlett can be his evil sidekick, haha, nice try, who's the slave now? Not-so-smart after all now, huh?

He should be at the top, Max is the worst wannabe villain it's a good thing Scarlet got to be in charge.

7 Owen Owen

Why is Owen even on the Top 20? He is smart and helped his team win countless challenges, such as the very first episode. Hello. Sure he lost his team challenges as well, but he has a big heart. How else do you think Owen won the season. Most characters get eliminated if they lose the challenge for their team, but Owen manages to fix everything.

Owen is gross and makes fart jokes all the time.

8 Beardo Beardo

All he does his make noises with his mouth and spit on everyone. I get it there could be shy characters but nobody would make car noises and beatbox randomly. He also just sits there while his team does everything.

He thought he could stay in when all he did was make sounds also he did nothing to help his team!

He never talks! All he does is go beep beep honk honk! Like does he ever stop be so annoying!

He is my least favorite character. Those stupid noises and he doesn't help the team.

9 Blaineley Blaineley
10 Alejandro Alejandro

Alejandro is way to stupid to realize what a real fossil looks like! An Allosaurus isn't that small even for a juvenile! The fossil was even smaller than him. While a Raptor juvenile would probably be a little up a persons leg. Also an Allosaurus doesn't have a fat neck and skull. It would have a skinny neck and a narrow skull. And the arms were way to long. The Allosaurus arms are tiny with six inches long claws. And it can grow up to be about 36 feet tall. And plus it's skull isn't that small it's three feet big. And last thing the forearm was shorter than the upper arm, I watch a lot of dino movies-DinoNerd

Alejandro where to start he bullies people which makes him stupid. I told all my friends to vote for him which was the comment that said he's overrated the one. Ugh-Sunshinerainbowsdarkness I'm a dude by the way so don't think I'm a girl

He expects Heather to LIKE him after flirting with EVERY girl in the show. Plus it's his fault NOAH got out. Also you wanna know why your Dino skeleton was last?! It wasn't even as big as a real Dino, it was missing parts of it, and Chris clearly said it had to be make believe. Plus he acts like nobody knows what a Dino is!

As a dinosaur expert the Dino fossil he found wasn't an Allosaurus, it was way to small. Plus it looks nothing like an Allosaurus. Also they don't have tiny tiny arms.

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11 Ezekiel Ezekiel

Just because he's homeschooled and he turned into a zombie doesn't mean he's dumb! And he's not sexist the poor guy doesn't even know that and he is doing what is father told him to do.

There's no way a dumb person could craftily avoid being caught for 21 EPISODES.

He kept on trying to come back to the show. He has a habit of picking his nose.

Can this guy take a hint he's not wanted.

12 Tyler Tyler

He doesn't know what a expression is, and according to Bright Side of Life chickens doesn't do anything unless you bother them, so his fear is dumb!

Even Alejandro said he will use Tyler for something but anything but his brains. He's just an average jock.

He SUPER clumsy and he's the WORST athlete ever! Man can't even dive into a pool!

Tyler is just clumsy it doesn't mean he's full out dumb.

13 Spud

Spud just let's Rock do all the work while he plays air guitar all day. He thought he was in the finale cause he's stupid and has no brain whatsoever. And in the first few episodes he barley talks in it.

At the end of season 7 he thought he was in the finals, and he's always zoned out. I think Rock is the one who helps the team. That's why they lasted for so long.

His partner mostly does all the work, all this dude does is listen to music on his headphones!

Spud just stands there and he would do any dare no matter how dumb and dangerous it is!

14 Chef Hatchet Chef Hatchet

He's a bad cook, a bad pilot that almost crashed the plane, and a bad teacher who's always complaining about his kids. Like why bother becoming a teacher if you hate kids so much.

Chef is smart he flew a plane and he saw a war happen! Chef is a underrated king and we all should live and respect him.

Chef never got pilot license and even if he did he sucked at flying and made the kids fly in a death trap!

He can't even cook right! And in Total DramaRama he's just plain dumb, he doesn't even watch the kids most of the time!

15 Anne Maria Anne Maria

I like Anne Maria, but I do agree that she is dumb. Obviously saying incorrect words. For example in episode 5, she said, "I think princess goody-goody is trying to saber-tooth us." She meant sabotage.

Anne Maria makes Lindsay look like a genius! I think it's all that hairspray.

Very, very pretty but not too bright.

16 Staci Staci

Staci thinks everyone loves hearing her lies and talking when she is annoying. She is very dumb for thinking that.

My great grandfather made this list and blah blah blah.

Her future relatives are going to tell storues about how she won the guiness world record for "Most annoying Total Drama contestent."

She's so annoying and all she talks about his her great grandparents inventions

17 Sadie Sadie

All she does is talk about how she can't live without Katie also Katie is slightly better. Also Saide always says gosh gosh gosh!

She keeps on saying that she can't live without Katie. She can because they didn't know each other the second they were born.

Sadie should go way higher! All she does is talk about Katie and she caused most of their arguments.

She should be higher than Katie!

18 Sasquatchanakwa

It tried putting on Geoff's Katie and Sadie's clothes, and it's not an animal it's a ugly big foot.

It's very talented it played Cody's instrument and understands humans language.

It can play three types of instruments and it started a band!

To the people who don't know who this is it's a big foot.

19 Rodney Rodney

Rodney is a simp for girls and made his team lose just because he can't say who's the least attractive.

He thinks all the girls like him and he starts crying when he wants to "break up" with Jasmine.

Rodney oh Rodney you are a nice guy and would have lasted longer but love got in the way.

He keeps thinking everyone is in love with him so that's why he lost and got voted out.

20 Chris Chris Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.
21 Katie Katie
22 Amy Amy

She's always saying she's prettier even tho she and Sammy look alike expect for one dot on the face! She always calls Sammy ugly but she would be calling herself ugly cause they are almost identical twins!

Amy is always saying how she is better but Amy's just a spoiled brat. And she doesn't even focus on the challenges most of the time she bullies Sammy and embarrasses her!

Amy Amy why don't you understand nobody likes you so stop bullying her sis instead of doing work! That's why Amy should be out instead of Sammy at least she isn't lazy.

Hello, her own sis outsmarted her. Plus she blames Sammy for all the dumb things she did.

23 Duncan Duncan

Duncan is a jerk?! He held Tyler because he saw him and Gwen kiss he used Gwen to get Courtney back for no reason. He was a jerk to his own friends. Like voting Geoff off twice because he was nice and he hated Bridgette and Dj because he's always saying he's a scary cat and the fear of snakes are dumb even tho his was dumber. He is a rubbish Boyfriend!

Duncan keeps saying to never tell anyone about him kissing Gwen. Duncan is arrogant. Duncan keeps wanting to do bad things when people called him good. Like when he got Dj a new bunny he told Courtney to not tell anyone instead of freaking out.

It's all DUNCANS idea to kiss. Not GWEN so please stop hating on Gwen and hate on him. He is a bad boyfriend cause he used Gwen to get Courtney back even though he breaks up with Courtney, that's a pretty dumb move right there. And I agree on what you all say about this jerk.-Savagedude

For the one that said that Duncan cheated on Courtney for Gwen, I don't think that was dumb. Don't get me wrong, I like Courtney and her relationship with Duncan, heck it's my favorite relationship, but Duncan kind of made a safe choice considering Courtney gave him a 32 page list to be the perfect boyfriend (aka the time the relationship hits its low point). Duncan is not that dumb, even though people, namely Courtney, calls him dumb.

24 Dave

Sky rejected him a ton of times but Dave keeps on going, Dave's such a try hard. Dave also got mad at Sky for having a boyfriend even though that was before them two met.

Dave couldn't even tell that Sky didn't like him and when he found out she had a boyfriend he gone all crazy.

He thinks Sky wants to date him and keep being desperate when it's obvious she doesn't want to date.

Dave gone like super crazy and he kept hitting on Sky. This is why Dave is a hated character.

25 Izzy Izzy

Izzy is to crazy. She calls a snake cute and snakes aren't cute she bangs her head a lot and she loved being electrocuted by eels.

Izzy almost make a time machine! Izzy also was smart enough to escape the cops!

She crazier than coco puffs!

She's crazy and a clumsy person!

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